Im an employee of the Cinemark in Harker Heights, and i have a many complaints on sevral managers. I am aware that managers are put in that position to keep things in order but all of our managers except a key few ( Renaldo Vasques and Juston Wittig) are constantly doing the complete opposite. They steal food from concession and list it as waste when ever they feel like it. They watch movies on the clock, they play arcade games while on the clock while in uniform, and they steal tokens. A manager by the name of cookie (dont know her last name) sleeps in the theaters on the clock. Im aware that some of them partake in the usage of drugs (pills mainly). Nikia Moses treats few better than the rest and its really unfair.
I would be happy if you could do something about this.


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    mitigatedsplash Oct 21, 2009

    If your complaint is valid, you need to submit it to You're told that when you are hired and information about it is posted in your employee break room. But, I suggest you make a revision of your letter to take care of spelling and grammar mistakes .

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    SHlT Mar 21, 2010


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