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movie sound

Tuesday 7, August 2018 - 9:45a.m. Showing" Mission Impossible Fallout" in Theater #4 We were all set to enjoy...

theater room

Walked in the movies at 6:15 and the clean up crew came and told us to step out so they could clean. We...


At this theater, there was an employee which was rude to multiple of the other employees and customers. I've only seen her a few times, but every time that I have seen her, it has always been the same; she's rude and/or disrespectful to both customers and other employees. She refuses to do more than bare minimum, as well; after she completes an order, she won't help the customer any more. If any of the employees ask her for help, she scoffs at them, then complains and whines until she doesn't have to do whatever she is being asked to do. Additionally, I've run in on her while she was in a restroom before my movie was going ti start, and she was on her phone; after my movie, I used the restroom again, and she was still sitting on the counter, in the same spot, on her phone.
If I acted like this while at my own job, I would be fired very quickly; I would expect at least some discipline if this is regular with this employee.
I took time to ask around, trying to find her name, and have been told that her name is Kirstie; I didn't catch a last name.

cell phone use

Booked two tickets online for four person row. Guy next to us took his phone out four times in the first half...

service and food

Waited in line more than 5 minutos (cinemark by katy mills) cause the lady in front of me forgot her debit...

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stereotypical discrimination customer service cinemark 12 rosenberg tx

My daughter and I came to see a movie... We go to the concession and she gets a 6$ icee... At that time I...

concession stand

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction and disappointment with the lack of courtesy and customer service...

noise level and distracting reflective screen

My wife and I go to our local Cinemark (Rave at 53rd Street, Davenport, IA) theater quite often but not since...

clackamas town center

Went to go see a movie w/a friend on May 29, 2018- "Mindy" a manager, was standing out in the lobby greeting...


I am absolutely appalled by what you call "management" in your company. As a customer I know that finding...

new policy for handbags

Cinemark under the leadership of CEO Mark Zoradi once again has attempted to disrupt the joy of movie going. Now a new requirement for women requires a size limit on handbags. With no advanced warning i.e. during trailers or social media, we were told we cannot enter the theatre because of a new rule. A sign in the lobby was easily missed. Several questions come to mind. Why women's handbags as there was nothing listed about backpacks? How about teenagers with big baggy pants and large pockets to house a hand gun?

With a downward spiral of movie theater attendance why now? A year or so ago Cinemark introduced advanced ticket purchase and seat assignments, another bad idea unless you benefit from that increase in revenue.

Cinemark's board of directors should be aware that many of its movie goers would rather sit at home in their own recliners and stream relatively new movie releases. If I were a member of their board, I would be asking Mr. Zoradi and his out of touch team how this new rule will entice families to flock to a local Cinemark theatre? If his intent is to make his theatres safe then remember "A terrorist hopes to cause the target to overreact in a way that undermines its legitimacy and authority, and this provides a moral victory" (The Threat Matrix by G.M. Graff).

Cinemark, you've lost a large number of movie goers from this family.

customer service

Last night I took my son to see Rampage at Sugarhouse Cinemark in UT. As I purchased my tickets, the young...


Got hired at the location in desoto... No one takes the job serious... Not even management.. If they did...

xd theater presentation

I recently seen a showing of Pacific Rim 2 in one of your XD theaters and needless to say, I wasn't impressed with the sound that you boast about. The surround sound is decent, but the sound behind the screen needs work. It doesn't come out at you like it should when action scenes are going across the screen. It's NOT dynamic as it should be. I went to the showing for an escape after a long, grueling week and I couldn't fully enjoy it because the sound was not up to par. Hopefully your company will work on this issue, because sound buffs like me won't settle for anything less.

  • Updated by Calvin Andrews · Mar 24, 2018

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Austin is very rude to me and others time after time. I'm a regular at this theater usually early morning...

cinemark connections benefits

Cinemark eliminated the no online fees benefit on Cinemark Connections in order to force all of its customer...

free popcorn refill in same day / rude manager

I saw the movie Greatest Showman on Tuesday 1/9/18 at an earlier show with a friend had combo #2 - 2 large...


I call the theater to make sure they are open before I make my 25 min drive down there. They tell me that they are open, didn't say anything about closing. I get there and they are closed! Why didn't they tell me they were closing on the phone when I called?? I wasted gas and was basically lied to about their open status. If they were closing they should have told me instead of letting me drive out there for no reason!

gift cards now charge a service fee!!

My wife and I are avid movie goers. On average over the course of a year, my guess is we go about 3 times a month.

You might well imagine we've become savvy movie consumers over the many years :-) For example, in Cinemark's case, we generally purchase some $500 worth of gift cards throughout the year and load them onto our account so that we can avoid the service fees associated with purchasing tickets online.

Let's be very clear here: we purchase Cinemark gift cards to avoid service fees ...this has been part of the "contract" associated with Cinemark gift cards for many years. This is the only reason we purchase gift cards.

With Cinemark's recent changes to the gift card program (due to the associated arrival of their new Movie Club program) there is no further benefit of the Gift Cards to us.

As a result, I believe Cinemark is in breach of contract with the gift card program least with gift cards purchased up through Nov 30, 2017.

I therefore believe Cinemark should refund any existing account balances (in my case currently $120) and the "service fees" associated with purchases using these gift cards since Dec 1, 2017 -- $9.00 so far -- back to customers (ideally, this is done using the "default payment method" credit cards already on file).

We simply have no further need of the Gift Card program.

Please note that we do recognize Cinemark's right to change the Gift Card and Movie Club programs at any time ...we love competition, improved changes, and really want Cinemark to thrive!! We love movies! However, I believe it is also Cinemark's obligation to honor prior commitments. As my current funds no longer "do" what we bought them to do, they should reimburse the remainder.

One other point (and I believe this would go a long way to appeasing currently angry gift card holders), yesterday we visited our local Cinemark to watch the new Jumanji movie, and to purchase our next tickets "in theater" to avoid the service fees. To our chagrin, we learned that we could NOT purchase tickets AT MY LOCAL CINEMARK FOR ANOTHER CINEMARK NEARBY.

Clearly, we don't always attend at the exact same theater. Sometimes we go out with friends, sometimes we just pick a theater based on showtimes. Sometimes we attend a theater near to where we happen to be at any given time. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if you're going to take away the "gift card service fees" program, at very least let me buy tickets "IN THEATER" for any location in the local vicinity.

The way things stand right now is Cinemark has forced me to always pay $1.50 extra every time I buy a ticket since:
- they've removed the discount program
- I buy tickets for any of about 3-5 different Cinemarks in my area
- they only allow purchasing "no fees" tickets in the specific theater of the showing

That's a 21% price hike for me!

Bottom-line, I am now therefore strongly motivated to purchase more of my tickets from other theaters in my area than from Cinemark :-(
...and no, their Movie Club program is not motivating or sufficiently competitive.

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    InTheLand Jan 22, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm just going to purchase my seats online with a credit card from now on and stick "whomever" with the transaction fees to offset this absurd "convenience" ripoff.

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  • Ci
    Cinemark Fraud Mar 27, 2018

    Agree 100%. I have $200 on my gift card, and the only reason I bought the card was to not pay the online processing fee as advertised at the time of purchase. This is outride fraud and breach of contract on behalf of Cinemark. They never even sent out an advanced notice of change.

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    Adam J Mickiewicz May 13, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Before last November, I purchased a Cinemark Gift Card in compliance with their sales pitch that it waives the online fees.

    Today, I got charged a "minimal" $1.50 convenience fee when using my e-gift card online for a $1.75 matinee. Minimal, nearly 100% ticket upcharge.

    Then I ask for a Cherry Coke, because hey they carry Coke products right? Nope, "We don't carry Cherry Coke."

    Next I ask for Mr. Pibb. "Mr. Pibb is broken."

    So I ask the employee to tell me what *is* available, I selected root beer from the remainder.

    Having abruptly figured out there is no longer value in using a Cinemark gift card, I decide I'll use the remaining gift card balance toward my concession costs until it's gone. Then flip Cinemark the bird, and discontinue what little business of theirs that hasn't already been won by MegaPlex.

    The Cinemark employees could not figure out how to make the register accept the Cinemark app gift card QR code. 5 or 7 tries later, I'm late for the movie, and they ask me to punch in the number manually on the credit card reader. They say "Sorry, usually the gift cards are swipe cards."

    It's the Cinemark APP!

    Wonderful experience, thanks Cinemark.

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bad screen

I watched hello movie at cinemark Jordan Landing And xd screen number 17 on Dec 21st 2017...the screen had patches and scratches on the screen and whole movie experience was distracting and not up to the mark or doing justice to the amount we paid for the ticket. Please make sure you don't run shows on such screens and I would like to get a refund for my purchase.


  • Se
    seylea Jan 11, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yikes! They just had a remodel last year. I'm not sure how that damaged screen got by them. I hope you alerted someone to this fact so they can start putting in the requests for a new screen for that auditorium.

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