Chryslerstalling and alternator failure 5.7 jeep grand cherokee at high speed.

Over the time I have owned this this vehicle, it has completely stalled at least 4 times with complete loss of power to the whole engine at speeds up to 120kph on motorways and I have been lucky that in each time I was able to pull over without being hit by other cars. I was told at the time it was the battery and I have changed the battery...It was said that it was due to the battery being flat and so was replaced.

The last incident included the battery light coming on, then stereo closing down, the a/c going off, every single warning light coming. Hot air blasting through the air vents and the windows locking. Followed by overheating. The report is that the alternator has failed and the Power Module is broken.
This exact same issue was reported as a fault on several vehicles in the Jeep range and recalled by T36. My vehicle however was not covered in this recall yet I am sure it in not a coincidence it has failed in exactly the same way.
The vehicle is a 5.7L Grand Cherokee with 220 AMP Alternator.
The work will cost 1783.00USD to repair. I would like request for this to be included in the recall with exactly the same failures and safety issues and fixed by the manufacturer at no charge.
My vehicle is located in the UAE and have not been able to find a suitable person/email to make a complaint with as they will not tell me who to contact. When I contact the Mopar customer services by email, it has been ignored.
I have tried to get the diagnostic report in order to include in in my complaint but was told when the battery is changed or when it stalled and removed the battery the car loses all the diagnostics which I find very hard to believe. I have tried to get them to raise this safety complain in the UAE and am getting nowhere. I have also been told I have to pay the 1780USD to repair it in order to get any information from the car.

Sep 30, 2019

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