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C Jul 28, 2019

As a family of 10, we met at Chili's for supper tonight to share a dinner before our niece and her family headed home to Ohio. We have eaten at Chili's on multiple occassions with no problems. My great nephew requested that he have his special trip to Chili's while here for his vacation treat. So, his mother suggested that we all meet for dinner there before they headed home.

We all arrived at the same time (again 10 of us). We were greeted at the door and tables were arranged to comfortably accommodate us. Amy was our server, and she was amazing. She was very courteous, kind, and attentive. We had separate tickets going for dinner. She first brought us drinks. 3 of us ordered iced tea. 3 unsweet. My daughters was brought to the table and was as ordered. My niece and I got sweet tea, and I am diabetic. We informed Amy, she apologized that someone put sweet tea in the wrong pitcher and she immediately fixed the situation. She asked us to taste it to be sure it was right. It was. Then we placed our orders. 3 of us, myself, another adult and a child ordered the ribeyes. They were not cooked according to our doneness request, as we showed Amy. She took the steaks and left the sides for us to enjoy until we received the steaks as ordered, making sure we were not sitting there with nothing as the others were eating. She came back to tell us that the Management was cooking our steaks so they should be perfect the second go. My niece took a bite and immediately took it out of her mouth, stating, "Aunt Cathie, taste your steak. It may be me but mine does not taste right." I cut a piece of mine, put it in my mouth, and without even chewing I could tell it was tainted/rancid. We had a child with a steak and I told her not to even try it. If 2 out of the 3 were dangerous, I assumed that the 3rd was the same. The manager came out, apologized and asked if we wanted replacements. My niece and I did not...kindof ruined our appetite. The child ordered a hamburger. Again, Amy was perfect...very patient, accommodating and apologetic. We reassured her that we knew this was not her fault and she was handling it all very professionally, and we were sorry she was having to go through this with us. The manager said he would credit our ticket for the 3 steaks. I might add that the corn on the cob and the loaded mash potatoes were excellent. But to begin with, even the sides came out in error. I was to have the mashed and corn on the cob and got broccoli. My niece was to have the same as mine and she got French fries. The child was to have the French fries, and another child was to have the broccoli with her meal and got loaded mash. We took them off of our plates and gave them to the kids.

The manager told us that he would take the steaks off of the tickets, which he did, but he took them off of the wrong ticket, and added them to the other ticket. Unfortunately, while we ordered 4 of the lava chocolate cakes, that all enjoyed, we had to ask again for assistance since the tickets were wrong. It was not Amy but another person there from another shift that jumped in to help. She and my daughter worked together to get the tickets straightened out, which they were able to do.

Again, I want to reiterate that the servers were fantastic...not so much the manager or the cooks. This happened today, 7/28/2019 beginning at around 3:00 p.m. Please make sure that Amy and the other servers are condoned for their professionalism in handling this mess of order mixups coming out of the kitchen, and tainted meats being served to us in the ribeye steaks, which has Never HAPPENED BEFORE at this location.

Catherine Bailey, 1524 Columbian Drive, Punta Gorda, FL 33950, [protected]. [protected]
I felt the meat situation was serious enough to bring to your attention. Thank you.

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