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Chick-Fil-A — Granola fruit parfait

About every 4 out of 5 trips to get my breakfast here I get to my work just down the rd and discover ive been...

Chick-Fil-A — dogs allowed in restaurant

This was at the Evans Chick-Fil-A today. I'm tired of people treating their pets better than their kids. Thi...

Chick-Fil-A — fast food

Hello- While on a road trip to Oklahoma, we stopped by to have lunch at one of your restaurants, it wa...

Chick-Fil-Anot being able to get breakfast

Due to my work hours during the week I can only get breakfast on Saturday. So 6/8 I decided to go for breakfast with my dog ( so I couldn't go in) and arrived at 10:15. I was 3 card from the order board. The line wasn't moving. At 10:32 someone came out and changed the signs to lunch. When I asked about breakfast she said breakfast was over and it is now lunch. At this point (10:32) none of us cars moved. We were all in the same spot as when we arrived. When busy at lunch occasionally they have staff out side taking orders. Why don't they do this at breakfast if the drive thru line isn't moving. I find it unfair that I was unable to get breakfast. I totally enjoy cfa but I am ticked off about what happened. I was lucky enough to be right before the cones started so I was able to leave otherwise I would have been stuck in line until the other side of the building when there was no blockage for your car. Sorry I have to rant but I think someone could have let the cars that were there still get breakfast since we were waiting. Maybe have someone at the window who can move the line or if the customer at the window is waiting for something let them pull over so others can continue to order. I find it rude that if I didn't ask I would have not known I couldn't get breakfast anymore that day. Better system is needed

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    Chick-Fil-A — customer service and cold food

    May 25, 2019 at 6:15pm. Daycfa01 Employee #384731 Your customer service needs to improve. My waitress did...

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    Chick-Fil-Acfa meal

    I was in the mall and decided I would stop by Chic-fil-A. I ordered food and was very dissatisfied with the whole experience. The staff was not friendly like I'm normally accustomed to. The wait to for the food was extremely long about 15 minutes and the location was not busy. When I finally did receive my food it was over cooked. I've never had an issue with Chic-fil-A. But this experience was awful. I did not want to return the food because the wait time was already long.

    cfa meal

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      Chick-Fil-Achicken nuggets

      I'm 15 weeks pregnant and was served raw chicken nuggets. I went through the drive through which the girl who took my order 5 cars back from the menu didn't have one on hand and after getting cold soggy fries and a sprite that had zero ice and no carbonation in it as if it was sitting there all morning I let it slide until I bit into this. I'm extremely disappointed as I could not eat my lunch and would like to know how this will be resolved.

      chicken nuggets

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        Chick-Fil-Athe attitude of the general manager

        Yesterday, my husband ordered a grilled chicken sandwich from Chic-fil-a, the bread on the sandwich tasted stale, so he placed a call stating his dissatisfaction of the sandwich and was told to return and the sandwich would be replaced. Now today, he returns and repeat what was told to him about the replacement of his sandwich. He was told there was no record of the call. After speaking with the shift manager my husband began to call the corporate customer service line to file a complaint. It appeared the drive-thru line was beginning to back up and instead of the General Manger (Kevin O'Leary) coming to the window to descalate the situation, he instead esculated it, threatening to call law enforcement. I currently have stage 4 heart failure and me and my husband dine frequently at this particular Chic-fil-a. To be treated in the manner the general manager displayed, cause me to experience heart palpitations and I became light-headed, I felt it was mostly because of our race, we were treated that way. I have recording of the incident and I plan to share with social media, so people can see that hourly employees are not the only employees that need customer service and diversity training.

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          Chick-Fil-A — the fries, and attitude of the staff.

          This is our local store so we go there once a week at least. I went to the store on 4/10/2019 and ordered via...

          Chick-Fil-A — associate-‘ kris’ at norristown

          I have never had a problem at chik fil a before, I know they pride their associates with great customer...

          Chick-Fil-A — hours of service

          It's very disappointing to know that Chik-Fil-A stopped serving lunch items during breakfast hours it's not...

          Chick-Fil-A — my family dinner

          Hi, this evening I purchased 2 salads and a chicken meal. My family had an issues with the fries being very...

          Chick-Fil-A — food quality

          Chick fil a is supposed to serve good quality food with a Christian mind. Isn't it true? Today I used the...

          Chick-Fil-A — chick fil a

          For some reason Employees have a recurring problem with the concept of extra pickles. This is an issue I have...

          Chick-Fil-A — please don't forget to sign our waiver form

          Today I visited Chick fil a in Maryville Tenn, which has always been a pleasant visit at anytime I have ever...


          Chick-Fil-A — cold food

          I went through the drive thru in Madison, MS and order a chicken nugget meal and when I got my order the...

          Chick-Fil-A — product/service today 9/26/18

          I go to eat breakfast at Chik Fil A a couple of times a week. I really enjoy the frosted sunrise that i...

          Chick-Fil-A — spicy chicken sandwich combo

          Good morning, First, let me start by saying Chick-fil-A is my favorite fast food restaurant and I frequent...

          Chick-Fil-A — overcharged for a combo

          I went to chick fil a on September 24th, ( Restaurant # 03315), in Newark Delaware near Christiana Hospital...

          Chick-Fil-A — service

          As a Christian I am disappointed with the services I received on 9/13/18. I notified your staff in Hamilton...