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Checkers Drive-In Restaurants / Rally's Complaints & Reviews

Checkers Restaurant / employee intentionally contaminating food and laughing before serving it to customer. appalling!

Carol B Martin on Feb 10, 2019

To whom it may concern, are you aware of a video of one of your employees intentionally throwing a hamburger bun on the floor, smearing around, laughing and then putting mayonnaise on it as she finishes putting it together for one of you customers? This has gone viral. This is criminal and...

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants / Rally's / hostile behavior and refusing refund

Her Secrets on Feb 4, 2019

I visited this location on 02/01/19. I ordered 2 meals and 2 apple pies. I did not receive my pies. It was already pretty late so i choose to try to call them and not to WALK back to the location after dark. Upon trying to call i noticed the phone did not work. So i googled the number...

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants / Rally's / terrible customer service. rude managers

Amanda Do on Jan 25, 2019

Yesterday night we ordered two big Beauford meals, both with bacon (we were told was an extra charge), along with two cokes. After getting home, we realized they did not give us our drinks and neither burgers had bacon. We were charged $23 and paid full in cash. They did not give a...

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants / Rally's / workers and the time I spent there

Shabalaba on Dec 29, 2018

I go to Rally's in Cullman to get me and my passengers food on 12/29 (Friday) cause it was 12 maybe a little before and Rally's is open till 1am I thought... Needless to say I get told by the cashier who was taking my order they didn't have any "fried foods" so I asked for something different and...

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants / Rally's / the treatment of the employees at store # 9592 in south holland, illinois 60473

Matthew Williams on Dec 25, 2018

The general manager and assistant general manager I've seen for myself they could be there in their crew members could be coming outside with a order for a customer and then they could just be yelling at them as if they are their kids as if they are there little slaves I mean when I seen...

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants / Rally's / employee emily alvarado

Hilda Chacon on Dec 13, 2018

I Ordered twice in drive through because the first time my order was not taken. Approached to pay and my order was incomplete. I asked the employee for the missing mozzerella cheese stix and she replied "you did not order them, you need to learn how to order" i asked her, her name and she...

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants / Rally's / drive through guy taking order

Bill eland on Dec 6, 2018

I've tried to go to the rally's on south Emerson and interstate 464 here in Indianapolis... I think he's from another country because he never understands my order and wants me to pull to the window ... he's clueless and I refuse.. to go to that one..and it's the closest to my house.. I've...

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants / Rally's / service issue

Willie J Hayes Jr on Dec 2, 2018

My daughter stopped at the Checkers located at Ulmerton Rd / 49th St, Clearwater, Fl last night on her way to work. Could you please review the security cameras (12/1/2018 @ 11:33pm) to verify the discrepancy where she gave Chris Glack $20 to pay for order, but he claims it was a $10. He...

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants / Rally's / customer service & food sanitation

Christina80 on Nov 24, 2018

My boyfriend and I arrived in the Rally's Drive through around 6:35pm on 11/24/2018. When the employee took the order she didn't gear anything we said because she was taking window orderds and talking to another employee at the same time so my boyfriend had to repeat himself serveral time...

Rally's Drive Thru Reading Ohio / I am complaining about the rude worker at the reading location in ohio

Rallys on Nov 22, 2018

My family and i were in the mood for rallys, we are very loyal and regular customers. We looked up on rallys website to see what we could get with the 4 dollar deal and on the website it said we could get a snack size shake so i asked for one and the lady acted like she didnt no what i wa...

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants / Rally's / my food and the cashier alone with the manger

Nesha Love on Nov 20, 2018

i came to checkers around 3:30 am and i bought to2 checker burger and to 2 spicy chicken the 2for2 deal i came back because one of my spicy chicken sandwiches was still raw in the middle first off i never found out the girl name because she never gave me a receipt for my order i came back...

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants / Rally's / management and my paycheck

Jamall Edwards on Nov 19, 2018

My name is James Burton I used to work for checkers and got fired for my background not checking out I got sent to rhawn and the Blvd worked Oct 5 6 7 and didn't get paid for them days the next two weeks I worked for them I got paid for them days I've made complaints to the district...

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants / Rally's / closing early at 1am but supposed to close at 2am

Shamarcus Stevenson on Nov 7, 2018

This is the 2nd night within a week that the Rallys on McCain Blvd in North Little Rock Arkansas has closed early at 1am. As soon as I drive up to the window, the automated voice informs me that the restaurant is closed. Has the hours changed? On Google it states closing is at 2am and not...

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants / Rally's / disgusting

Mzcierra88 on Nov 3, 2018

Hi my name is Cierra Smith at 10:54 p.m on 11/04/2018 at Rally's on 1105 South illnois St Belleville il 62220 I came thru the passenger side and ordered 2 for 5 big bufords and a small fry I pulled up to the window to where a African American male employee was texting on his phone not...

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants / Rally's / being overcharged and getting old products

Danny Bennett on Nov 3, 2018

i just recently passed by the checkers on 232 50 w lehigh ave philadelphia pa 19133 just coming on my way home to geab a bite to eat the customer service wasn't there i was over charged and i want my money back because i use to be a manger at checkers so i know how it is trying to meet...

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants / Rally's / service

Jdorfmeyer on Oct 30, 2018

I went to the rallys at 6970 pendleton pike in indianapolis indiana today at 6:20pm. There were 2 cars in the other lane and myself in the other one. The woman in the drive thru said it would be one moment and i politely said thats ok. I watched both the cars in the other lane advance to...

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants / Rally's / service

Was39 on Oct 27, 2018

On Saturday evening went to the round wings at 10 girl School Road Chapel Hill around 8:30 at 8:50 they put us in the parking lot waiting for our food with everyone else, at 915 we went to window still no food was told due to nights they had to cook fresh. But over 20 at a fast food place...

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants / Rally's / customer service

BrittNicole on Oct 24, 2018

I visited rally's in main st suffolk va on 10/24/2018 at 11:52pm. First off the lady working the drive thru was rude, then I asked for a oero stacker ice cream dessert and she has the excuse the ice cream machine was down but yet tells my fiancé he's able to get a milkshake with hi...

Checkers and Rally's / bad service and false refund

Kizzy Cobain on Oct 23, 2018

I went to checkers on Campbellton Rd in Atlanta Ga store 5278. My food was old and hard as a brick. I drove back to the restaurant asked for a refund. I offered the manager my card to refund my money back and she rudely declined. Days have passed still no refund. I called the store only to...

Checkers and Rally's / service

Unsatisfied16 on Oct 23, 2018

Why do the employees especially the men not wear hair nets or beard nets?? That should be an absolute must! I've been to the Rally's in Farmington MO several times and always see this nasty disgusting display. I've even made comments to them that it is inappropriate and I had better not...