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Chaturbate, I have been banned and my channel name is igetherwetter. When my friend told me to do cam i didnt take it serious at all, but once i started on your platform, i found myself. I love Chaturbate. I love the social interaction, I love the relationships, the friends, the fans. All of it, even when not doing certain activities people cam to just hang out. i got 1000 followers in 3 days before. long story short I love your site. However I has co starred with the camgirl who got me into cam and i think she violated the terms or what not but They banned her account and than mine... she has even said she doesnt care to get her acount back and she just wants me to have mine if possible... the account she had was desiriabledesiri and yes its spelled wrong. my account is igetherwetter... PLEASE HELP ME. i will read every rule every TOS and make sure i conduct myself as a rep. of chaturbate... i am so apologetic. my email is [protected]

im not really trying to complain but to get ahold of you. i mena i guess you not contating me back after the emails and contacts is a complaint i need to know something.. ill do anything to have this oppurtunity i am so ever grateful.

Claimed loss: Account Igetherwetter

Desired outcome: Give another oppurtunity on the account and to delete the camgirl from my account just have me

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