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i broadcasted on 24 oct 20203 and had no issues nor did I violate the terms of the condition during those hours to the best of my knowledge I have pretty much respected the TOS .

fast forward to 2hrs later I tried logging in and I was informed of a ban placed on my account which was devastating to me I wrote back to support and I got a response of being associated with someone who engaged in underage role play and that I had come in contact with this individual and participated. I have always made to known to anyone that I'm over the age of 25 and maybe calling someone daddy might be an offense which is not clarified by the TOS as I did a private the day before and the client used those terms.

I'm not really sure how I participated in this role play but I have sent several emails reaching out to support and asking to be forgiven if I had unintentionally broken the rules I'm sorry for the depth of my heart I had no knowledge of the occurrence that is stated for the reason of my account termination, as a model you can't be too sure as we interact with thousands of viewers daily, so with that being said I'm taking responsibility for any inconvenience that I have caused, please I'm asking for a reconsideration and a second chance to start over again on your platform. I'm willing to comply and make things right as no one is above mistakes and truly I'm asking that you forgive any action that might have led to this decision.

USERNAME :k4kendra

Desired outcome: account unbanned

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