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Chase Bankrip off

After receiving last month's credit card statement, I noticed that there were fraudulent charges on my husband's account. I immediately called customer service and spoke to them regarding the situation. Needless to say, the situation was very upsetting and all kinds of thoughts were running through my head about identity theft, what I should do, who I should contact, etc. For the next few days, I proceeded to go through the necessary steps to try to prevent further theft. But in the mean time I totally forgot to pay my credit card balance (minus the fraudulent charges) which I usually do online.

I immediately called Chase Bank two days after the due date to explain my situation, and to ask whether they could waive the late fee ($39) and finance charges ($440). The customer rep. proceeded to tell me that she could waive the late fee but not the finance charge. I further explained to her that if she looked at our history, she would see that we were excellent customers and were NEVER LATE in making payments for the last 36 years. AND were victims of fraud... could she make an exception?? She acted as though she could have cared less. I then asked to speak to a supervisor.

Same could care less attitude... The supervisor further explained that there were no exceptions and only if it was a 'bank error' could they waive any fees/charges. I felt as though I were speaking to robots who were just reading off of a manual... no emotion, could care less.

I then proceeded to let them know that I would be canceling my accounts with them and would take my business elsewhere.


  • Br
    breexxashley Jul 03, 2011

    I have had the same problem with them. Chase Bank is absolutely terrible. We are switching banks. There was a charge on my girlfriend's account (debit card transaction) that we never took part in. I called them and Chase said that the debit card was present at the time of purchase. I explained to them that I have never shopped at that particular store and was 100% sure I did not make that purchase. I am still in the process of trying to get my money back.

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  • Gb
    Gboss Mar 05, 2011

    DONT DO IT!! We were offered and excepeted a rate reduction for our loan on a property in Texas. After agreeing to a rate we paid an applicatin fee of $395.00 and a closing fee of about $450.00 after the the loan was approved. We signed all the closing docs with a Notary and had a date to start the new loan a month later. Then all hell broke loose. To make a long story short our loan officer and Chase bank in San Diego were not authorized to make loans for Texas properties. Our officer was still in training and didn't know he couldn't sell a Loan Mod for a Texas Property. We did not look for this loan, they called us! They wanted to start all over again with a new rate that was not exceptable to us. We said that we weren't interested in a new rate and wanted a refund. They said they would not refund the App. fee and then charged us for the $175.00 for the Notary! We are going to be suing in small claims but this is a joke. They won't even return our calls. We have been a Chase customer with no late or missed payments for about 5 years. I will be looking to refi with someone else. Chase is a Rippoff...WTF Dont say you haven't been warned!!!

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  • Jk
    jklarr Dec 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Read mine.. I have them on tape and some papers they printed.. which I really shouldnt have due to it showing the times of charges going into pre auth and wdl purch which means when they actually paid that merchant.. she lied through her [censor].. and Im so tired of these jerks draining us and now have proof that the system or them is switching posted and pending charges so you are charged a back over draft fee...

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  • Jo
    Jolly Dec 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This bank is involved in major criminal activity and have our government buffalowed real good. They lie directly to congress and our president and need to be put out of business for it! If you and I let them get away with these huge rip-offs, all the other banks will follow their lead. Write congress and expose these criminals and report their criminal ways to your attorney general etc. There is also a very helpful website. that should be able to help you. Write them a letter explaining what Chase has done to you. This is a very organized and wealthy bank that will probubly get away with this theivery if we let them. Get mad AND even, I am. Don't give up or give in. They may not prevail!!

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  • Th
    TheGoodLife Dec 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They are incompetent idiots; as least the ones I can understand! Two years ago I tried to refinance and paid $900.00 to get it going, every time I called I was directed to a new rep and given a new e-mail to send paper to. Then I call because I’ve heard nothing; I was told the appraisal was now too old and I needed to re-apply and pay for it again. I get paid on the first of the month so that’s when I send in the payment, I always get called from some person I can’t understand. My wife and I decided to use some investments and just pay the house off so I requested a payoff amount in November and skipped November’s payment. Its December 3rd and I call today to get the payoff amount, I did very well today; one and a half hours on the phone and I only was cut off three times and had to call back. Yesterday (Friday) the collection dept. called twelve times, yes that’s (12) times. And no person at chase will listen or try to help. I’m very ashamed to think they are an American company.

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  • Do
    Dojest Aug 04, 2010

    I agree CHASE bank sucks, they are horrible people and they take advantage of anyone they can. They are crooks and I hope they get sued, I will NEVER have anything to do with anything with the CHASE logo on it.

    Do not use CHASE, no matter what, if you need a car, buy a car from a stranger on the street, before you deal with CHASE, you won't get ripped off as bad as you would if you were dealing with CHASE.

    If you want to buy a house don't use CHASE, live in a shelter before getting tied up with CHASE, I'm not kidding!! They will make your life hell, they will own you and your family, they will call your family and friends without your permission or knowledge, they should forced to close their doors, people need to start officially filing complaints on them, I am/did.

    CHASE workers should be embarassed to be a part of them.

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  • Tx
    tx30guy Dec 21, 2009

    I agree Chase bank is a big ripp off. I have and will be closing my account soon. I was notcing on my online statement a charge of 20 dollars to my account. Little did I know this was happening which in turn made me go nsf because of their fee which I had not authorized.

    Apparently the charge after discussing with a customer represenative is that my account is linked to my morgage account and the fee was to accomidate the convience. Keep in mind my account had always been linked to my morgage and I was never charge such a stupid fee.

    They will be getting their payment for my house by mail from not own. Bye bye chase. My advice open an account somewhere else. I hope they get sued bunch of crooks.

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  • Kr
    KristaMarie7 Oct 22, 2009

    Chase Bank is the biggest rip off. I was only 18 when I opened my account as a fresh college student and they told me they would give me student benefits. I can't even go to an ATM to check my money without getting charged. It's ridiculous. My boyfriend has Bank Of America and I need to transfer money to his account to pay half the rent because I don't have a check book and he does. They say it costs twenty five dollars just to do that meanwhile to put money in his account all you have to do is transfer it. No fee. On top of that, I unknownly went over my checking account balance by 2 dollars and now I'm 38.33 cents below. How can that be? Overdraft fees are ridiculous and now they're taking it out of my savings accoutn which only holds just enough money to pay the rent. There are no Chase banks around where I am because I move from New York nor are there any ATMs. I'm constantly being charged just to check my account balance and now I'm broke. I can't even afford my rent. I'm in college and I have enough problems with loans, it's hard to find a job and I can't ask my mother for this kind of money. It isn't fair. I can't wait to swithc my bank now to Bank Of America.

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  • Ne
    newyork123 Sep 30, 2009

    WARNING ABOUT CHASE BANK: I recently was a victim of a scam. Chase did nothing. I was stupid, but I trusted Chase. A check was deposited in my account from Chase to Chase. I was told they could verify that check instantly since it was in same bank family. I asked teller to make sure funds was in that account before removing. Teller gave me cash. I gave to x-friend, whose check it was. Check was for $10K. It was written from 5 month old CLOSED account. I find out teller "misunderstood" thinking I wanted to know if the funds were available in MY ACCOUNT. Regardless of if he verifies funds, I was told this check should have shown up in their FLAGGING system. Why didn't it?

    Chase explained although it was a Chase check, it was deposited at a WAMU branch that had NOT YET BEEN CONVERTED to Chase and it "simply slipped through the cracks." I'm pursuing the x-friend. Meanwhile my account is now NEGATIVE $8K and is going to CheckSystems, Collections in 60 days. In the end, I'm told I took the money out so I'm responsible to put it back. I was hesitant about the whole transactions which is why I asked Chase to verify the funds. They could have at least warned me; they did so AFTER the fact, with branch manager saying "we see these kinds of scams all the time." To hear responses like that and "it simply slipped through the cracks" and "teller misunderstood you" or "he interpreted it this way" is UNACCEPTABLE especially when dealing with such large amounts of cash. Do NOT bank with Chase. They will Chase you down and wear you out!!!

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  • Ro
    Rose Sep 17, 2009

    There computers are money crazy. I check my balance about three times a day or more. I woke up one morning to an overdraft of 947.00 due to a large check that I had written a month before. I got up, went straight to the the bank and deposit 1000.00 dollars. I was shock the next morning when I was hit with a fee of 70.00 dollars. I was always told that you can catch any fee's, if you take care of it as soon as it post. They can bite my dust, I 'm out of here.

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  • Do
    Donza Sep 17, 2009

    I was a wamu customer since i was 14 years now. Im almost 28 now and i have been forced to use chase and have had nothing but issues. Pending charges and cleared charges bounce around my statement, it seems to catch any overdraft fee they can. I have a 7 year old daughter with Rett Syndrome and iv been on unemployment since january and unable to find a job. Every dollar means the world to me.

    This week i have spent hours on the phone trying to figure out the issue. TODAY i logged on to my online banking and someone, (there was no name on the charges) deposited $1300 in my account and IMMEDIATELY turned around and took it out. When i confronted a manger about this, she blew it off, was very rude and didn't seem to want to help or talk to me at all.

    Its funny to watch my account total fluctuate 5-50 dollars off of what should be there. This week their unwarranted overdraft fees ate my entire unemployment check and left me $100 short from paying my utilities this month.

    Im now looking to close my account with chase and move to a local credit union.

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  • De
    Dean Sanders Aug 26, 2009

    get help from another bank...
    Chase is not going to keep their rates, even if you get an agreement to a lower interest (24%, are they mad?)

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  • Do
    Donals Aug 18, 2009

    I complained to the comptroller of banks and got all my money back. Chase called me from their executive offices (Elgin, IL) and they apologized for all the intrest and late fees they kept charging me for a card that was paid off.
    If your issues remain unresolved contact the Comptroller of Banks ad file a complaint or call Chase Execs at [protected]
    or contact (Comptrollers office)
    Good Luck...they are a miserable bank but the rep there is very apologetic and nice(a first for Chase)

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  • Mu
    muddmike Jul 31, 2009

    I swear,

    If I buy a car, the company can't change the price after I take delivery. On credit card companies can change the terms of a contract after it is made. This is because they bought politicians.

    It is legal, but it is clearly immoral!

    The "intelligent" bankers set the original terms and surely could make a profit! I only took them at their word. My bad! Their greed is so great that they want to make more and they don't care how many people they destroy!

    I hope I have a front row seat when you all face your maker! I hope you like it hot! Enjoy your bonuses now!

    J P Morgan just posted a quarterly profit of $2.7 BILLION, so they can't blame their changes on some "credit crunch"! None of my other credit cards have changed their payments or rates, so it seems to be only the lying, greedy ### at Chase! Also, remember that Chase can borrow money fromt eh Fed for almost nothing!

    Fortunately I have other options, but I am afraid that meny others are going to be hurt by your greed. As I said before, ENJOY IT NOW!

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  • Ro
    Rose Jul 20, 2009

    Then you must be the biggest MOROM of all times. The bank make millions with all the extra charges fees. You have to watch your account like you watch a new born baby. Or they will slip a big mess

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  • Is
    i swear Jul 18, 2009

    I work for Chase bank I cant believe how STUPID customers are. Your minimum payment is going up... along with millions of customer not only at Chase but with other banks as well. HELLO it has nothing to do with the way you handle your account its called a credit crunch.. do you not watch the news or what? MOROM

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  • Mu
    muddmike Jun 24, 2009

    I just got a letter from Chase saying they want to increase my minimum payments from 2% to 5%. I have always paid on time and kept up my end of the agreement. They gave me a good interest rate for the "life of the loan". Now they want to shorten that life by several years. I will never do business with Chase again.

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  • Ro
    Rose May 19, 2009

    I am tried of them changing my account from day to day, hiding debit, then re-posting them, in order to charge more insufficent funds. I call the police of my city they said I could picket. I am in Michigan. Let do it

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  • Ea
    eagleye Apr 08, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    chase bank is ripping off their own custmers, they post transactions in order to charge a insufficent fee or late charge instead of posting according date and time transactions were made or came in for payment.

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  • Bi
    billy Mar 04, 2009 is the only way to resolve
    Comptrollers office who governs National Banks

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  • Sa
    Sally Nov 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am going through the same thing and asked the account to be shut down all 6. It goes back to the dumb founded teller that opened 10 checking acts and 21 plus debit cards for small children now my acts are overdrawn with service fees about 3900.00. it all began when I was phish during a chase customer gliche. I am being threathening harassed. All because they allowed a criminal to hack my act for a bogus 3500.00. I told them shut it down on Oct 1 2008 they said they wanted a [police report contact FBI because apparently you are correct someone help themselves to your act. I now have identity theft bad. Signed up for Chase id protection when I told that to Sharrise in Chase Texas she laughed and said that doesn't work there odd bazaar behavior is appalling and beyond any care I am receiving 30-45 automated calls out a chase [protected] everyday. threathening to destroy my credit put me on Chex systems and they never resolved the issue instead they gave my money, my children child Support to themselves and criminals. Go on and Google them you will find about 100, 000 scary stories. This has been nothing but a joke. Also they impersonate officers to scare you. My suggestion is to file a complaint with comp and currency control. flag your credit reports, Print the rights and responsibilities look through they do not hold to there word about anything, That what happens when you get to big they walk on the little people and give your money to the criminals
    I lost my phones, cell house, cable, electricity and do you think they care and moist of all something I own my name it belongs to me. They threatened me to destroy that just couldn't out of 21 dysfunctional customer service staff admit there error.
    Good luck

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  • Valerie Sep 19, 2008

    I have been having problems paying my chase auto loan just over the passed couple of months and have been getting harassed severely every single day. I have been having issues sleeping, stomach pains, depression... you name it I probably have it. If you are more than 2 days late with your vehicle payment Chase's representatives will be calling you non stop sometimes two to three times per day.

    The most recent encounter I've had to deal with is this man calling my parents house asking for me and telling my parents to get in contact with me and let me know that there is an investigator Hawkins looking for me and its in reference to case #10410. When I called the number back it said they were 'General investigations unit' The phone number was [protected]. They called back the next day and harassed me they were going to pursue Repo on my vehicle. I called my local police dept. along with my sheriffs dept and there is nothing with them about my repo.

    I am so tired and cant deal with any more stress. I also looked up online looked up a number which this supposed company used to have which was [protected] and found numerous complaints about an investigator hawkins and he was threatening that he was a sheriff with the oakland county sheriffs dept. He must have been getting numerous people catching on to him so he changed his tune and his number. He told me that he will come and find me and I am just wondering who Chase is hiring to do a repo.

    I also called the milwuakee sheriffs dept and they havent' heard of investigator Hawkins or the general investigations unit. The sheriff told me that it may be the repo guy because they've been known to do that. This is so wrong I have dealt with Chase's BS for over three years. I always paid more than my minimum payment every month till these passed few months. I have received numerous calls though after the due date... even though I was a few days late with payments as soon as the second or third day your late you will receive numerous calls sometimes 3-5 a day telling a different rep. every time you just got done telling someone else the same informations they are asking. They don't care they will make your life a living hell.

    I've tried to refinance through them numerous times and will not help even when I was always on time or a few days late they wouldn't touch it. I have also tried to trade my vehicle just to get away with Chase but they said I would be upside down in the new loan and owe a lot of money. Chase is charging me 24% interest every month. I need some help anyone have any suggestions???

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