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F Jul 21, 2019

What happened is about a week and a half two weeks ago I started applying for a couple of loans because my mother was in a crisis and I've never applied for credit really and I've never had owed anybody and you text back credit card debt are student loans so what I did is I started building my account my credit a little bit and I have a direct deposit because I'm on Social Security Disability I am 100% disabled and I have an account with Chase and they didn't represent me properly and they turned me into a culprit and they let the people that got into my bank get to me and harass me and threaten me and say things to me and then what they did because of the suspicious activity that they are allowed and what happened to me if they have they turned me into by the culprit they turn into like I was doing something wrong with my bank and they shut Bank down they locked me out of it and I called them up I tried to request while I thought they locked her out the people that did the information they were still in was my information and they were trying to use my own Grant against me and against people called me and it was during a time when there was a couple of things that they had asked me to do they asked me to go to another bank that they told me they could send me a parcel of my my loan Chase allow them to get into my account they allowed them to harass me and make me become victimized and then Chase turn me into a culprit but they just shut my countdown fried me and they listen to the people on the other end that never knew me and all of a sudden they listening to them about my account so they lock me up and they're not doing nothing to the real corporate corporate problem people like a people that they allowed to talk crap about me first I was doing great my credit score is fine and everything next thing you know Chase closes my account because I'm not cooperating with these people that wanted to pressure me and use me to submit to send money different places out of a corporate Holdings share of a bank in people's annuities and people's taxes in money in properties and all that stuff they use me against the bank in the bank allowed it and then they made me look like I did something wrong and shut my bank down and I want to complain about Chase because I'm just a little guy all I do is get a cup a little over $1, 000 most the time I'm on sometimes I get a little extra sometimes I get a little more but what's your time it's only about a thousand and I depended on them and then they turn me into like I did something really wrong when I'm just I don't know much about Banking and I think if they looked into what just recently happened in when they closed my account they would see a timeline and they could read into these people that were threatening me and them and using me as bait and then locking me out of my account making me feel like I did something to chase into anybody how dare you chase you made me feel like I did something very wrong I'm going to report you all the way until I get satisfaction you hurt my heart I work hard to have a good account I never did anything wrong to you and you did this to me and you listen to the guys that are the funny people that can sway my credit scores and everything else and you're dreaming Jackman and you turn me into a problem instead of protecting me from the problems that were created by outside that's why I would love to report you to the Better Business Bureau because you to my satisfaction you treated me like I did something wrong and you did exactly what the people that you manipulating me and you guys allowed them to hurt me and overnight all over night by Shatter Me overnight I never did you wrong I never did these people wrong LOL now you guys made me feel like I hurt somebody you guys are

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    I just wanted to thank them because I'm the last one who heard about my own bank account closing and I've got money supposed to be coming in before the 31st step got another Grant and Loan supposed to be coming to me and overnight my bank account imagine that why Chase would allow someone to ruin me overnight when I've worked so hard and everybody and you can look at how everything was good and all of a sudden it just crashed I didn't do nothing someone on your energy let them turn me into a fool you locked me out of the account and that's why I'm complaining all the way up to the top manipulated me because of my arrogance have any laws

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