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Casey's - Management

I was in Casey's at King city Missouri 9/1/20. Pump out of receipt paper which seems to be quite common. Was it Casey's in Washington Kansas, September 2, 2020, pump out of receipt paper and men's restroom out of toilet paper. Toilet paper dispenser you are unable to tell if there is paper in there or not, poor design. Hope you can have management take care of these situations better. Getting to be a common problem at Casey's. Not real convenient for pumps to be out of receipt paper then you still have to go inside to get receipt.

Casey's - Casey's fuel cards

Corporate fuel cards were solicited by Casey's promising cash discounts on the fuel we were already purchasing. What seemed like a reasonable solution, I went through the onboarding process and card...

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Casey's - Taco pizza

On 5/23/2020 @ 6 PM ordered taco pizza asked prices was told they didnt know. So ordered a small for pick up. Got it home dough too thick and undercooked my dogs enjoyed it. FYI small taco pizza pack of Marlboro $20.20

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Casey's - An employee that works there.

I'm a Casey's employee. And I'm complaining about a employee by the name of Carla Semlar. She has been told to not talk about me or anyone else behind their backs or gossip. And yet she continues to...

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Casey's - management and hiring friends

Store 2086 in Fulton has a manager that was promoted. She is hiring friends of hers when there are not hours to give to the dedicated employees that are there. Matter of fact her brand new hire will...

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Casey's - manager and two other employees

Complaint: re: casey's in delavan, il. 609 e. 5th st. [protected]. Complaint about manager, cheryl (last name, starts with a c.) I am a 73 year old woman, who has been treated with...

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Casey's - Customers service

I went in to get some breakfast and a few drinks and the cashier Haley Dudley was on the phone and was more interested in the phone conversation. She was rude and acted annoyed that I was in the...

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Casey's - Skoal Spearmint Longcut

My husband went to Casey's and bought a can of Skoal Spearmint on 2/29/20. got home and realised that it was out dated. I came back the next day with the reciept to return it. The white haired man...

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Casey's - gas station

Iv had problems with a employee casey jones mngmnt talked to her again this was 2nd incident 1st was worse. He assures me problem was taken care of and theyr working on it. I came back on a sunday...

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Casey's - lottery tickets

Am 75 years old and you have seen my last business. I will not show my drivers license to buy a lottery ticket. What idiot came up with this rule? I've never seen teenagers there with a run on...

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Casey's - area supervisor

The new area supervisor at caseys general store 1890 is being unethical. She is very rude to the employees and even to the management team of the store. Half of the employees have either put their...

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Casey's - I am complaining about the management system

I'm tired of having to come into work and things not be done correctly. The management team doesn't know how to properly manage anybody or anything. Rules are being changed everyday. The managers do...

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Casey's - pizza

Tonight we ordered a large taco pizza. We picked it up and brought it home and it was nothing like we expected. We have ordered them in the past and there was plenty of vegetables on it. This one had crushed chips and almost zero vegetables. I called the store and was told they we are making the pizza based on company policy and it was made exactly like it was suppose to be. The guy told me he was the manager and he personally put the toppings on it. There was nothing he could do. I told him thanks for nothing and hung up. To me this is totally unacceptable customer service. I am not a big pizza eater but in the past have liked the taco pizza from you guys. I do not think I will be ordering pizza again...

Casey's - employees

I shop at this store all the time and it is a good experience for the most part except when a casher named Caitlin is working shes always complaining and fighting with another employee who i have...

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Casey's - kitchen/pizza

Hello, on 12-25-19. I had ordered a taco pizza ans medium pepperoni. The taco pizza had black hair in it. (I have red hair) there was no lettuce and the crust waa very doughy. The pepperoni I had cut...

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Casey's - treatment

I work at caseys. And I am tired of being bullied I'm tired of the mangers posting on Facebook. I called off with a doctors not because I have a sever ear infection and I also have bronchitis. There...

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Casey's - store employees and corporate employees

On Oct. 23rd, 2019 a Casey's employee stole a $300 lottery ticket from me. From the employee on up through corporate have done nothing but lie, dodge the truth, and then quit responding all together...

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Casey's - lack of product

On Friday November 22, 2019 I had placed an order through the phone app for a Midwestern pizza, an order of breadsticks, and half dozen cookies. Some how my phone number was not correct and they...

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Casey's - the service

I go to the Casey's in Stacy from time to time. A few months back there was a Lady that worked there and she was fired for drinking on the job or had the smell of alcohol on her from the previou...

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Casey's - payment not received

November 15th 2019 at 1:02. I got gas and was charged $96 and spent $22.02 and i have not received the difference back to my account. The transaction happened at 1:02 and I was wondering when my...

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