Carl's Jr.lack of service. rude service and health violations

C Sep 15, 2018

On 9/15/18 My husband and I with my 3 grandchildren walked into your restaurant on 12th Ave in Nampa Idaho.
When we walked in there were two gentalmen trying to resolve issues they were having. I watched for 15 min as they continued to get their order wrong as they continued to complain. At this time several workers were up front and could have taken my order but didn't.
Crystal who represented herself as the manger which Later I found out was just s shift leader advised me they wouldn't serve me the breakfast I ordered because it was 4 min after breakfast. Mind you I was patiently waiting for 20 min for my order to be taken. 20 min well with in breakfast time.
When I asked for the managers # she refused. I asked for a district contact she refused went to the back and left me standing at the counter. Finally the real Manager Kevin arrived. I explained what occured as the two other gentalmen were complaining to him as well and finally left. He was argumentative and very combative and refused to give me his managers number. Finally to get me to leave he gave me a number for eduardo Morfin who I tried to call [protected] and he wouldnt answer or return my calls.
While all of this took place I witness numerous health violations inc gloved cook up front handling counter. Trays and money than walking back with the same gloves continuing to make food. Filthy floors and tables. Good on the floor in the cook area etc. I feel this needs to be reported to the health dept and your rude unhelpful employee that refuse to serves their guests need to be recognized by facebook and every other social media I can post this too. I will never eat at another Carls Jr. ever again. It has been ruined for me and my entire family

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