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I am from Venezuela. I am currently living in Canada. I got two tickets for my parents to come to visit me to get the flight from Venezuela to Trinidad and Trinidad to Toronto (1hour and 30 minutes they will have in transit in the airport at Trinidad) . I used two times this airline before and in my opinion it was good I never asked me for a Trinidad's Visa but in this opportunity I have to change my mind about you. My parents couldn't take the fly because they are asking for Trinidad Tobago Visa. NEW request for people who have Venezuelan passport ( kind of racism I feel now). First, It should said that in the website so I will avoid to get the tickets from you. I understand if you want to visit Trinidad I will need a visa but ask me for a Visa to be in transit (inside the airport) for me it doesn't make sense it.

I called today to ask to get refund of money from the tickets for my parents and they said to me they just can refund just the tickets from Venezuela to Trinidad and Trinidad- Venezuela but they can't refund the money from the tickets from Trinidad to Toronto and Toronto to Trinidad. My question is how my parents are going to use the tickets from Trinidad to Toronto and Toronto to Trinidad if they can't go there not even for transit at airport because they don't have the Trinidad's visa. Really unhappy about that.

Sep 30, 2019

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