Caribbean Airlinesunauthorised credit card charge

J Sep 03, 2018

On 2nd September, 2018, I traveled from JFK to POS on BW551 at 12:50 am. I had three pieces for the first time because as a tertiary student completing a thesis in Literacy Education, I need many books. I presented my UWI ID and a decision was made to waive the $35. I proceeded to present the credit card for the third piece. I asked how much my credit card was charged. I was told $100.00. I was given a receipt to sign. The receipt had no figure. I was given two receipt. I was told that one was for the waived bag and the other for the third piece, On the plane I looked at both receipts and realized that my credit card information was on both. I am not happy that I was charged the $35. Therefore, I am seeking a refund of the $35 because I need every cent to complete my research. Why would you imply something and do something else? Would $35 make or break the airline? I am disheartened by the event. I am hurt and feel like I was tricked.

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