Caribbean Airlinesmissing wheel on suite case.

P Sep 02, 2018

On August 30 I boarded flight BW 459 to Antigua with my twin grand daughters. On arrival in Antigua I collected my bags only to discover that the bag I had purchased only that morning for $12, 500 now had a wheel missing. On examination I discovered that the other wheels had signs of the bad treatment they had received.
I spoke to several persons in customs when I could not locate a representative of your airline. They tried to locate one for me as I had the bags and two travel worn 6 year with me. When I was finished in customs and I was talking about not seeing a rep I was approached by a gentleman from your airline. He advised that I should go to the desk and wait. When I told him I was trying to catch the ferry he told me that I was to go as it was more important to catch the ferry with the two children as it would soon by leaving.

When I got outside it was raining and the taxi stand was closed. I however along with eight others who were also trying to catch the ferry, some of whom had lost their baggage on your flight, was rescued by a kind gentleman. We arrived at the Ferry station and most of the group was processed but when I got to the window the system closed down. I had to use money I did not have to stay at a guest house for the night with the children.

I am sure if your representatives were available I would have been at the ferry on time and would not have to spend the night in Antigua. I am not however, requesting reimbursement for my expenditure I would like the wheel on my new suite case replaced as it is difficult to manage. I am 67 and it will be a stretch to manage a suite case with three wheels after I abandoned my other cases and bought one which was easy to manage.

I await your favourable response asap.

Patricia Walker

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