Caribbean Airlinesbooking ref. wt8gb9/ ticket number 1062413230216

D Sep 26, 2019

Dear Caribbean Airlines
In terms of the data provided by me, you might have realized that I unfortunately missed my flight to Miami and had to book with Suriname Airways in order to arrive in Miami on the said day namely Oct 4th 2018. I was subsequently able to utilize the return flight on the 6th Oct 2018 and was told by Caribbean Airlines in Miami, that my half ticket Geo-Miami would be valid for one year, which I view as most accommodating and considerate by your Airline Service. My attempt to travel to Miami in Sept this year was impossible, due to the Dorian Storm warning of which I believe your Airline is aware. I have therefore been trying for the past week to reschedule my flight before the 4th of October this year by booking my return ticket from Miami to Georgetown and utilizing the Geo-Miami ticket promised to me for my onward journey to Miami. This has become a frustrating experience as I am faced with an alarming amount of inconsiderate excuses from your Airline which are beyond my comprehension and which does not or should not comply with your reputation. I am therefore humbly requesting that Caribbean Airlines validate their commitment and issue me a return ticket to Miami by having me pay the return fare and fulfilling their original promise on the Geo-Miami leg of this Journey, or should I consider this leg of the journey as forfeited and lose my financial input. I await an anticipated response which I hope would be to my expectations. Thanking you and may God continue to guide your Airline Services in the interest of your Customers that continue to choose you above others in Truth and in Honesty.
Yrs Sincerely
Dr. iamei Aowmathi.

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