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Capital Onecurrency conversion fees


Capital One claims to not apply any fees to currency conversion when using their credit card for international charges. My experience with Capital One has been that they do not convert the currency using the daily bank rates and that Capital One uses conversions that are at higher rates than the daily bank rate and that is how they can claim they do not charge a currency conversion fee. I have taken international travel in 2008 to a number of countries and used the Capital One credit card only to find out that after I receive my Capital One statement, the currency conversion is significantly higher than that used by several other banks. When trying to resolve my issue/concern with Capital One, they first claimed they used the daily exchange rates from Wall Street Journal. When I have provided the daily currency conversion exchange rates provided by the Wall Street Journal, they then claim to use another source. When requesting their source, they claim their conversion rate is determined from multiple sources and refuse to provide their "multiple sources." I believe I have lost hundreds of dollars from Capital One as a result of my international charges that actually reflect currency conversion rates that are much higher than the rate provided at other banks. If you plan to use a credit card for international charges, I recommend that you contact Capital One to determine how they determine their source(s) for currency conversion and make sure they document the conversion for you, so that when you receive your credit card statement, it will reflect a verifiable conversion rate. Unfortunately, I suspect Capital One will not be willing to provide you the information to your satisfaction. Good luck.


  • Al
    Alcina11 Apr 15, 2013

    I had heard good reviews about Capitol ones secured card, thought I'd try it to improve my credit, make it easier to buy a house. I put in 49.00 from my own account and my boyfriend of 20+ years gave me the rest (50.00) from his account because I was short that week. Well, money paid and they sent me the card, but when I went and tried to activate it, they sent me to fraud department, because part of the money was from another account. They said to fax a copy of my boyfriends bank statement to them showing the deduction, did this 4 times, before they acknowledged having it. Now they
    tell me that its not good enough. So essentially, they are keeping my money and his, and I'm getting NO product. They refuse to cancel the card, which is what I want now, and I have received two bills asking for payment on this now 200.00 credit card amount that I've never used even once( They match you on the amount you put in, which sounds great doesnt it?)

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  • Mm
    mmd2875 Jun 15, 2011

    lakI got behind on my credit card last Sept after losing my job, having hours cut at another job. I contacted capitol one with no help. I ended up getting behind then in Sept 2010 I made an agreement with them over the phone that if I paid them 170.00 a month for 6 months I would be reinstated with my credit card. Not that I wanted to use them but Im trying to rebuild my credit, Capitol One is now denying any agreement ever took place. I didnt know they should of sent me something in writing I just amde the payments like I agreed. I did everything right on my part now they are closing all my accounts that I havent been late on and the one I made agreements on. They lied and theres nothing I can do but let them harm my credit somemore not that I need that. Capitol one will not provdie my with any of the phone conversations we had, they will not provide me with any documents pertaining to the reasons my account was closed. In these times they should welcome people who want to pay their bill and not take the easy way out and file bankruptcy. This is wrong and I woll continue to fight back.

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  • He
    HelenAnn1971 Jan 22, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received a credit application from Capitol One offering 0% APR on balance transfers and purchases until October 2011. Since I want to consolidate my two current cards I thought this would be a good deal. I applied online, entered in all my info and the balance transfer information...Within seconds I was approved for the credit card but my tranfers were both declined (They only total about $3, 000 so it's not like I have an outrageous amount of debt, my credit score is high and my line of credit on my other cards is high). When I called to learn why the transfers had been declined the girl said she had no way to access any information and could not cancel the card. I have to wait 7-10 days for the credit card info to come in the mail and then call. THIS IS BS.

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  • Mp
    M. Patrick Jul 26, 2010

    Account info page on website said "$0 payment due" for July (I checked several times), but then I was hit with a late fee for not making a payment in July. Anyone else had this problem?

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  • Da
    Damian May 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is the worst company to have your vehicle financed through. I got calls from them every single day for about a week saying that my payment was late. It was impossible that my payment was late because it comes straight from military allotment and I verified it was taken out of my pay check. When I call the 1800 number I was dispatched to a call center in India where they told me they can't verify anything until 3 days. I thought having call centers in India was a thing of the past. Didn't they learn from Sprint's mistake? Sprint has fewer customers than they use to for this same reason. If you want your hard earned money played around with and your issues not handled in a swift manner, I say go with capitol one for auto finance. This is the worst company I've ever dealt with and that includes Sprint.

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  • Ca
    cannm Mar 07, 2010

    I got a charge card who by the way advertises as NO HASSLE! Ha...My interest was 9.9%. I was told it was fixed as long as I made payments on time and didn't default of which I never defaulted or had a late payment. I have had this account 5 years. I get a new bill this month and they raise the interes to 17.95 % on everyone and which also really raised up the minimum payment. I call them, got the run around that they notifed everyone they were doing this and we were given an option to close the account at the present interest rate or pay the interest. Who in their right mind would pay that interest? I told them they had an agreement that it was fixed. The lady said with the new credit card act they can raise it when the APR goes up. She said I could call back and ask for a lower rate in the future??? I said...I am on the phone with you now and want a lower rate. Her response was...well it has to be in the future. If I close the account it goes against your credit, if I pay it it is a terrible ripoff. She said...good credit or not, all customers will be raised to this. So...Capitol One lies about their rates and scams you to join them, then says they reserve the right to raise the interest. Wow...Does that mean I can reserve the right not to pay them??? They make it inpossible in these bad economic times for people to pay them off if they are already struggling. Capitol One..No Hassle?...No Way!

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  • Te
    TedP99 Nov 10, 2009

    On 10/21/08 I open a 0% interest for 1 year platinum credit card with Capitol One. I paid the minimum balance on the credit card until my October 2009 statement. On October 3rd I called the Capitol One customer service center and inquired when I needed to pay in order to avoid any finance charges and spoke with Sue. I was told that as long as I paid the bill in full before my due date on 10/28/09 I would have no finance charges. I paid my bill on 10/27/09 for the full amount over $4, 000.00.

    When I received my November statement I had a finance charge of $31.79. I called and spoke with Madison. I explained my situation which was 1 year with 0% interest and Capitol One charging me interest prior to the year being up. She informed me that she would request a credit but I would still need to pay the bill because the credit would not be applied to my credit card until the next billing statement. I asked to speak with manager because I wanted to avoid making another payment for what I believed to be their error. I was transferred to Pinkie who proceeded to tell me that she would issue the credit but I was charged interest as of 10/1/09 even though the advertisement stated I wouldn't be charged interest for 1 year. Since I opened my account on 10/21/09 and they were charging me interest prior to that date I felt it was false advertising.

    Pinkie placed me on hold and when it was picked up next I was speaking to Pauline an account manager. I was not told I was being transferred. I explained the situation again to Pauline who was extremely rude, informed me that they are not allowed to issue credits for finance charges and she didn't know what I was talking about. When I told her about the two previous individuals I spoke with, Madison and Pinkie, she told me she didn't know them but I was misinformed. When I told her about opening my account and being charged finance charges prior to my 1 year date she informed me that in order to avoid finance charges I had to pay two consecutive bills in full which I had not done therefore I was charged and there was nothing she could do for me.

    I went back and read the disclosure for the 0% interest accounts and no where is it clearly stated that I must make two consecutive payments in full to avoid finance charges being charged prior to my 1 year. I believe this is shady business practices and I would discourage anyone from doing business with Capitol One.

    I have closed my account. I actually asked Pauline to do so in the same conversation where she informed me she didn't know those employees who transferred me and I wouldn't be receiving a credit because I didn't do what I was informed of on the back of my disclosure notice. Hopefully I will not have any additional problems with this company.

    I discourage any and every one from doing business with this company. They have very poor customer service relations and they have questionable business practices. It would seem they are notorious for unclear business practices and prey on individuals who are trying to rebuild their credit or are just starting out. There are better, more reputable companies out there. Providian and Citibank is just an example of a companies working for their customer not against them.

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  • Be
    betsarella Aug 01, 2009

    Another unauthorized charge from Capitol one placing my account over limit and oversteping my credit terms. Please stop ruining my credit by these actions.

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  • Us
    USMC39 Apr 11, 2009

    I have A Capitol One Credit Card it has A $300 limit I try to keep it $230 well I purchased Slim Chews from Life Lab and cancelled my order 2 wks after I received the product it was not working, it was $1.00 for trail well then decided to bill May 19 $43.90 I disputed that mean while they billed me $49.90 I disputed that to and called the company .then they sent another march 26 which I didn't except they still billed me I thought Capitol one would see my side but when I called them they stated they never received any thing, at this time my account went to $379 plus over limit fees and I made my monthly payments on time and send extra I though Capitol One was A good one but I guess Not just likle Prodental emploees throwing important enfo away.P.S. I also Contact Life Lab and they said I must except the Items and send them back me paying what is this world coming too.

    CPL lewis usmc 88-96

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  • Valerie Oct 31, 2008

    I have an extensive background in the credit card industry. As a former customer service rep and acting manager from time to time for a very large credit card company, I know what I am talking about. I used to have to explain this kind of stuff to about 150 people per day.

    Here is my issue: Due to having to fund a wedding, my wife and I had to carry a high balance that put the card at the limit. An oversight of myself caused us to go slightly over the limit on two of the billing cycles. That was my fault and I have no excuse for the (2) overlimit fees that we were charged, but why we got a third overlimit fee AFTER the account was paid in full is beyond me. We also got billed finance charges AFTER the account was paid in full.

    The following is information from the last statement, which is the statement that is in question. The billing cycle ended on 8/27 with a minimum payment that included the amount that the account was overlimit by. I sent the entire minimum payment 3 days later (8/30). The due date was not until 9/22- so well in advance.

    Absolutely NO transactions occurred after 8/27, yet there was another overlimit fee on the 9/27 statement. How is this possible? The only explanation is finance charges! From 8/27 until 9/26, the account was exactly at the limit. But, on 9/27, the billing cycle closed, finance charges were added, and now the account was over the limit and as a result an overlimit fee was automatically added.

    This is clear evidence that Capitol One charges overlimit fees even if it is only finance charges that put the account over the limit. In spite of this poor and, quite possibly, illegal business practice my wife and I paid the account in full as soon as I realized how they treat their customers. The payment posted to the account well before the due date, yet we received a bill for finance charges. So, Capitol One does not grant a grace period for those who pay their account in full by the due date.

    My balance consisted of strictly purchases, no promotional balances, no case balances, no balance transfer balances- strictly purchases and therefore no payment hiarachy existed which means that there is no grace period. This is another horrible business practice- especially when every credit card I have ever dealt with honors the grace period norm.

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  • Valerie Oct 21, 2008

    Beware of fine print, that does not exist. I tried to redeem my miles for credit toward a airline ticket. The ticket was $444., the mileage reward on Capitol said that up to 35K points would entitle you to up to $350.00. They changed their story when I tried to cash in on my points. I was told that since the ticket was over $350., it fell into the next catagory and I required an additional 11K points. I advised the cust. rep that I was only seeking reimbursement for the $350., not the full price of the ticket. They would not honor their committement. So, I've got enough points for $350. reimbursement, but Capitol One will not honor it.

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  • Ca
    Carla S. Lemermeier Aug 31, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I mailed a letter to Capitol One Orchard Bank priority mail to close my account. I paid off the account and requested my annual fee be credited. I made the payment through there online web sight and accidentally left off a number from my checking account; as a result the transaction did not go through Orchard Bank/Capitol One charged me $15.00. I sent several emails stating it was not a bad check but an error entering my checking account on web sight they refused to remove the $15.00 charge. I entered another payment which has cleared my checking account; however, Capitol One has debit the payment back to my card with a note stating the debit is on hold. I called Capitol One today and spoke to Nancy, operator APF out of Souix Falls, South Dakota. I explained to her I did not write a bad check a made a data entry error and how could I send her proof the payment had posted; she said I could not the pending debit would be on my account for 14 days and she refused to take off the $15.00 check charge, I asked her if they had received my priority mail letter and she stated know; she then said she would close the account, I asked about the annual fee and she said you should see it come off in a few days. I asked if they were going to charge me interests for the payment that they have not posted that had cleared my account. She said she did not know. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she hung up on me.

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