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Complaints & Reviews

phishing email

I keep getting an email from someone pretending to be Capital One, asking my to sign into my account then sign out. I am attaching the address it came from: [protected]@yahoo.com.
Is there anything to be done about them?
Thank you.

  • Da
    Dave Nov 30, 2008

    I have recieved the same type of emails over the last 24 hours. You should forward that email to [email protected] and they will investigate the issue.

    Hope this helps.

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unauthorized charges

I have been a Capital One credit card holder for 4+ years. I am responsible for what I have charged and pay...

finance charge

I made a mistake on my sept. bill .we sent a check for $300.00 short for the oct. bill and had a finance charge of $21.74. I payed the entired bill including the finance charge.On the nov. bill i was charge $12.47 of finance charge without having a balance on my bill.
I call costomer service three times and got three different answers from India.Can someone please get in touch with me and give me the real reason for the finance charges or I will have to close my account.I have been with your company for about 25 years or more and pay off our bill every month.

  • Jo
    Joe Nov 29, 2008

    I have had the same issue without an explanation. I called, spoke with a manager, demanded the removal of the finance charges, and they were removed. No idea why, but it was successful for reimbursement of the charges. Hope this helps.

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  • Na
    Nada Dana Jun 30, 2009

    Robert, do you know what your due date was? If the payment was made after your due date then your account would have automatically assessed fees. You see Finance charges are applied to your account daily and there are maintenance fees, so as long as there is a balance of the account then the account will assess Finance Charges. Hope this helps!

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boycott capital one

Capital one complaints - worst customer service

I am so pissed! I have never received such bad service my whole life!
This is a series of events that just keep getting worse. I lost my capital one card and asked for a replacement. It took several calls to have my card replaced because the person I spoke with kept confusing my card number with that of the other cardholders in the company. When I finally got the new card and I tried paying the balance using capital one's automated system, their computer says, "a new number has been assigned for this account." it then transferred me to a customer service rep (Or should I say anti-customer service rep) who was very rude. I told her that I was frustrated and that I wanted to be transferred to a supervisor. Several minutes later, a supervisor got on the line and asked what she could do for me. I told her that I was frustrated since this is the 5th time that has happened in 2 months. I told her that they need to improve their customer service and be more efficient. She started getting defensive and said that there is nothing wrong with their customer service in india. I said that if she is already getting defensive about my complaint and she is a supervisor, then I said that that is unfortunate because the supervisors are supposed to lead and be a good example. She got really sarcastic and said, "we have the best customer service in india!" I told her I disagreed, based on her attitude and several others before her. She huffed and puffed and snapped, "you can call back later when you are feeling happy!" then she hung up. What a biyatch! I can not believe this woman! I can not believe why capital one would outsource our jobs to countries like india, that don't even give americans decent customer service. We need jobs in the us. We need to get back this customer service jobs that are being given away overseas and not being appreciated. And — these people insult our intelligence and treat us like s — t! This is terrible and needs to stop.
Note: google the words: capital one complaints and you will find hundered, even thousands of complaints. It's time to do something about this situation. Either boycott capital one or stop outsourcing jobs to india and elsewhere.

  • Ki
    Kim Nov 23, 2008

    I totally agree. I just recently got a Capital One card, and after reading all the complaints I quickly cancelled my card. When I called I couldn't even understand the person I was talking to, I asked if they could transfer me to someone who spoke clear English, that was a waste of time, because everybody I talked to I could not understand! So glad I decided to look up some information about Capitol One before I got stuck with this card for too long. Im gonna quickly pay off my balance, and hopefully never hear from this card company again!

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  • Aj
    ajay Mar 23, 2009

    I'm an indian working for capital one customer relations in Bangalore. Whenever u guys call ur call reaches us in India. You guys think we r stealing our jobs. But its ur american owners who are giving us jobs... I completely agree with u guys. CapOne steals money. It has increased interest rates for most of its customers. The reason given is economy. Thats ###. The late n overlimit fee charges are $39 which is ridiculous. Their payment protection program is designed to squeeze money out of u guys. I'm sick of this company. I'm hunting for a new job. If u guys have any questions email me at [email protected]
    By the way if there's a guy called Alex answering ur call when u call CapOne its me!

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  • Ge
    gen Apr 15, 2009

    duh... your through to the collections dept not customer's service!!! COLLECTIONs it means it is more on collecting. think abt it..

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  • Al
    Alvidrez Oct 10, 2010

    I have had an auto loan with this company for the last 3.5 years and its awful what mistakes they have made that have cost me hundreds.. They continuously take out more than one payment due leading me to obviously overdraft in my bank account and then when i call..Guess what ?? I cant even understand what the person on the other line is saying because there call center is not even in the U.S. They will refuse to return me my money and state to contact my bank to file a dispute so i can get my money back or that they will just post it to my principle..Please don't sign up with this company they will do what they can and promise you so much but once you sign up they don't care about you. I am going to refinance my car just so i can get rid of this bank!!

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over limit fees and lates fees

I have been a customer of Capital One for several years and every now and again I have had to call and let...

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unfair treatment to staff

I’m writing on behalf of a family member who is absolutely destroyed now that capital one bank has taken over north fork bank. She is employed at a call center environment, with 60 plus calls waiting a day at minimum. With a service level of 30% when it’s supposed to be around 80% or higher. The minute one call ends, another one follows, without one second in between. Its non stop. They cancel morning breaks a majority of the time out of the week, it call volume is high. I feel It’s very essential that they receive all breaks due to the high call volume. The managers don’t allow u to have 2 seconds to your self. If there is a holiday or any given day where the calls are not as consistent there ready to send you home, using YOUR OWN voluntary unpaid time off. There’s a thing called compliance which you are required to reach a certain month to date average which is 93% or higher, and is nearly impossible due to reps having to limit each call to less than two minutes and two seconds, while assisting clients. Another issue is your penalized for using the restroom which is over there allotted time frame. You have to suffer if you are on the phone assisting a client and the phone call runs over into your lunch time which, for example is twelve noon and lets say the call ends at twelve ten, naturally your going to log off at twelve ten and return at twelve forty because your entitled to a half hour lunch break. Unfortunately at capital one bank because you went to lunch late you are considered late returning and it is deducted from your compliance. If we were to hang up on the customer it would be considered an auto fail, so they leave us no choice but to except it. The person that I’m speaking of is a very good employee, and has been working with the bank for three plus years. As we stated earlier she's been employeed with them ever since it has been North Fork Bank. She has never been written up or recieved any verbal warnings. She has kept a Great attendance and always meets the job requirements and expectations. I Come home every day and see this person mentally physically destroyed, this job is getting the best of her. It’s indescribable the amount of stress and depression this person has endured working with this company. This is not just a problem with this individual 80% of her co-workers have complained and I’ve decided to take further action in hopes to seeing some results. If neccesary, this person would be willing to give all her information to proceed further. thank you so much for your time, and i look forward to hearing from you.

  • Ec
    E C in New York Nov 22, 2008

    North Fork Bank customer service sucks!!!

    I now understand why it sucks.

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  • Cl
    clackmannan Mar 03, 2010

    Unfortunately banks are just unethical. That's just the way they are. What are everyday sheep supposed to do about it? The government is every bit as much unethical. What are we going to do? Have a revolution and replace Capitalism with Communism. Nope that doesn't work either. I'm sure your family member is a good person at heart however really all she is doing is supporting a twisted system by working in it in the first place. It is sad this is true but in fact she is responsible too. She is responsible for supporting a twisted organisation. Really what she should be doing is taking her time to find another more ethical institution to work for. All the best to you and your family member... I mean it... I'm sure she's nice but she's got to take responsibility for her own welfare as no one else will do it. She is being used and at the same time she is contributing to her and societies's misuse. Her spirit is crushed because the system isn't spiritual. Time for her to move on.


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  • Jd
    JDOUB Mar 16, 2010

    I understand! My wife go through the same thing at Capital One Call Center in Irving TX...

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unauthorized billing

My wife and I made a small purchase with our Capital One Visa card that accidentally took our account slightly over our credit limit. Rather than deny the sale because it would take us over our limit, Capital One granted the sale because they wanted the business, then charged us a penalty of $39.00 (more than the over limit amount) and to add insult to injury... they immediately sent a derogatory notice to the credit reporting agencies... and guess what?... right in the middle of the mortgage process for our new house. I can understand the idea of not going over your credit limit and I can even understand being penalized for such a terrible transgression...but to then deliberately trash our credit report while collecting their excessive fees is beyond moral and typical of why the average American hates big business. We DID get the mortgage and we ARE closing our account with Capital One. Capital One... Definitely NOT in our wallet.

  • Na
    Nannette Jul 16, 2008

    If you want a credit card company that stands behind a fraudulent charge, don't apply for Capital One Visa. I just paid out $1500.00 for an item I purchased on the internet that was ordered, but not available. Although I called Capital One to dispute the charge and they told me I wouldn't be responsible, the company eventually did issue a credit, but not until the charge went into the next billing cycle. After talking to Capital One again, they told me I had to pay the $1500.00, even though it was credited, or they would sock me with finance charges. Bottom line...the internet company used my money for one month; and Capital One had it for another month. I closed my card and went with American Express.

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capital one hires #!!!

Listen, capital one credit card customer service reps, especially the ones in india are #! So rude, so stupid and so arrogant!

Why do we have to outsource everything to other countries while we need jobs here in the us?

Capital one, you are greedy! It's all about profit, profit, profit! You don't care about giving customer service.

We hope that you go bankrupt soon!

  • Tr
    trevorlongisland Aug 24, 2009

    Am a long time user of Capital One as well as many other Major cards, but never ever seen a CC company so disorganized.

    I received a renewal card from capital One without asking for one (since I had another 2 months left for expiration of my existing card) with a sticker and a 1-800 # to call to activate it.

    Upon calling, I was shunted three (3) times after being asked the same olkd question..first name, Last name and the usual other crap, only to land with a Guy called Sam (Am sure was from own Home coutry, INDIA !!!).

    My point is then why the hell they do not say so on the letter they attach to the renewal card..

    I sent an e mail to customer swervice regarding the same, and guess what i got back again:

    "Dear Trevor, due to the status of your account, we cannot e- mail details"

    Capital One should cut that BS, which I am sure is that they do not want this on records..

    what a bunch of crappy credit card companies. the onlycompany I never had an issue of any sort amongst 8-9 of my CC issuers, has been AMEX !!! BOA was Ok untill last 3 years, when I noticed their Foxy tricks on change of terms, which in any case did not affect me too much as I always paid off all my balances on all cards.

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capital one worst customer service

Capital one must be a genius at hiring the rudest, most condescending customer service reps in the world. Especially the ones that they outsource from india. They are arrogant and don't give a # about your problems with their credit card.

Capital one must be the greediest, # credit company around!
They obviously don't care because they have plenty of customers. Beware, capital one, your days are over! Before you know it, you will be bankrupt just like those a-holes at wall street!

Capital one — that is karma for you!!!

  • Ra
    racehorse Oct 26, 2008

    CAPITAL ONE must be a genius at hiring the rudest, most condescending customer service reps in the world. Especially the ones that they outsource from India. They are arrogant and don't give a ### about your problems with THEIR credit card.

    CAPITAL ONE must be the greediest, ### credit company around!
    They obviously don't care because they have plenty of customers. Beware, CAPITAL ONE, your days are over! Before you know it, you will be bankrupt just like those a-holes at Wall Street!

    CAPITAL ONE------- that is Karma for you!!!

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  • Jo
    Joe May 05, 2009

    I could not agree more. I have tried to pay my balance off on my Captial One card for two months. Each month I get a bill for more charges. When I called, I asked for the payoff balance and they tell me what it is. When I pay that amount they send a bill next month for interest charges that accrued since I paid it off...? They must pull this figure out of thin air? Once you are in with Capital One, you can't get out!!!

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  • Ka
    katchattymn Jun 22, 2009

    I totaly agree Capital One has they worst customer service love the scripts they read from and you are right they do not care. Three people I talked to admited to not even having there own companies card what does that tell you?

    They raise the interest rate on there best customers, cut their credit limits all with no notification of doing this but they claim they have start reading the posts on all of these complaint sites almost everyone says they were not notified of the rate increase nor that they were slashing limits on top of this.

    What happened to all of the bail out money we are paying for for this company? This is how they treat their good loyal customers, wow what a way to do business.

    I know the economy is bad, do they think they are the only ones suffering wow how selfish is that we are all suffering the difference is some of us work for companies that put things in place so it would not affect the consumer. Quite a difference here, as far as I can tell they have done nothing but screw the consumer again what a way to do business.

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  • De
    Dearok Oct 28, 2011

    Capital One is absolutely the worst company ever! The customer service, if you can call it that, is absolutely horrid. But if you think their credit card services are bad, it's nothing compared to the clowns they've got working in their auto finance department. They have absolutely no idea what they are doing; they lose vital customer documents, don't keep accurate records of correspondences with customers, and their internal communication is abysmal. And should you as a customer ever call to complain to a manager, they will decidedly refuse to put you on the phone with one; instead they will tell you that a manager will call you back and if you insist, they will hang up on you!

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  • Sh
    Sharon KEMP-SMITH May 30, 2016

    Capital One must be one of the top poor customer service companies in America. I tried getting transferred
    to different departments, in hopes of finding someone more knowledgeable, kinder, friendlier, more professional,
    but Capital One does not have anyone in their Customer Service department that will work with customers in need.
    What a poor experience I have had with ALL of my dealings with them. I stay with them because they are one of the few
    credit card companies out there for poorer credit.

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sue capital one for wasting time!

If your time is important to you, never use capital one credit card. They are the worst in the industry! For...

unauthorized charge

Credit Inform placed charge against my Capital One credit card. Credit inform claims they received telephone...

terrible service and company in hole

I found a couple of charges on my Capitalone credit card that were not written in the terms when I signed in...

unable to cancel

I cancelled my credit card with Capital one 2 months ago. However, I keep getting charged for payment protection, an outside company. If I went to use this card it wouldn't be accepted, but they will allow their sister company to keep adding fees! What payments are they protecting? The balance is Zero until they let this company charge me again and again

  • Ja
    janedoe83 Nov 15, 2009

    Actually if your balance was 0.00 then payment protection wouldn't of charged you, they only charge if you have a balance on the card.

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capitol one sucks

Earlier this year someone got my credit card info and tried to purchse something online fraudulently. A month later I got an email from capitol one about it. I called them and they cancelled my credit card and issued another card in it's place. When it came payment time I tried to do online banking but my savings account info was gone. I contacted my savings bank online and asked for the bank routing number. I made the payment but it was refused as 'no such account'. I contact capitol one and found out what happenned and the rep reversed my late fees. I went into my bank and found out the routing number was for wire transfers and was given the correct number for online banking. Now every time they get a payment a 2 week hold is placed on it. In July a rep got rude with me saying it was all my fault and hung up on me when I demanded a supervisor. I called back and complained about that and a supervisor made a notation on my accout to fix this problem. So, I just made my sept payment and the hold is back again. I'm so sick of their crap!!!

  • Sa
    santanderbites Jun 28, 2010

    I have 2 Capitol One credit cards I've been attempting to pay off to no avail. I called their 'customer service' and of course was met by someone who can' t speak English. I asked him to close both accounts. One had been paid off by check, which of course had been converted to something on my bank statement that made no sense and the copy of the check disappeared. The other account had disappeared and there was no trace of it. I'd sent in the payment stub with the full amount. The payment stub didn't have the full account number on it. They've always taken my checks before but decided this one was special so the payment was not taken nor was the check returned nor cashed. As far as I'm concerned this account no longer exists if they can' t find a record for it so it can be turned over to their favorite collection agency and they can eat the loss. These people are idiots and parasites. I hope they go under along with all of the other crooks that have failed in the last 2 years and they can take Chase and Santander with them. There should be a law against the type of usurious theft.

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  • Da
    Dan Webber Mar 03, 2017

    I am trying to close out an IRA account and they are setting up roadblocks as well as charging me $75.00. They need to be investigated

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money stealing company

This company needs to go out of business!! We hit a deer with or vehicle that is financed through them. Our insurance company made the check out to them and us. Their policy of course. They will not endorse the check and send it back so we can fix it anywhere we want. Their customer service is horrible they do not want to listen or help their customers what so ever. They just want to steal our money. I also did complain to the BBB and others should too!! They are rip off artists and do not care about any thing.

  • Me
    Melody Lee Nov 16, 2008

    Had the exact same thing happen, but they convienced the insurance company to write a second check $6700.00 to them, Capitol One approved the body shops quote for repairs and agreed to pay them when the repairs were done. Once the repairs had been made and payment was due, Capitol One said they applied the check to the balance of my account. How can they do that my payments were up to date even though the car was in the body shop.

    When I called them they said there was nothing they could do I would have to pay the repair shop myself, and that I had a payment due three days ago. I asked what did the insurance check cover, meaning what months, the lady said the check was put at the end of the note, that's why I'm going to have to keep making payments. They told me that with the insurance check was paid on the account my balance was less than $4000.00.

    I went to the body shop and explained the problem, they called Capitol One and was told the same thing. Body shop is out over $4800.00 for repairs I don't have the money to pay for, body shop put a lean on the car, against myself and Captiol One.

    Talked with several attorneys but they said there is no LAW to prevent the insurance company or Captiol One from doing what was done. Who interests am I paying insurance for, my intestment in a car or Capitiol Ones.

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  • Di
    disgusted customer Aug 28, 2009

    I agree they should be out of business!!! We had a van and were making payments on time however one month the payday didn't fall right and we were TWO days late. From that time they refused to discuss the account, refused payments we tried to make through western union quick collect and NEVER called, emailed or mailed us. Yet they called all our references and anyone else that they could find that knew us and let them know we were "behind and refusing to make the payments" . Today the van was repossessed and the repo man (thank God) was on top of things and stopped their attempts to file charges on us for "hindering a secured creditor" My husband has worked the same job for 30+ years and we mailed them a letter and changed the address online the one time we moved. Our phone numbers never changed. How could they accuse us of hiding the vehicle or not making payments and what else could we have possibly tried? This company is bad news and I would advise anyone to stay clear of them!!!

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scam and lies

I recently received a "special offer" for 0% APR for 12 months from Capital One. The letter stated that if I used any of the three attached checks by the deadline, I would receive this low interest rate for a year. So I used two checks (both of which were attached to this letter).

However, when the transactions went through, one apparently came in as a convenience check and the other as an access check. So they started charging me a finance fee for the so called convenience check. The problem here is that it was not a convenience check. They came from the same stub, attached to the same letter. How can they come in differently? I even verified that I met all the requirements - use by date, etc.

So I called customer service and the woman was very helpful at first. She told me that I was right and that she would have it fixed. "Just check your next statement." Guess what happened?

I had to call a second time because not only did the balance not move over to 0% interest, but now they need to credit me the finance charge for the last two statements. The first woman apparently only "put in a request" and it was denied by the higher-ups. Was anyone going to let the customer know?

Now, I must call a third time to talk to a "senior account manager" because this second woman can't do anything about it.

The moral of the story: MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR FINANCE CHARGES AND QUESTION FEES THAT DON'T MAKE SENSE. And here's probably the bigger lesson: don't ever use the checks that come in the mail claiming 0% interest b/c even when you read the fine print and everything is what it's supposed to be, they still get you. Though I will continue to try to get my money back, this "processing error" is a pain in the you know what. I wonder how many processing errors occur each day.

After reading about how unhappy the company's consumers are, I wonder how they are still in business - maybe they get the first time credit card holders. (They were my first, and after almost ten years, I'm still at the same interest rate (the 0% was too good to be true). My other credit card companies reward me with low rates for my good credit.)

  • Valerie Sep 26, 2008

    Capital one is the absolute worst financial institution out there they try to devise ways to make you fail, I have been paying a car loan for five years without fail on time they then at the end of the loan lifr coun days you did not pay exactly on the due date (due date on the 8th of each month online banking sometimes takes a day or two to submit to them sometimes they would receive payment on the 9th or 10th at the latest falling well within grace periods allowed by all othee institutions now they say I owe an additional 87.00 bucks and I can no longer submit this final ### payment via online banking I have to send a money order to plano texas, what a crappy institution please if you are considering any business with them you should really re-consider, lets put them out of business!!!

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  • Lo
    Lori Feb 08, 2009

    I have had a similar problem with this company. I was offered a 0% introductory rate for purchases and balance transfers until 2/2/09. I contacted Capital One to determine the exact date the 0% was good to and was told by the representative that a finance charge of 14.99% was being charged on my balance transfer and the offer for 0% was not good for the transfer. I asked to speak with a supervisor who then determined it was Capital Ones error and they should have processed the balance transfer at 0% so he transferred me to another person to get it corrected. The next lady said no that it was correct at 14.99% but then proceeded to tell me that the offer when I opened the account was 0% on purchases and balance transfers were the same a purchases. Which would be 0%. She told me I was incorrect and who ever I spoke to earlier misinformed me on the error on Capital Ones part. She then transferred me to another account manager who again told me that the rate is correct at 14.99%. She asked me if I had my offer paperwork and explained that I no longer had it but told her I was advised by two representatives that my offer was 0% on purchases and balance transfer. I told her why would I transfer a balance to a card that is 14.99% when I have excellent credit. It makes no sense. They have over charged me over $1000 in interest. I have been reading other peoples complaints and it seems that this company is scamming customers and when they are called on it they will do nothing to help. You have some reps that will tell you it is their fault and they will transfer you to someone who will correct it but when you get the next rep they blame it on the customer. I worked in credit for many years and would never dream of treating customers this way. Something needs to be done with Capital One and the way they are doing business.

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rip off

I have a personal loan with Capitalone. The payments come out of my checking each month, so they know they are going to get paid. There was an accident in front of my house and two of the family cars were totaled which made finances tight. I ask if they would defer a payment until the end of the loan. Do you think they would, of course not. They didn't even look at my account to see that I had been paying double on everything for over a year. They are uncaring individuals. I am very unhappy with them.

fraudilent practices!

When I received a pre-approved credit card solicitation from Orchard Bank, it said nothing about annual fees associated with the card. So when I called to respond to solicitation, the first thing I asked an account representative was whether or not the card had an annual fee. I was assured it did not. I made it very clear that unless the card had no annual fee and the introductory APR was locked at 0% for the first 12 months, I had no interest whatsoever to open that account. Again, I was assured by the account manager on the phone that the APR was indeed 0% for the first year and there was no annual fee. I also stated I was not interested in any other bogus fees, like proetection insurance, and such. I stated that the only thing I want to see on my monthly statements, were my purchases, and nothing else - otherwise, I have no interest in the product offered. Lo and behold, when I got my first statement, annual fee of $39 was listed there. After calling the 800 Customer Service # being placed on hold for about 6 minutes, I finally got to a customer service rep. After hearing my complaint, she informed me that she needs to transfer me to another account manager. I then repeated my complaint to the account manager. She informed me she regretted I was "misleaded" (her words, not mine - unfortunately, the lady possessed very poor command of English language) and said she will go ahead and close the account even though they were "sorry to lose my business". I pointed out to her that if she was truly sorry about losing my business, the right (and ethical) thing to do was to deliver on their promise of no annual fee card and waive that fee. She said again she was very sorry but she could not help me in any other way. I asked he if she really thought that the bank was actually going to collect the fee I was promised not to be charged in the first place, to which she replied, "if you don't pay us, we'll report you to all three national credit bureaus". Great practice, eh?

  • Gl
    GLC53 Jun 27, 2010

    Orchard bank has a great way of ripping you off. Their credit protection elite is nothing more than a scam. and trust me when I say this I am having this issue looked at legally. I have the protection and have always had it since I got the card. So I get some Hindu clown who stated by the way he was in the USA. What a crock anyway. I retired in 2008 from my job. In october 2008 I had to go back to work at another job due to my wife being disabled. I worked there till 03/15/2010. This is when the company shut down our operation. I filed this paperwork along with the unemployment proof and I get a letter stating retirement is not covered I filed on the unemployment not retirement and by the way retirement is covered it is on their insurance page so they lied!. But take a look at the protection elite page. This Bin Laden sounding clown states that on page 15 it states retirement I asked this idiot what page 15 I only sent in 3 pages. Any way I believe Orchard Bank (HFC of Nevada) are guilty of Bank and lending fraud. So Now I will talk to a lawyer and My Attorney Generals office here where I live. But trust me when I say I have proof that they are guilty of bank fraud. So now it is time to stick it to them and their associates. ENOUGH OF THE ORCHARD BANK RIP OFFS! CARD HOLDERS IF YOU DONT FILE CHARGES AGAINST THEM THEY WILL ALWAYS GET AWAY WITH THEIR ILLEGAL ACTIVITY.

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abandoned property

I had a 3 year Cd with Green Point SAvings of New Hyde Park that expired in Feb 06'. I received a letter...

poor customer service

Rcv'd phone call alerting to fraud activity on my CAPITOL ONE credit card - when contacted c/s serv was constantly transfered around reps would not give me any info unless I went personally to my bank for verification of my identity - next business day went personally to my bank & contacted c/s serv once again was transfered around & each time was asked same questions to prove my identity which was an extreme embarrassment to me & employees of my bank - then was told need to contact back in 2 hrs because of technical difficulties. again contacted c/s serv 2 hrs later & again tansfered around again - recv'd nothing but hassels from the self proclaimed no hassel company.