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In Melfort Saskatchewan Canadian tire on there current 4 day advertised sale. Product no. [protected] Dewalt batteries advertised price 99.88 ea . Store location never ordered any for the promotion when asked if they could the answer was no. I was informed however I could drive an hour away to a different town because they had them is stock and would not rain check!!! I would believe that if you sold out a quantity then no rain checks but if you never ordered then why even have them in your flyer?????

Apr 26, 2019
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  • Bu
      Apr 26, 2019

    To the child that asked why put the item in the flier. Here is the answer. They probably put something else in the flier. Words "At participating locations." So just because your store does not have what you want does mean that they should not put it in the flier when other stores sell the item.

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  •   Apr 26, 2019

    @buildere That and all the other schlubs who read the advert and shopped already!!!

    Are rain checks no longer used?

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  • Ma
      Apr 29, 2019

    Princess Auto offered to have it shipped to my house for free because they didn't have it in the store on sale...I buy parts at ROCK AUTO half the cost of Canadian tire shipped right to my door...i go where im treated with respect...example CT wanted 20 plus tax for a belt they had to order...i got 2 belts and a rad cap for 24.00 bucks shipped to my door...ROCK AUTO.
    Canadian tire wins...they are right and i was wrong to shop there...sorry!

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