Canadian Tire Scarboroughreturning schwinn bike bag

S Aug 11, 2018


I was at Canadian Tire (4630 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1S 3V5) today, Saturday August 11th, 5:30 pm, to return an item in its original packing (see the bike bag in the picture). The strap that ties the bag to the bike carrier came off at the first use itself, which makes it completely useless for the purpose. Also it shows inferior quality for something which I paid $40. Hence I have lost my trust in the item.

There were only 1 employee, who seem to be overloaded, and working very slowly, though there were only 3 other customers ahead of us. So we still had to wait a full 30 mins. Finally my turn came and without even listening to my complaint or seeing the item she said she would only give replacement. When I said I do not want that item again, she refused again saying its not in original packing (see the picture which shows item in original packing on the Canadian Store counter) and I had bought it only August 8th. She went to get the manager. The manager Francis, seems mad at us even as he approached us. We doubt that the employee had already instigated the manager by saying some thing very negative about us. He was extremely rude and unfriendly and refused to take the return. He said he would gives only 2 options: replace the item or store credit. He was not willing to listen to us or explain to us why he would not refund our money. When we asked him in shock why, he said we raised our voices and we were abusive. He then pointed to the black and white notice taped the customer service desk (About customer abuse). We read it and asked him "What abuse?" To this I specifically asked him to explain the abuse. He said nothing. In fact he seemed to be at a loss of words. Again I asked clearly with other customers listening, " Did we hit you? To this, he said no. Then I asked, "Did we say we will hit you? To this again he answered "No" Then he claimed verbal abuse. To this I asked him to explain what he meant by verbal abuse. At this he told us to get out of the store. He vehemently pushed our items across the counter and told us in loud actions to get out, humiliating us in front of other customers. He refused to explain to us why he was refusing refund or why he was claiming abuse. We were clueless what to do with this useless item. We are respectful Canadian citizens and good local church members. This is our neighbourhood Canadian Tire store and we have been your clients since 2001. We do not accept the behaviour or attitude or negligence of your manager in this situation. Claiming abuse to shield himself and to avoid listening to our concern or explaining to us why he would not refund our money is not acceptable. Catching on the manager's attitude, the lady behind us got abusive and threw our bag on the floor, which seemed to make your manager happy. He came back at us and told us to get out and threatened us saying he would call the cops. Finally, fed up with whole situation, we stepped out into the parking, confused and beside our selves, when the manager came up behind us and took pictures of us on his cell phone. We felt utterly violated at this action. w/e fear he might use this on social media or other such sites to belittle us or cause emotional harm. We intend to report this unprofessional behaviour to the local police to initiate a full investigation into the matter. But first we want to hear from you and see if you stand by such attitude and behaviour. We knew Amit the previous manager who was friendly and extremely professional in all dealings. We are beyond shock at this service experience from Canadian Tire. We will wait to hear from you before we approach Ontario consumer complaint. No consumer should have to go through the trauma and abuse like what we endured today. Also to add insult to injury, when we got home, we found that the female employee did not even return our original receipt. Instead they gave the receipt of the customer who was in line ahead of us, returning T-fal item. That alone speaks volumes about the professionalism of your employees.
Hope to hear from you with a reasonable resolution.
Thank you.

returning schwinn bike bag
returning schwinn bike bag
returning schwinn bike bag
returning schwinn bike bag

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