Canadian Tirepoor summer tires installation

R Nov 24, 2017

To whom this may concern,

On the 22nd of May 2017, at Canadian Tire Ste-Foy (1170 route de l'eglise, [protected]), I had my Summer tires installed on my car.

Today, the 24th of November 2017, I had these Summer tires removed and my Winter tires installed on my car at a different garage.

The garage that installed my Winter tires reported extreme difficulty with the REMOVAL of my Summer tires, due to poor installation of my Summer tires, as done by the Canadian Tire noted above.

To be exact, it was reported, "Summer tires are same brand but different threads, and were mixed on different axle. Whoever installed summer tires re-installed wheel nuts cross-thread and damaged studs. Needs at least 2 new studs per wheel. We had to cut 1 stud front right to remove the tire."

This is absolutely ridiculous. This garage is not the first to comment on the installation of my Summer tires. On the 3rd of September 2017, I visited a garage for a check-up on an unrelated issue. Part of this check-up required the removal of my front passenger tire which was unable to be done, due to the way that the bolt had been tightened on the tires. At this time, I was warned that my Summer tires had not been put on properly and to warn the garage who would put on my Winter tires about this issue. I was unaware how severe this issue was.

I am now worried about my safety when driving my car. Because the wheel had to be CUT off, I am down one stud on one of my wheels, which will need to be replaced, along with at least 2 more for each of the other tires. This is a financial cost that I would NOT have if my tires had been properly put on in the first place. I must now check to ensure my bolts are still tight when I go to drive any long distance until the studs are replaced.

It is very clear that the installation of my Summer tires was a RUSHED service. From my telephone bill records, I have the time of my appointment compared to the time when my car was ready to be picked up. The oil was also changed on my car during this appointment, and given the time in which my car was ready, it is obvious that this service was rushed and not done properly.

I believe it is not my financial responsibility to pay for the repairs that are now needed to my car to ensure proper function and safety of my car, as they are solely due to the poor installation of my Summer tires as done by Canadian Tire. I wish for this issue to to be seen to and resolved ASAP.

I await a response,

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