Canadian Tireonline order not received and unknown status of order


On 17 oct 2017, I ordered a wheel for a winter tire.

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Order id: [protected]
Order status: in progress
Order date: 2017/10/17

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Pickup store selected: fredericton, nb
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2015 mercedes-benz c300 4 dr sedan 4matic
Touren tr60 3260 - 4
Qty: 1
$219.99 $219.99
Sunday, october 22

I was supposed to receive it on oct 22 2017 at the fredericton, nb store. As a result I booked an appointment for oct 27 for my tire change, assuming my new wheel would be here.

I called the store the other day, they had no way of knowing (south side store in fredericton, nb on smythe st) the status of my order.

They told me to call canadian tire online, where I placed my order [protected].)... I called the other day, around 2 days ago.. They said they have no way of finding the status of my order, they could only say it was in progress...

This is not acceptable, my order, paid, was supposed to be here on oct 22. I have scheduled an appointment for this friday and I have no clue where my wheel is...

Please kindly confirm the status of my order, other wise I will request a refund.

I have a scheduled appointment for this friday in fredericton and need this item..

Thank you.

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