Canadian Tirecustomer service desk

A Aug 12, 2018

Around 1pm today, Aug 12/18 I called the Customer Service Desk at your Canadian Tire Store in Hanmer, ON. I ordered an item that had been on sale in the store, but no longer in stock. I 'believe' it was to be provided Aug 8th. As of yet, I heard nothing. So I just called to see if it had arrived yet. I gave the on floor worker all the info she needed. So the desk person, who seemed young and probably part time, asked for the product number, not even my name or what the product was. I said I was sorry, but I had no idea. Well, how was she supposed to give me ANY information then. Well I don't know, I said, can't you pull up my name or something. All she said was, NO. That was the end of her conversation. So I said my thanks and goodbye. I won't type what I called that girl in my head. So maybe my order is in, forgotten or delayed. I've just recently received a CT Mastercard as well. Maybe I jumped too soon at that as well.

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