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Hi all. On April 10th 2006 I purchased battery from the Canadian Tire in Port Coquitlam B.C. for my motorcycle. On July 28th 2006 it died, lasting only 15 weeks. I was quite a ways from home (2.5 hours) or a Canadian Tire when this happened, so I had to purchase a new battery. The store offered to hold my battery for a while incase I was able to pick it up. I was not able to get the battery myself but a friend was passing the store on her way to my place and brought it to me, that was October 20th 2006.

On Sunday the 22nd I went to the store with the battery and receipt. I spoke with an associate in the store and was informed the warranty had expired 10 days earlier so she could do nothing for me because if she did it would come back on her as the warranty had expired at midnight 10 days earlier. She suggested I phone the next day and talk to one of the managers, Sean. I spoke with Sean on Monday the 23rd and basically all he said was that since it was past the 'magic date' they could do nothing as the store would not be reimbursed and they would lose money on it. That same day I phoned Canadian Tire's 800 customer service number to see if they could help. All they did was repeat what Sean had said, if it's past the magic day, then they would do nothing for me.

Yes I know that the warranty was technically over but for a few short days they are willing to lose a customer ? The money they may have lost on the battery would have been made up in short order with my future purchases as I in the store weekly. They will be losing a lot more because they chose not to provide good customer service, or any customer service for that point.

There is NOTHING Canadian Tire sells that I can't get else where. In fact the battery I bought from Discount Battery Warehouse replace theirs was $15 cheaper and has double the warranty.


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    Store #10 Canadian tire customer service so bad.


  • Cl
    clayton reed May 15, 2007

    I bought a Motomaster eliminator battery under 3 years ago. It is still under warranty, however after a break up with my girlfriend she so kindly threw all of my paper work out including my booklet for the battery. The manufacturer date is still on the battery as well as all of the serial numbers. They are all in perfect reading order. Canadian tire will not come good for it.

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  • Sa
    Sandra Kapsopoulos Jun 17, 2007

    I always go to the Canadian Tire on Des Laurentides in Vimont Laval and everytime I go to ask for help no one seems to want to help. Or they make me wait. One time I was told that the manager is busy and that I have to wait 10 minutes. I went yesterday and I asked for help and I was to asked to ask another clerk because he was busy. We all know when you go ask someone else they tell you it's not their department. There's a way to talk to the client. I just left and did not purchase anything. I probably will not return to that store. Don't they give customer service courses? I will not give my money were people don't want to serve me.

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  • Cr
    Crappy Tire Aug 01, 2007

    Do you know Canadian tire forces you to pay for their tire [email protected][email protected]#[email protected]
    The guy was like "what you're not having us install these tires?" "then we won't honor the warranty".

    Even if you have a professional mechanic install tires you buy from them "THE WARRANTY IS VOID". All other places that sell tires do not force this on you, they honor the warranty no matter where the tire is installed.

    What a scam and on top of that they are known to have the worst mechanics! Most of their people are rude and honestly don't care!

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  • Ni
    Nicholas Roach Aug 10, 2007

    My mother paid ~$1500 for both her cars to be fixed at a Canatian Tire garage. I was driving one of them home so she gave me $20 cash for gas and suggested I use her $4.10 she had just received. In good faith I pumped in $24.09 at the Canadian Tire gas station/convenience store on the same property as the garage. The young cashier told me that they didn't accept CT money. I offered the $4.10CT money and he told me no I had to go get a dollar and he would keep the CT money. He threatened to call the police if I did not leave the CT money as collateral. I gave my word to return but he refused to let me leave. I said ok call the police. While he was on the phone I remembered I had empty beer bottles in the trunk. I brought 18 bottles to the cashier and said does that cover it. The manager/owner nodded to him, while still on the phone. I said "good then keep the 'bleeping' change", and I left.

    Do I have grounds for a criminal or civil complaint against this franchisee for harassment, blackmail threats causing my unlawful detention.

    The garage told me they are a completely independent franchise from the gas station even though they share a property and the Canadian Tire brand name.

    I will write a complaint to Canadian Tire's board of directors and will see about investing in the companies stock so that I may one day have some sway in having this Canadian Tire franchisee on Taschereau boul. Longueuil Quebec revoked.

    Nicholas Roach
    [email protected]

    P.S. He refused to speak english to me but understood every word I said in that language.

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  • Co
    Consumer Joe Sep 02, 2007

    Canadian Tire stores are independently owned. You cannot purchase "stock" so your dream of owning a piece of that store in ###ed. This is why you don't assume things.

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  • Co
    Cosmo Crisanti Oct 21, 2007

    It's my fault. On August 28/2007 I made the mistake of going back to Canadian Tire after refusing to walk into any of their stores for a few years. A friend of mine had told me about the great deals they had on mountain bikes and I listened to my wallet instead ob my better judgment. I foolishly went to the Canadian Tire store at Dundas Street East, just east of Dixie Road in Mississauga, Ontario and bought my 9 year old son a mountain bike that was on sale for $165 (Reg $399 at Can Tire). Less than 4 weeks later the chain and derailleur snapped. I took the bike back to the store with my visa bill (clearly indicating the purchase) as I had lost the original bill. I was told by the sports dept. manager on duty, that all they can do for me is to fix the bike. He also advised me that it would take about a week and then they would call me. 4 weeks later I'm still waiting for the call. I called them last week and was told that the "parts" haven't come in yet. I guess that the chain and derailleur are still in the design stage at NASA.

    No one can accuse Can Tire of bad service as the word service is not in their vocabulary. If I didn't know better, I would think there was a conspiracy going on by their employees to put them out of business. I just hope they fix the bike before spring 2008 so I can start the process of forgetting they even exist.

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  • Al
    alomax Dec 30, 2018

    @Cosmo Crisanti Totally agree with the conspiracy theory as I’ve witnessed it myself and hear constantly that Canadian Tire =terrible service no matter which location you go to.

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  • An
    Anthony B Oct 29, 2007

    This is for u Clayton. IT IS NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO LOOK AFTER YOUR PAPER WORK KEEP TRACK OF YOUR RECEIPTS. If you feel that they are responsible for your break up (I would laugh long and hard at you) then go ahead and whine.

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  • Al
    alomax Dec 30, 2018

    @Anthony B “IT IS NOT “OUR” RESPONSIBILITY “ so you are an employee?? Just the type of reply I’d expect from a Canadian Tire employee.

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  • Ma
    Mark306 Apr 29, 2019

    @Anthony B buy online and put these creeps out of work...simple Rock auto parts are half the price and delivered right o your door...returns work so much easier. IE one belt they wanted 20 bucks plus tax i ordered from rock auto got 2 belts and a rad cap all for 24.00 bucks right to my door...screw those guys crooks!! They are right and i'll give them what they want...i'll leave the store!:)

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  • Nt
    N Thompson Nov 19, 2007

    2 days ago bought elliptical trainer-exercise machine on sale for $299. Took hours to assemble. Does not work right, theres no resistance when you crank the level up. Simply I put it straight in my truck on my own that day, quite heavy. Took it straight back. I did not disassemble it and try squish it back in the box. In fact I thought I might be doing them a favor and they can set it in the sporting goods dept. as a demo since they didn't have one of that model on demo so far!

    Well they won't take it back. They tell me to call the 1 888 number in the manual, where it actually tells you to call first. I asked for store manager and she came and backed up the girl in customer service without showing any interest in what I said or how long I owned it and never used it yet!

    They tell me the manufacturers warranty will cover it... thats just fine I said, but its brand spanking new and defective, I do not wish to spend weeks waiting for techs to come and order parts and then come to install the wrong part and reorder other parts (you know how it goes). I said I simply want to exchange if I can not even return it for refund. No go. had it been tidily packaged up in the box would they have given me a refund? I could have said I never used it! I was just plainly honest about it.

    They sent me to their pay phone to call the 1 888 number. Spent 1/2 hour waiting on hold. I am told by the manufacturer that I can have it repaired, or depending on the store they should refund me. I said and thats for certain, you DO NOT have to fix it. They said no, if the store I use will take it back then thats fine.
    I go to the customer service and then am asked what Return Authorization # did they give me?! I said that they should have told me to ask for that, since I had no clue and had not expected any numbers.

    It was useless. I had to go home at this point and cool down. I phoned the 1 888 again, this time taking 45 minutes to get through. Got another lady, she said the same thing. Depending on store policy they should take it back, or I can have it repaired. I stressed that it was brand new never used and I do not wish to go through any repair ordeal for something I just put together. Anyway, she said theres no such thing as Return Authorization # that they use, they can't give me or Canadian Tire them self any such number. She did give me a case # and her name. She told me hate Canadian Tire people need to call them perhaps, they'll tell them for me, but theres no extension # and they have to use the 1 888 # too.

    I had also emailed their online support line too, and they gave me the exact same answer! So I was satisfies theres no such thing and I should be able to return it.

    By this time between me, myself and I we figured that the electronic magnet "resistance motor" was not making any adjustment noises like they do on all the other demos I have used. I explained this to everyone to show "willing" and that I just am not simply trying to return something I now decide I don't want for no reason.

    I call Canadian Tire back from home to tell them theres no such thing as Return Authorization #s at this manufacturers. Now the girl tells me I need to talk to Sporting Goods manager, why now?! ...too many people are getting involved, and I have to reiterate everything all over again. So I did. I gave her the case # because she said she has to call the company herself. So an hour later she calls back to say that the girl she got knew nothing about giving out Return Authorization #s, must be new, and transfered the Canadian Tire lady... got voice mail, so she left a message for someone to call her back with a Return Authorization number. So I tell her theres no such thing. No one obviously called back at all and I am still waiting, all part of the inevitable... that I think I will end up fixing it. Maybe it'll be Christmas before that happens.

    We have been so mad about it all, anywhere else would simply even exchange it... not Canadian Tire.

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  • Al
    alomax Dec 30, 2018

    @N Thompson Please post this to social media

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  • Ab
    absolutecondo Dec 03, 2007

    They are the worst crooks i came across, For an online item , which was not delivered, they kept on charging me 3 times. It took 8 months to resolve the issue for the product which I never bought. They misused my credit card on three occasions , kept billing me for same thing repeatedly. Even if it is for once that was that would have been logical , since they are suppose to charge and then refund, for undelivered product. Inspite of that three time they billed, Whatever complaints i sent i got tonnes of automated reply, nothing from human being who understood my concern. I sent them registered letter , even than there was no reply.

    Finally I had to take up this matter with TD BANK , who initially said i would have bought three times. Finally it got resolved when talked to senior officers in bank, else i would have almost lost 560 dollars for the product I never bought, it was three times the actual product cost even if they had delivered . Funniest part is that these crooks don't answer in their stores, with online complaint they just send you automated messages, there is no phone or fax number or direct email on which we can contact them.

    Absolute thief and ripoff. Some banks support their scams because they benefit mutually from the customer rip off.

    Had i not wasted 8 months to teach these crooks lesson, they would have almost ate my money.If any one willing to sue them, i can support fully with all evidences. These beggars didn't even apologize for the mistake. So rude and hegemonist.

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  • He
    heyyou1008 Dec 10, 2007

    Stop complaining like little 4 year old babies . You buy an item from canadian tire, they only honor what the manufacturer says about the warranties, it's not them who decides about the warranties ok, that's not so hard to understand

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  • Ja
    janedickand harry Feb 03, 2008

    I worked in the Service Dept. at Sears, as a student, for some years. When a customer broguht a defective item back that was just out of warranty it was honored, to keep customers happy and coming back and buying more. A company that can't see the wisdom and fairness in this policy has real problems, one of which is probably greed.

    By the way, I unfortunatly had CT do a "repair" and tune-up and they didn't check any fluids and "forgot" to reconnet the ground wire on my battery. Real "experts" or crooks, not sure which. Also, when I asked for a winter tune-up the mechanic gave me a look like I was from Mars. I had to explain, check the plugs, timing, etc... only the plugs were checked and changed and a half-assed job at a crazy price.

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  • Mi
    Michael Y Feb 18, 2008

    This comment is for Sandra Kapsopoulos

    u mentioned.. as i quote

    "I just left and did not purchase anything. I probably will not return to that store. Don't they give customer service courses? I will not give my money were people don't want to serve me."

    --if you feel that canadian tire did not give u the royalty service which u had expected, they why don'y YOU work for canadian tire and help urself?
    Go to Wal-Mart and try to find an associate there? all i can say is GOOD LUCK. however Canadian tire does not so personal shopping for people and YOU my friend are not considered FIRST PRIORITY to Canadian Tire. So dont expect for managers to kiss ur feet when u walk in to the store.

    -- NO customer service courses are not given. however you should get yourself checked as i feel that your expectations are too high. and having said that people probably would not want to serve you because ur attitude seems like that of a nagging 80 year-old women. However if you feel that customer service courses should be given to associates, then maybe you should apply to teach them, since you seem to be so clever.

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  • Al
    alomax Dec 30, 2018

    @Michael Y Actually she’s only one of tens of thousands (likely more) that have had shitty service from a shitty franchise. They NEED to send you all to a customer service course, I work retail and my store would NEVER give the bad customer service experience I get EVERY time I go to CT and your response is reflective of the common thinking that is rampant in your entire franchise.

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  • Mi
    Milan Budimirovic Apr 27, 2008

    Avoid Canadian Tire car batteries.

    Their warranty is practically worthless.

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  • Al
    alomax Dec 30, 2018

    @Milan Budimirovic ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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  • Ve
    Very Disappointed Sarah May 13, 2008

    When I was travelling to work in New Minas, Nova Scotia on April16, 2008, my brake light came on and because I carry fluids and tools in my vehicle, I put brake fluid (emptied the last 1/2 of the container) and figured that may help until I could get home to my own mechanic. When I turned off on Exit 11 and stopped at the stop sign, the brakes sounded as though they were grinding, then at the next stop signs, on my way to work, they were actually crunching.
    I phoned my mechanic back home and he was leaving for a 2 week vacation, so advised me to have it seen to in New Minas, as it would not be safe to travel home that day.
    One of my co-workers, advised me to phone Canadian Tire to have the work done and when I explained that the light had come on and that I had put quite a bit of brake fluid in it, and then that the brakes were making a crunching sound, and that my mechanic back home, advised me to get the brakes fixed, he said he could take my vehicle at 1:00 PM, so my co-worker followed me up to the store and drove me back to work.
    The worker at Canadian Tire asked my name and said he knew about the problem from the phone call and took down my address and license plate and said he would call me regarding the cost. When he phoned he said that my vehicle needed new rotars and pads and a new tie rod end (total of $286.91) I picked up my vehicle around 5:30 and drove away, noticing that the brake pedal seemed sitting low to the floor to brake, and after travelling the long distance home, on the divided highway, where braking was not necessary, until I reached Dartmouth, it became more obvious.
    The next day I phoned and spoke with the person who was responsible for the order and he said " Oh, there is probably just air in your brakes" and he said it was not unsafe and then set up an appointment for the next Wednesday to take it back in to New Minas for them to fix this problem.
    On my way home that night, the brakes totally let go going down a steep hill and I had to jam on my emergency brake to avoid crashing into the back of a car. This was very frightening, thinking that it would cause me to push that car into the car ahead of it which was stopped at a stop sign.
    On Saturday, I phoned Cole Harbour Canadian Tire, who inspite of a busy schedule, fitted me in for repairs, as soon as they knew it was my brakes. They had to replace 3 brake lines, a wheel cylinder and replace the brake fluid. They were very efficient.
    A person could be travelling on their vacation and have a mechanical problem, and drive away with it unrepaired. Wow, doesn't that SHATTER YOUR CONFIDENCE!!!

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  • No
    not so happy May 19, 2008

    Last year I decided to by myself a bike so i wouldnt have to use the car for short erands. I looked around then saw canadian tire had their hooligan model on sale at half price and too me it looked pretty solid and it would last me a while. My friends who actually do the whole "hardcore" biking told me to find something else becaus i would regret it too which i didnt listen and regretted it. So I went to the store found one of the only sales people in that department asked them if the bike was good for me and all that they said it would do.

    I rode the bike and it felt pretty good felt solid I never did any off road type of stuff just a-b errand stuff. Then about a wek after I got it i was going up a steep hill with my ### planted to the seat in the lowest gear not goin fast at all, when the front rim gave into and "s" shape and i went over the handle bars, not hurt just pissed i had to walk it home.

    A friend to the bike back for me because i was occupied. They told the canadian tire people what happened they said they wouldnt take it back because their bike "mechanic" said it was because o misuse. So being royaly pissedand bascially out 200 bucks i went back with my friend hell bent on gettin my money back. I waited in the return line for a good 20 minutes old the 16year old know it all representive what happened and then she told me that they dont cover their bikes as returns too which i said get me your manager who pointed me to the sportig goods manager who said that it's clearly stated on a big sign that they dont take them back ( the sign was the size of a poster with ity bitty writting saying they dont take their bikes back and tey dont cover their rims)but they my beable to fix it but it would depend if there expert mechanic decided it so. After waiting ten minutes for this short ### stoned sob to show he recognized my friend and started to talk to him instead of me which i could understand but said listen i told you your friend misused it at which point i cut him off and said listen i wasnt misusing it im not an idiot who does stupid tricks i used it normally then it quit. He then said sure he could fix it but it would take a week too which i said why didnt you tell that to my friend before too which he studdered and walked away with my bike and phone number. 2 weeks roll by he calls says its ready i get it and the thing has ne hell of a wobble but works.

    Long story short dont buy sporting goods from canadian tire because it aint that cheap and it aint good and they dont cover their ###.

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  • Ba
    Bad Drill Jul 05, 2008

    I purchased a Mastercraft drill from canadian tire june 14th 2008. I was not happy with it. So I brought it back two weeks later with the receipt and all the parts with it. After I told the customer service lady there is nothing wrong with it and that I just didn't like the drill - so I would like to exchange it. She proceeds to look at me then the drill go through it will a fine tooth comb and say "are you sure it's not broken?", looking at me like I am lying.

    She then calls someone on the phone. Then proceeds to tell me I am missing a small cardboard advertisement that is located on the case of the drill, and because of this will have to charge me 10% to return the drill because some of the packaging is missing!!! I couldn't believe that!! She wanted to charge me $15 for a piece of garbage cardboard!!! I said no way. I said that if she looked in the display case now, most of the drills did not have that cardboard piece, and I am sure mine didn't either.

    She still would not do anything. This is the best part. I asked to speak to a manager, she calls someone, puts down the phone, and says, "The Manager doesn't want to talk to you." I was set back a bit... Then I said what if the drill was broken? she said she would return it no problem. So If I lied and said that the drill was bad, I would have had no problem!!! Wow!!! this is just one way Canadian Tire is losing out to bigger American stores that know a lot more about customer service.

    I learned that if you want something done at Canadian Tire you just have to lie straight to there face, or just avoid going in at all!

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  • Wo
    WoWPlayer Jul 12, 2008

    Well it does say complete packaging...And as far as lying that would just make you ### if you lied to get what you wanted. And just to let you know as it seems your small mind doesn't see that we have the oppurtunity to lie all day long not just at Canadian Tire.

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  • Ol
    Oliver Jul 25, 2008


    I had a very bad experience with Canadian Tire although I have been a loyal customer for more than 5 years.

    Everything started in April 2008 when I discovered gas was leaking when I was filling up the gas tank. I brought the car to Canadian Tire in Ville St-Laurent. I thought the problem was the pipe leading to the tank but they said that there was a hole in the tank. Fine. I approved the work and I paid.

    The next time I put Gas in the car the gas was still leaking heavily under the car. This was two months after the work was done on the car. This might sound like a lot of time to fill up the gas tank again but this our second car and we live near a subway station. So, I essentially I drive the car once a week to go to the gym during the week end while my wife go to see her parents in the suburb. Anyway, nobody needed to trust me on this one, the odometer showed clearly that the car had only a limited number of additionnal kilometers since the last time I came to Canadian Tire. That's was not even the equivalent of two Gaz tank as my car consumes 12 liters per 100 kilometers.

    Here it starts

    I called the mecanics in the afternoon the following day.
    - Hi, my name is Oliver you left me a message regarding my car, I am calling you back.
    - The mecanics being very arrogant: ''Yeah I left you a message, that was like 6 hours ago!''

    Sorry my friend, I brought the car the day before, I gave the number to reach me at the office and you called me at home. I tend to be somewhat busy during the day as I am a director in a big canadian company like Canadian Tire for example. So I do not spend my time checking my voice mail at home.

    Once I made the mecanics realized (he kept arguing it was my fault) he had been very arrogant for nothing he explained me that the problem was the pipe leading to the Gaz Tank.
    There was still a warranty on the last job but it was related to the Gas Tank not the pipe so I would have to pay for the part and the time.
    I thought it made sense to pay for the part but not the time as the problem should have been diagnosed when the Tank was changed. Remember, the problem repeated itself the first time I filled up the gas tank.

    I spoke to the car centre manager. It took me 30 minutes to reach him as I was transferred and put on hold between 3 different persons.
    He said that my problem was related by normal use and that it could not have been diagnosed before. I tried all the argument. I was not even offered a discount and I did not even get an excuse for the inapropriate behaviour of its employee.
    Remember, I have been a customer for more than 5 years without any complaints.
    I said that I refused to do the job and I will come to get my car in the evening. the only I asked was to make to sure to have my latest bill including the warranty at the entrance as it was kept by them the day before.
    When I arrived there, the document was nowhere to be found. I had to wait 20 minutes to be told that I would have to come back tomorrow. I did not come back. This Canadian Tire is at 20 minutes from my house.

    Today! I decided to call the store manager. I had received an automatic dialer call this week to invite me to call him directly if I had any complain about the service I received. I spent 20 minutes on the phone. I was transferred between 3 different employees. Each one said they would transfer me to the store manager. After that, somebody hanged up on me. So decided to write this complain on my vacation day.


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  • Ca
    Carolyn Gillespie Jul 27, 2008

    I was given a Christmas Gift of two sets of dishes from Canadian Tire by my daughter. I did not like the mugs that came with the dishes so took them back to the Orangeville store where I was told that if I didn't have a receipt then I couldn't return them. A few months later I was in a Brampton Canadian Tire and saw a large notice saying that there were no returns unless accompandied by a recipt BUT you could return items for a store credit with some exceptions. Once again I returned the dishes to the Orangeville store but was told that there was absolutely no credit for returns without a receit.

    Guess who won't be shopping at Canadian Tire again.

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  • Ja
    Jason Rupert Sep 07, 2008

    I baught a quad from Canadian Tire in Kamloops it lasted not even one year.Then it would not start and come to find out the cdi box went on it.So try to get parts for it and they say go to Shultz Motor Sports then they say you have to call some where else.So needless to say it is still not running.I think it is just stupid that they can sell a product then tell you to run around and find your own parts for something that was almost $5000.I think if you sell a product you should get the parts or have the parts for the customer.If you can't you should not sell it. I have heard that there is alot of problems with the cdi boxs on these quads.If i would have known this or even that Canadian Tire could not get the parts I would have spent my money some where else.I have baught alot of big items from Canadian tire like thequad, shed, rototiller, electric dirt bike, alot of tools like table saw, rotor, about $4000 in hand tools.But if you can not help with getting my part for the quad I will no longer spend money at canadian tire i will go some where else.

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  • Sb
    s. Bissonnette Nov 28, 2008

    I sghter. ure won't be shopping at Canadian tire. I waited for almost an hour in the slaue paint dept for help. Nothing !
    Then I got to cash and it was all self serve. I asked the woman where are the cashiers ? She said it's self serve I'll show you what to do. She proceeded to show be and meanwhile just chucking the glass Christmas balls I had in my buggy in to a bag banging on top of each other. I told her this will be my last visit to Canadian tire. They don't care about customers at all. Just getting their money and herding the customers through like cattle to the slaughter. It's disgusting. I won't be back and neither will my friends or family and I am going to make sure I tell as many people as possible.

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  • Ma
    MARIO ADAMEK Dec 14, 2008

    I bought two reciprocating saws a year and a quarter a go because the price was right big mistake because both broke
    and I had to buy a third one for another hunderd+tax.They broke the same day and in the same spot go figure!!!The
    person at the store pretty will said no receipt no my problem thats when I bought #3 later that week I found out that,
    this perticular model, most broke at that spot and were discontinued. It would be nice if just would be replaced. I still
    buy because this is the only warranty problems I've had.But if this keeps up I'lljust pay a couple dollars more
    and by CRAFTSMAN.


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  • Ry
    Ryan Ferguson Apr 22, 2009

    Wednesday April 15th,

    I brought my wife's car in for a seasonal tire change a routine service proided by Canadian Tire. Friday of that week I drove the car to Toronto and noticed a vibration. Upon inspection at the next service centre I noticed on my rear passenger side tire 2 bolts had come off and the rest were loose ( one of which was a lock nut) I called Canadian tire immediatly. Ther service manager's response was that it could have been kids. They checked the video Saturday and the associate told me at that time they had not tightened the bolts fully. The serice manager then on Monday said that they had (a lie). Now while I received a full refund, when I went to the store in person the service manager nor the store manager made an apology in person. Had it been my wife she would have continued and the tire may have come off while driving 120km/h. The lack of concern for the seriousness of the situation has left me with little option but to no longer deal with Canadian Tire.

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  • Pa
    paul cavanagh Apr 26, 2009

    i bought pads and rotors from can tire a while ago for my car, thinking that i as getting a deal . The rotors lasted to weeks before they warped .I then had to go and back and buy more pads and rotors .This time i bought more expensive brake parts, so between time and cost i am out a good chunk of change .My comment is . Why does can tire sell these cheap garbage parts made in china and put my life at risk. thanks for nothing Paul

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  • Wo
    wolfsangel Sep 01, 2009

    CT is worthless, in fact they are worse than that. They are a detriment to whatever you need to have done. We took the car there to have the brakes looked at as they were squealing a bit.

    They said nothing was wrong with them but noticed a lot of oil on the under side of the engine. They wanted to shampoo the engine to see if they could find the leak. 300$ later they "fixed" a broken rocker gasket. They charged us 2.5 hrs labor and spent about 20 mins actually working on the car. This took 6 hours.

    Side note on this, it clearly says that the brake evaluation was "NOT DONE" on the bill. The very thing we took the car there for in the first place.

    Two days later my GF takes the car to work and folks tell her she is leaking fluids. The entire content of the coolant system is on the ground under the car. Take it back to a second CT ( first one is in Surrey, BC, second one Langley BC ). They tell us the water pump is shot and needs to be replaced. They will have to replace the timing belt since its in the way as well. 43$ for a pump, 30 for a belt, 9$ for a new radiator cap...500$ for labor. They quoted me 727$ and change for the 4.5 hrs it would take to do everything. That was at noon. I asked them what time I could come get the car. " Oh it won't be ready today". But... you close at 8PM and its noon? Yes, thats true, but our techs go home at 4:30." Sooo... an auto service center thats open till 8pm but sends home its techs at 4:30. Should have know something was up then.

    3 days later, on the way to Portalnd, OR, the Radiator explodes. We had to drop another 500$ at 76 Car center in Bellingham, WA ( these guys are awesome and fast too! they fixed the radiator, thermostat, a transmission leak and a power steering leak in one day... CT never even found the transmission leak and wanted triple what i paid at 76 to fix the PS hose ).

    Long story short, upon retuening to to BC, CT had the audacity to say it was coincidence that the very system ( the coolant system ) failed again. So much for their guarantee on labor. Its obvious to me they have no idea and just replace parts at random.


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  • Na
    Narvinder Sep 14, 2009

    Today we went to Canadian Tire in Surrey, BC at the Scott Road location to purchase a vacuum cleaner I looked at the display models and then decided to buy one but the one I decided on was not on the lower shelf so I asked one sales man to help he said" I'll go find someone for you" so I went back and stood in the aisle waiting after standing there for at least 25 minutes I went to see if anyone was even coming so I see a sales lady walking by and asked if she will help she just walked by saying yeah, yeah I'll be back so again I stood there in the aisle but no she didn't come either I was so mad so I decided to leave the store when a lady asked me on my way out " oh did you still need help" I turned around I was so mad at this point I told her "No, not anymore as I am leaving to Walmart to purchase it and she just walked away without even apologizing or anything I felt that there was some racism behind this

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  • Al
    alomax Dec 30, 2018

    @Narvinder Thanks for posting this, I was considering purchasing a 500 Dyson Vac at CR but will purchase elsewhere now๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

    1 Votes
  • He
    Helper99 Sep 14, 2009

    Their customer service company wide has been horrendous. They hire under qualified punks who don't know how to respectfully assist people. Especially when said employees are being paid to do so.

    When things like this happen, phone the head office. I had a similar issue with UPS, and I phone and gave good details to their HR Dept.

    You think complaining wont help. It will the more times that people exercise the right to be respected.

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  • No
    Noella D'Aoust Sep 21, 2009

    Funny! I live in Barrie as well and just this passed weekend had the worst customer service I received in my life. It was also from the Auto Centre. I was charged $90 for them to tighten my gas cap. It was all handled so improperly and I was treated so unfairly and disrespectfully. I have never left a retail establishment feeling the way I did on September 19th, 2009. No one believed me, empathized with my complaint that the mechanic could have had the common sens /courtesy to check the gas cap first before proceeding to do the test ( gas cap being what they said could be the reason for the engine light to come on). I waited with 3 young children for the girl who did the paperwork to come back from lunch so they could hear her side. It didn't matter, they had no intention of rectifying anything with me. This just added to the bad service I had already received. I was told if I wasn't satisfied to speak with the manager on Monday. I returned hoping to get some resolve and at first I thought, "Well here is someone who seems reasonable, at least calm and polite with me." By the end he didn't want to discuss any further and said what, after speaking to 3 different people on Saturday didn't say is that even if the gas cap was tightened that the computer would have to be reset to clear the message light.
    Then why was it that they were fighting with me saying, "You were told to go out and tighten the cap." (which I was not-only asked if I got gas recently). Oh then when in my vehicle after getting the owner's name to make sure he knew how his staff was dealing with people and how they all need to take a customer service course and at least know how to smile and empathize, the manager came out to my vehicle and silly me thinking "Oh he's changed his tune and agrees with how everything was handled..NOOoo he says "You took my paperwork. I said, "No I had brought in my own."
    He said, "I can check the video." !!! He was accusing me of taking his paperwork.
    The icing on the cake!!! They made me feel like I was a criminal first not wanting to pay my bill for good reason and next that I stole his paperwork. His accusation made it so obvious to me that they are not they type of company to ever acknowledge the customer being right. It's like they were all brain washed, like I was dealing with a communist country type mentality. It was indeed the worst customer service I have EVER received and still have a hard time believing what I went through. It disgusts me and I will never after eight years of using them for my vehcile repairs, EVER go back.

    1 Votes
  • Ca
    Cal Spracklin Sep 22, 2009

    Complaint; Do not purchase Canadian Tire Brand Power Tools. I have a 10" Mastercraft Bench Saw and I damaged the Rip Fence and the unit is out of warrany, that's fare, but I can't buy a replacement fence or any other part for that saw. They say it is discontinued, but surely if you purchase power tools and they provide you with a parts list etc. When you have a broken or worn part they tell you it's not available.
    Be warned DO NOT BUT CAN TIRE BRAND POWER TOOLS. Throw away tools.

    2 Votes
  • Ph
    phuck u Apr 12, 2010

    you are stupid

    1 Votes
  • Al
    alomax Dec 30, 2018

    @phuck u That’s your screen name and he’s stupid...ya right, your a real genius.

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  • Ca
    canadatiger Jul 11, 2010

    I am purchase a LED light from canadian tire On July 10, 2010. when I back to home and find this one is not right one I need.
    So I return on July 11, 2010. the store is on yonge and Steel. since I pay by credit card, so I did not get canadian tire money, but when I return, the customer old lady say I take it. But I tell her that I did not because i paid credit card, so we argue a lot. finally the store manage give me money back. when I ask other cashiers, that, If I pay by credit card, I do not get canadian tire store money.

    The old lady is around 150cm tall, 50s age, each ear has 3 rings.

    From this I think the canadian tire store using canadian tire money fool lots of people who are not carefully. The money is not much, but lots of people, that is huge money. So if N years later, canadian tire store is close, that lady and the way canadian tire working now are contribute it.

    Canadian tire sucks. Let's Boycott canadian store!

    -1 Votes
  • Ka
    kawan Aug 17, 2010

    hi every one, I have experenced with canadian tire( danforth +main in scarboro ) please don"t do my mistake never do mechanic work there how ever tell my storey to other, by the time you read my storey it"s too late you already made a mistake they are unbielevably have horable servese and they are thief Ipurcesed 4 new tire for my van, cost me $ 787 oct 2009, (new tire, aligment, )tthey ven charge for balance $29.99 for 2 tire before 100 days I found out tne new front tire almost gone they made bad aligment, I went back to the store they said, sure we can help you but you have to spend $600 for ( 1, 2, 3, 4) they tried to make businsse from other hand, I said in this case I will take to my mechanic, I did took me around 250 I went back to the stor they were not happy they said we are going to check for you if we found any problem we will charge you $ 30 if is not we will change your thre we gurantee your tire, , sure they did they coudn"t find nothing in the end the ask me to sign a chargr for around $130 for ( aligment again, balance again ...some othe [censor] ) I said no how ever I foght them in the end I got 2 new tire and I instaled in the different shop I didnt want have a businisse with them, after 2 days the new shop who did put new tire asked me how come you did not do balancing I said WHAT ? excuse me I paid $59.98 for 4 of them not only they did sucky aligment they evenn"t do the balance and they charge me for there castomer relation are same [censor] if I coud charge them I woud do we must stand up against this cazy stor they rubaring people we walk to there store and ask them please folish me, thank you for you time

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  • Cr
    Crappy Tire Sucks Dec 08, 2010

    Crappy Tire is a complete Rip Off
    Had my winter rubbers put and to start they charged me $20 extra a tire because they are low profile tires. (which I called walmart after and found out there is no extra charge for low profile.
    So having my rubbers changed without buying tired cost me $203!!!

    Leaving Canadian tire, I immediately noticed a metal scrapping sound coming from the back right tire. I figured it was mu rubbers bouncing around in the trunk, so I took them home and stocked them but the noise was still there. It literally sounded like someone was ripping my wheel well apart with every move of the car. I pulled over and looked under the car only to see that the coil spring was literally on an angle. The spring was was sideways and digging into the wheel well. I called Crappy tire immediately and told them what happened and they said to bring it in in the morning.
    This is where things got messy

    As soon as I walked into customer service the service manager was there. No freindly smile or hello, but a "yes"?
    Now I was angry about what had happened because it was really just a case of carelessness by whoever changed the tire. I wasnt there to yell or get payback I simply wanted it fixed. So I figured I would get a "Oh well sorry about that, lets through it on the hoist and see what the problem is". Did I get that?...YYYEAH RIGHT...The first thing out of this guys mouth was, "Well I dont see how that could happen, you must have broken the spring before you got here and they simply came loose because you needed your tire changed." (I really wish I could put the whole story but it would take forever to type) To shorten the story, the entire time we talked (He talked down to me) He was giving me reasons why it was my fault and how this NEVER happens. He even at one point asked me to show him one car in his shop that had the springs falling off. ARE YOU SERIOUS!! your going to talk to a customer like that.

    So not only did he not say sorry or show any remorse for my car he tells me his guy is busy and he will get it up as soon as he can...Excuse me. I paid for service and you mess something up so I need to take more time out of my day and wait for my car so you can fix a mistake you made!!

    When I returned he continued to be snarky and say yes the spring was on its side and they straightened it. When I asked how the person didnt notice the noise when they pulled out. "Our tire guy is not here to work on springs or test drive the car after he is finished" was his word for word response.So I replied "So if the tire guy was working on someones tires and the muffler falls off as he is parking it back int he lot, does he just leave the muffler hanging because he is the "tire guy"" Like get real. He never had an answer for anything or took responsibility for anything, he just kept giving me reasons why it was my fault

    He also told me he would call me when the car was still on the hoist becasue I wanted to make sure there was no serious damage done to the wheel. What happened when I show up to pick the car up. He has already taken it down and left it in the parking lot.
    So before I lost it and knocked the guy out I said to him sarcastically, "Okay, I guess its my fault". His reply "Well, it kinda is"...
    Again, I cant really put the entire experience into words. Although I wish I coud becasue this was something out of a twilight zone. Worst experience ever and I am a proud canadian and literally shopped at Canadian Tire on a weekly basis, stopping on the way home from work to pick up paint or car supplies. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT CANADIAN TIRE AGAIN. There is nothing at Crappy Tire you cant get anywhere else.

    By the way this happened in Milton, Ontario at the Steeles and James Snow location. You will recongize the service manager. Just look for a fat Al Borlan

    1 Votes
  • Al
    alomax Dec 30, 2018

    @Crappy Tire Sucks My hubby used to go to CT for service but something always broke after the work. They are so incompetent for anything car repair related that the government should take away their license to touch vehicles. It was too much of a coincidence with his vehicle and I’m astonished at how many others ha e this same experience. Interesting.

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  • Na
    Nabil hasan Dec 21, 2010

    i have a complain about canadian tire. i went to kipling canadian tire over there i was planning to but a sports equipment (punching glove) then i found a punching glove on the floor open so i pick it up and start checking how it actually work . in that time one of the canadian tire employee come and said " hey u can not touch this glove untill u buy it put it back" i did as she said. and i ask her name she give me her name and said go ahead and complain. since that i have decided not to go to canadian tire anymore.

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  • Al
    A.L. Jan 19, 2011

    You're a jackass. If you don't have a recepit, you have the canadian tire money deducted from the return value. That simple. Idiot

    1 Votes
  • Al
    alomax Dec 30, 2018

    @A.L. It’s obvious from your reply that you are an employee, it’s the attitude you all share and shows lack of customer service experience or even common courtesy that I’m sure you’d be the first to [email protected] about if you were the customer. You should be at a job where you don’t have to deal with customers.

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  • Bo
    Bob in Squamish Feb 08, 2011

    I'm not sure why I keep going back to Canadian Tire... most of what I buy there breaks or wears out in short order, and their customer service is just plain absent. Once I bought a small wine cooler (for six bottles) and when it broke down with a few months (of course) they did the usual "you need a receipt" and then let me know that they never sold it to me. But still, I came back. More recently, I was silly enough to buy a Dirt Devil vac from them, and when it broke down a week later I was able to produce a receipt (as always asked), but was told that because that it was no longer in its original packaging that they wouldn't be able to resell it, and therefore couldn't take it back for refund... and this was after telling them that it didn't work. They then let me know that I could deal directly with Dirt Devil customer service, which would mean jumping through hoops and eventually having to take it to a Dirt Devil repair store - a 2 hour drive. Yesterday I took back a battery for a 12 volt drill to replace under their replacement battery policy... "Do you have your receipt?"..."But it's Mastercraft - your brand..." "Sorry, we can't help you without your receipt." ...You know, it's really not that complicated - all I have to do is keep every receipt for every little thing I've ever purchased at Canadian Tire and my problems will be solved! Except, of course, that they will never actually help you with your problem, but refer you to the manufacturer. An let's not forget that these receipts will probably fade to blank before the warranty expires. Still, I will probably go back for something to my mostly empty Canadian Tire. I never learn.

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  • Cr
    crappy service Mar 03, 2011

    Unsafe service and parts. I had Canadian Tire change the wheel berrings in my 2004 Venture van. 5000 klm later the berring went again. When i approached CT they told me that sorry the berring was economy and only had a 6 month warranty. Since my van was beyond the 6 months they said best they can do is install a new one and give me 10% discount. The main customer sevice website is a total waist of time. When i asked them to replace the berring she said they could not because they used econo berrings and there is no warranty. I told her that i would never go to the CT service again she said she is sorry i feel that way and basically good luck.

    Canaidan Tire does not stand behind their parts or work. There is no way a wheel berring should only last 5000 klm in a family vehical like a van.

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  • Gl
    glenn williams Apr 17, 2011

    i was at the canadian tire today on maplview to get a wheel bearing replaced that i had purchased at the ct in orillia the bearing had 40000 k on it it was an oem part and had a 600000k or 3 year warranty.i told the service guy this and he said he woul call oriilia and if they say this is true that they would replace the bearing.but not the labour.i agreed.the orillia store opens at 9 am the barrie store i was at opens at 8 am so i waited with my wife and 6 week old son till 9 for him to call.10 after 9 he calls the store with me standing right in front of him.he tells them to fax the history to him.i asked him what they had said.he didnt tell me and then he got his calculater out and told me the warranty was 12months and only 20000k and that i was 20000k over the being very upset knowing the warranty was 600000 grabbed my son and wife hopped in the truck and drove to orillia ct they replaced the bearing under warranty and gave me a copy of my history that they had faxed to barrie clearly stating 3 years 60000k.i thanked them returned to barrie to ask rick ignorant guy at barrie ct why he lied to me about the warranty. he lied again and said the people upstairs didnt see that . i said what about the guy at the orillia store that told me he had talked to you and told you the bearing was covered and sent you this paper clearly stating 60000k.this and the 1 other time i was there that i got treated worse. has me spending my time typing thi fn comment for 2 hours because i type with 2 fingers.this is how ripped of dissapointed and upset i am with these ignorant sales people who in the 2 times i have been there treated me lik crap and made me pay for a belt i didnt need a pully that i had payed for already and tried to get me to pay 220bucks for a bearing still covered under warranty the least they could do is smile or be polite while they try to screw you

    1 Votes
  • De
    Denise Corkum Jun 03, 2011

    Two days ago I felt a strange but slight vibration in my steering wheel. Today it was worse on my way home from work.
    Only drove around 35 mph When |I got home told my partner to check the vehicle. To make a long story short,
    Canadian tire did not tighten the bolts of my tire and it was literally loose... moveable with hands . Too scarry to go back
    to them. I can't take the chance driving my elderly mother and teenage daughter and her friends not to mention putting
    innocent drivers and pedestrians at risk . Shame on you Canadian Tire !!! But |I really liked the service and friendly
    staff just can't take a chance on this happening again .

    1 Votes
  • Ke
    kenisha26 Mar 25, 2012

    this company is a ripe off i went to canadian tire and told them my stering was vibrating the woman there told me that the car need to be balanced so i said ok left it over night because the shop was busy called back the following morning the mechanic told me i need two new tires after purchasing and installing the tires I asked the guy when i went to get my car could the back tire be used at the front and the front to the back he said yes why wasnt that given as an option to begin with they made me buy tires that i dont even require right now!!!

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