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E Jul 28, 2019

The attached photo is pretty self-explanatory, I mailed out a parcel to Calgary, Ab from Halifax, NS on July 16th. I purchased the Canada Post flat rate box and had it packed, sealed & addressed at the Scotia Square PO. Ever since it has been in a perpetual loop between Montreal & Halifax. I have contacted their customer service line 2 times and have asked for someone to call me back but have heard nothing. I also stopped in the Scotia Square PO and showed them what was happening, he phoned the depo and told me they would call me back shortly. Crickets.
Still the loop continues since my first contact on June 22nd.

Catch the parcel during one of these loops & send it overnight delivery and at this point I want a full refund.

Tracking No: MJ957451642CA

Eric Morrison

parcel delivery

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