Vision, Glasses, Lenses Complaints


Specsavers Optical Group — Incorrect script into my frame

Good day . I went to take my frame to specsavers possibly on 6.2.2020 (got an sms from discovery). I received an sms that my specs were ready on 14.2.2020 . A few minutes after...

Vision, Glasses, Lenses  · Feb 24, 2020

MacV Eyewear — mcv1307

589700 I bought a pair of sunglasses from Mall de Goa. After less than two weeks one of the temples went off. I saw that the screw which goes through the frame and the lense is broken in...

Vision, Glasses, Lenses  · Feb 14, 2020

Specsavers Optical Group — failure to make appointment with opthalmologist as they promised.

I went into Specsavers in Dec 2019 to change my scratched prescription glasses, and was given a full eyes test. I was told that I had bad cataracts and so would need an operation...

Vision, Glasses, Lenses  · Feb 12, 2020

Maui Jim — lens corrosion

201512 Bought the maui jim makawao and have loved them excerpt went swimming in a pool in hawaii and my lens corroded! Was a saltwater pool, just like I was swimming in the ocean. Mj ha...

OptiContacts — left eye contact

I've had three contacts tear and they are all from the same box! I am so frustrated! Now I'll have to purchase another box to use. I purchased these from Opti Contacts. They have...

Vision, Glasses, Lenses  · Jan 27, 2020

Visionworks of America — customer service

I ordered contacts for my fiance' Tabitha Foltrauer on Thursday(1/9/2020) and was told that we would have them expressed to our address by Monday or Tuesday the following...

Visionworks of America — eye exam and contact lenses

I've been going to the eye doctor at 20 Lafayette Ave. in Morristown New Jersey for over ten years. I had an appointment today in which the doctor changed the prescription to my...

Vision, Glasses, Lenses  · Jan 16, 2020

Acuvue — rewards program

For 3 years in a row I've submitted rewards after purchasing a years worth of contacts. Each year the submission is denied and when I call they approve it with no changes leading...

Vision, Glasses, Lenses  · Jan 10, 2020

Bach1993 MacuHealth Eye Vitamins Supplement for Adults — macuhealth eye vitamins supplement never received

659223 The product was ordered on 12/20/2019, but as of 1/9/2020, the product has not been received. The seller has been contacted twice via, but no response has been...

Vision, Glasses, Lenses  · Jan 09, 2020

CooperVision — rebate credit card

I purchased coopervision's credit card and haven't been able to use it on any site or connect it to my paypal. I've called customer service multiple times and no one seems to able...

Vision, Glasses, Lenses  · Jan 08, 2020

LensCrafters — exam/purchase of glasses

I was visiting family and needed to get my exam before my insurance ends at the new year so I came to LensCrafters for an eye exam as well as getting a contact prescription. While...

Athens Vision, Glasses, Lenses  · Dec 30, 2019

Visionworks of America — prescription glasses

11-2-19 Appointment for eye exam, and prescription glasses. I advised Dr David Kulich my existing glasses were professional glasses with three levels for computer use. I picked...

LensCrafters — issue with product purchase.

Needing to see what the actual Manufacturing warranty is for my glasses that were purchased at LensCrafters? I went in yesterday in the afternoon to voice my concern over a pair...

Vision, Glasses, Lenses  · Dec 23, 2019

JC Penney Company — eye glasses

I want to JCPenney's and had an exam and everything was fine I went back to get my glasses they said that they offered a 10% senior discount. I found the glass frames that I liked...

Vision, Glasses, Lenses  · Dec 21, 2019

Visionworks of America — Replacement of a broken temple

I have three pair of prescription glasses for reading. I received the prescription exam at the Visionworks 1242 S Hover St, Ste C200, Longmont, CO 80501. Subsequently I purchased...

Longmont Vision, Glasses, Lenses  · Dec 14, 2019 Cool Frames . Com Est. 1997 — eyeglasses

658058 I am another victim of being hustled out of my money and sent eyeglasses that had an improperly set lens. It sticks out of the frame and looks too ridiculous to wear! I chose them...

Brooklyn Vision, Glasses, Lenses  · Dec 03, 2019

[Resolved] — mobile contract

discounts cannot be applied.I have to pay the full amount .I then receive a discount. this is the 21 St century!!! I am stuck in a contract I don't want.Felt pressured by sale...

Vision, Glasses, Lenses  · Nov 26, 2019

Visionworks of America — Customer service

Went to get my glasses adjusted.. Lady at desk after she asked can I help you. Then just pointed and mumbled something. As I started to sit Donna a man said o we here. I tried to...

Quincy Vision, Glasses, Lenses  · Nov 22, 2019

Visionworks of America — unethical behavior

In april 2019, I took my daughter to visionworks in syracuse because the store in auburn would not accept her this year because she was under 8 even though her first prescription...

Syracuse Vision, Glasses, Lenses  · Nov 21, 2019

Stanton Optical — poor customer service

I am complaining about a rude employee of your store named Leah, she was very rude and disrespectful to my sister. My sister has filed a complaint, however since I am the one that...

Stanton Optical — customer service

I visited this store on Saturday, November 11, 2019 with my brother, who was coming in for an eye exam and glasses. He finished his eye exam and he proceeded to go and pick out...

Bausch & Lomb Incorporated. — cataract surgery using crystalens on both eyes

In October of 2018 I had the cataract surgery on my right using the Crystalens that my Doctors suggested because I wanted the best vision possible. I was told I would not have to...

Vision, Glasses, Lenses  · Nov 16, 2019

Eyemart Express — manager

A friend of mine (who is a former employee) received a text from her former boss exposing his penis and making lewd remarks. While he is no longer her boss, I find it not only...

Vision Works — my contact ordsc6

I have a 1-year prescription with two months rainy remaining on my prescriptionhowever when I call to order new contact lenses I'm told that I cannot get a different type of len...

Vision, Glasses, Lenses  · Nov 14, 2019

Oakley — i'm complaining about the oakley eyeglasses

52918 Oakley Corporation. To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to inform you that I have been a loyal customer of the brand Oakley for the last 10 years and more. I would like to...

Vision, Glasses, Lenses  · Nov 14, 2019