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My Oakley (4+1) lenses is damaged. It look like it is scratched but is not, I am not sure what is happening to the lenses, but it is almost like it is fading or something.

I would like the lenses to be inspected to see if it is normal and repair or replace them.

These glasses were purchased by my sister as a gift in the UK, and I am living in South Africa.



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    OakleyPrizm Lens Sunglasses

    I purchased these in the fall of 2019 from a Sunglass Hut in the Henderson NV Galleria mall (yes, I'm aware the warranty period is up)under my email: [protected]@yahoo.com or phone # [protected]. I don't know the model name/number but you can look that up. The reason for my complaint is because the lenses scratched IMMEDIATELY due to very easy handling, and quickly to the point of impeding my vision. I will never pay anywhere close to this much for glasses again knowing they will become scratched SO ridiculously easily. I can't imagine a man on the planet (they are a men's style) that would put up with having to handle anything used this much this carefully. I walked into a SH in the Miracle Mall in downtown Las Vegas a few months ago, and was dismissed quickly by the manager telling the clerk (who was very nice) I must be cleaning them with my shirt. Even if I was doing that to any great degree, which I haven't, they STILL should never be so easily damaged. I also emailed in December with no response except the automated. I don't know how this product sells as much as it does.

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      Oakleyoakley dispute lens problems

      Hi there is there an address whereto I can send an email with a complaint regarding Oakley Dispute sunglasses which I purchased from an Optometrist in Port Elizabeth, South Africa? My original Oakley Dispute sunglasses was replaced with a new set as it was within the warranty period that I returned them. I got a new pair in 2016 and again they have the same problem. When you fold the ear-piece in to put away the sunglasses the tip of the ear-piece scratches the inside of the lenses.
      Is there anything that can be done about this? I still have my proof of purchase.

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        Nov 14, 2019

        Oakley — i'm complaining about the oakley eyeglasses

        Oakley Corporation. To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to inform you that I have been a loyal customer of...

        Nov 11, 2019

        Oakley — sunglasses

        To whom it may concern! I am Ankit Dahiya, currently living in New Zealand. I Bought Oakley Prizm sunglasse...

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        Oct 03, 2019

        Oakley — product is faulty

        I bought a pair of Oakley sliver stealth deep water polarised from the Oakley store on my birthday 2 week...

        Sep 23, 2019

        Oakley — defect in product

        I bought a pair of Oakley sliver stealth deep water polarised from the Oakley store on my birthday 2 week...


        I have been a loyal Oakley customer. I have purchased 9 pairs of Oakleys over the years. I bought a pair of Jury glasses and really loved them. But like many others that I have seen reviews for, the right plastic hinge just snapped off and I am trying to find a replacement part but it appears that a replacement part is not available. Very disappointed that I can't use my $300 glasses because there is no $5 replacement part available.

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          Oakleysunglasses (optical lenses)

          My favourite Oakley sunglasses have developed a fault on one of the lenses. I returned them to Vision Express in Uckfield where I purchased them but was told they were out of warranty and I should email you directly.

          The Vision Express optician examined the glasses and said that they appeared to be faulty as the layers of optical lenses had come apart and the result was what looks like condensation in the lenses.

          I have a number of Oakley sunglasses which have all be fine for many years. These are my favourite pair which I have looked after very carefully.

          Please can you let me know if the lease can be replaced and if a charge will be made for this. Alternatively what my options may be?

          Kind regards

          Mike Spencer

          sunglasses (optical lenses)
          sunglasses (optical lenses)
          sunglasses (optical lenses)
          sunglasses (optical lenses)

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            Jul 20, 2019

            Oakley — customer service

            Hi, I don't usually complains but I came in last week and a taller white guy was working. He seemed to be the...

            Oakleyoakley link pack miltac backpack

            The backpack is horrible for weight distribution. It should have a lower back strap. Using this backpack has been a huge let down. I really think the compartments could have been better quality and more space. Its incredibly over priced due to the fact it's going to cost me plenty to get my back working correctly again.Thank you for your time have a nice day. My phone number is [protected]. My name is John.

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              Oakleyblack sunglasses

              I bought one Oakley dark black sunglasses in October 2015 for Rs.6290/- from a store ( KSR eyewear) at Vasai West. I used to wear it only on Sundays which is once in a week. I used to take proper care of my sunglasses. Keeping them properly in the box and cleaning etc.
              A few days Back in the month of May 2019 I went to market in the morning at around 10.30-11.00 am. As I parked my bike outside market I took off sunglasses from eyes and kept them in the pocket of my T-shirt. After completing purchasing in about half an hour I went to my bike and took out sunglasses from the pocket for wearing and was shocked to see both the glasses full of wrinkles.
              Next day I went to a sunglasses vendor and asked him how it may have happened. He told me that it was because of the heat of my body which ruined the glasses. He further told me that nothing can be done now. He said you have to throw the glasses and fit new ones to the frame.
              I had no other option but to get new glasses fitted to the frame. I incurred expenses of Rs. 2500/- for that.
              Now my complaint is that how can this happen to the sunglasses of a world class and renowned company. I had bought the sunglasses with trust in the company's products and relying on the quality of the product. If the glasses cannot sustain body heat ( although not in direct contact) for few minutes then how it is worth so much of money.
              I am really disappointed and wish company to take note of the deficiencies in their product and provide good products to the people who spend their hard earned money for buying such expensive products.

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                • Updated by Shailesh Gaikwad · Jun 22, 2019

                  I hope to get the replacement for my glasses

                OakleyI purchase oakley sunglasses bout year ago the veneer coloring or whatever is peeling off lenses —

                I can t seem to figure out how to reach anybdy to see if something can be done--there is a 24 month warranty as I understand but no way to talk or communicate with anyone--if anyone is out there--please let me know how I can see about this problem--jesus just got your message about complaint is too short--but can tell you that you system to have something done about it is too damn long---so if you need lmore lcharacters for someone to respond i will be more than happy to extend this as much as needed to get a response

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                  Oakleycross link frame

                  The rubber material is damaged and is sticky after keeping in the box provided. And its get shapeless and clour getted faded and rusted..i have got 2 pairs of frame strip but both are in similar condition and as you know it is an expensive frame..almost spend around 1500 aed and if if it get damaged ..its a trust issue. I am an avid oakley brand freak..who use oakley tshirt..caps..kitchen sink bag and 2 oakley frame..but this incident is making me feel think twice about reliability on my favourite brand. After spending hefty money and getting poor quality product is neither appreciated nor accepted.

                  Request you to provide assistance about the same .
                  I have purchased from Nice optic in Deira city center in Dubai.


                  cross link frame
                  cross link frame

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                    Oakleyoakley prizm lens - customer service is the real issue

                    I bought these sunglasses for my honeymoon, I put them in my pocket one time with a phone and a few coins. I take them out and they are completely scratched. I reached out to customer service for assistance no less than 20 times and they never helped me and were not understanding in any way. I have never had such a poor customer service experience in 30 years of life.

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                      Oakleyorder was incorrect / return / customer service

                      I purchased a pair of custom frog skin sunglasses on March 31, 2019. I received them on April 1, 2019 when I opened the box I noticed that the glasses looked worn and and had fingerprints all over the lenses prior to me even putting them on. Well I noticed that the lenses were clearly not what I ordered. I ordered polarized prizm lenses and what I received were plain basic grey lenses. I know the difference since this was my 3rd exact pair that I have purchased from Oakley. Well I looked at the receipt nothing was stated on the receipt, no description or phone number to call to speak with customer service. So I went to Oakley.com and finally after 20 mins trying to find the customer service number I was able to chat with someone. I told them my concern and that I didn't receive what I ordered. Well in the middle of the chat the connection was lost, go figure.. so once again logged back on to the chat and was routed to another person. Her name was Amanda C, well I had to explain myself again and she told me that she would submit my return and I would receive a mailing label within 24 hours .. well today is Thursday, April 4th at the end of the day and still haven't received the label. So I called customer care after emailing everything already this morning. Shane answered my call and I had to explain myself for the 3rd time, and he stated oh I will submit a return and you will get a return slip in 2 business days.. and I said no my return was already submitted and I was already suppose to get one via email and I haven't and he said well I can submit another one. I explained to him that I am having surgery April 5th and I will not be able to take anything to the post office or ups for awhile since this should have already been sent to me a day prior. And he immediately interrupted me and said you have 45 days to return the product and that's not the point what I wanted to hear, what I wanted was to explain the situation and someone handle it on a timely and efficient manner. I asked Shane if I was able to speak to manager and he stated oh I don't have anyone available I can have someone call you in 1 business day. I told him I would gladly wait to be able to speak with management and he said I don't have anyone so I said you are telling me you have no management supervision and he continued to say that he could get someone to call me back.. what I want to point out that is horrible service. If a customer asks to be transferred to a supervisor they should be transferred or should be treated with respect and not like trash! If I had someone call me back I wouldn't even hold my breath for that call since I never received my return label when it was promised so why would I even get a call since you don't give 2 [censored]s about your customers. I will never in my life again buy your products nor will my husband. This was disappointing since his work is issued Oakley for his job profession for safety. I will be taking this up with his union and addressing this accordingly and I know for a fact they will walk away from your company and go elsewhere when their employees and spouses are treated with no respect nor given the help they are reaching out for: why even have a customer service number / email or chat when you interrupt them with oh we will be back with you in 1-2 business days. That's a joke and so is Oakley!

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                        Oakleyitem not received and no communication (no email, no phone call)

                        On 13 November 2018, I purchased 2 pairs of Flight Deck XM (Asia Fit) Snow Goggles, together worth $520. It is now 12 December 2018 and I still have not received either pair of goggles and I have not received an email to update me or explain. Upon calling, they informed me they ran out of stock and just hadn't emailed me. There was no compensation.

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                          Oakleycustomer service

                          I can see since Luxottica acquired Oakley in 2007, the customer service an overall quality has degraded exponentially.
                          I owned great glasses made by Oakley and I got same brand for my family (both sunglasses and prescription).
                          Recently, I bought a pair of Tailhook sunglasses because Oakley representative assured me it's RX-able. I had a hunch and after the purchase I did call them and got the confirmation again.
                          I went to LensCrafters which is again, under same Luxottica umbrella and asked to get the prescription lenses. They have denied me. I sent an email to Oakley asking if this particular model it is RX-able and got the confirmation once again. I went back to LensCrafters with this written confirmation and they did call the "Luxottica sales rep" and got another "not possible".
                          I start digging and found out on own Luxottica computer system that every retailer is using that my glasses are labeled as RX-able. At this point, the "sales rep" changed the story from not RX-able to frame discontinued. Found a guy working in the industry which told me that even the frames are discontinued, they are supposed to make lenses for another 3 yrs.
                          This information was confirmed by an Oakley rep on the phone but they can't and do not want to help me with anything as they are sending me to deal with LensCrafters and do not want to take ownership of this issue.
                          Chatting with "Customer service" on the email it is useless and frustrating as they only reply with kind of apologies but do not willing to help in any way.
                          This kind of attitude and service is what made you to lose another long time customer.
                          I know you don't care, but I will look for a company that is not own by Luxottica.

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                            Oakley — horrible and disgusting customer service experience

                            I ordered a pair of sunglasses from Oakley.com online store on July 27, 2018 (Order number: H00156141139) for...

                            Oakley — hollobrook sunglasses

                            I received a pair of Oakley Hollobrooks for my Bday last August, I had no receipt after 3 months booth lense...

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