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EyeMart Express Complaints & Reviews

EyeMart Express / service

Eyemart on Aug 24, 2017
Came in at 5. Busy. I understand. Wait 10 minutes and 2 employees leave, leaving 2 remaining employees. Now I'm waiting 25 minutes. 1 of the original employees shows comes out of the back. I'm steaming by now. Finally called after 5:30. I said, "it's 5:30. I.not happy" She says, "We are...

EyeMart Express / the manager always full of food, dirty clothes and hands

SimplyJane on Aug 14, 2017
On the out side it's clearly marked "No Eating or Drinking". Yet no matter what day or time of day, the manager Jane was her table where she does the measurements and her computer with containers of food. Every time I went in there, she had good stains down the front of her short. The table...

EyeMart Express / incorrectly made lenses/glasses!! can not use. poor customer service. rude staff.

Mo Caudell on Jul 27, 2017
Many dates (some are listed on complaint email I sent). Details in email sent. No resolution, ever. Full refund demand. EyeMart Express has two letters from my Ophthalmologist (Dr. Coben) at Wake Forest Baptist Health Medical Center stating that the EyeMart Express lenses were made incorrectly...

EyeMart Express / glasses

Jan LH on Jul 16, 2017
While the employees have always treated me with courtesy and patience, the product itself is a huge disappointment. I had serious illnesses in October and November of 2016 requiring several hospital stays. I experienced balance issues resulting in many falls the last of which broke my...

EyeMart Express / service

Teresa Bailey-Herren on Jul 15, 2017
I went there yesterday. The minute they found out I wanted the two for 79.99 deal they literally had not time for me. they did not help me pick out any thing and lets face it out of maybe 10 pairs there was no good pairs for some one of my age and face shape. The manager took the associate...

EyeMart Express / lens replacement

GeMason on Jun 1, 2017
I purchased my eyeglasses from Eyemart Express in November of 2016. About a month ago I dropped my glasses and chipped on of the lenses. Last week I went back to the store where I purchased them and was informed that they no longer carry that type of lens and that they cannot furnish a...

EyeMart Express / management

AnonymousEmployee88 on May 16, 2017
I unfortunately feel it has come high time I report the store manager and lab manager at store 88 the way the lab tech treats his employees is not okay. He bullies the other lab techs. Although he does great work, this is unacceptable. He yells at the employees and has neglected to fully...

EyeMart Express / How much I had to pay for two pairs of glasses over $707 for two why so much when they tell you buy one get one free that's a lie

Sosad about glasses on May 9, 2017
I went to eyemart express today for some new glasses and wanted to go someplace else cause of how much they charge me.still thanking about the cost my name is Michelle Davis.I thought go their wouldn't be so bad but it was the service was very good but they don't tell you the truth about...

EyeMart Express / lies about refund, manager was very rude to me

bone head on May 7, 2017
I purchased eyeglasses and they were very uncomfortable after wearing them so I returned them for a refund. manager said I would received a refund within 10 business days. it has been over a month and still no refund. After checking with the corporate office the manager reported on file...

EyeMart Express / Eyeglasses

nomoreamnesty on Apr 25, 2017
Went to the Mid-West City location for a pair of glasses at $76 (price with all those extras/required stuff was over $130). I had a script for progressive lenses. The first pair came back in the promised time but 2nd didn't which they said they'd mail. The put the wrong address on them and...

EyeMart Express / misrepresentation of advertisement - glasses for $99.00 (even progressive lenses)

Marie Mass on Apr 10, 2017
I selected the $19.98 style glasses to get two pairs - 1 for work and 1 for driving. i did request anti-glare on the driving glasses. the initial quote for two pairs of glasses was $368.00!!! This misrepresentation of advertisement will be submitted to the unfair or deceptive trade practice...

EyeMart Express / pretty much everything.

Brittany Brandt on Mar 13, 2017
This is my third visit to this store. The first was for a contact exam. Everything was fine, nothing special. I took my 9 year old in for her first pair of glasses a few months ago and the doctor was an hour and a half late. The girls at the desk were nice and kept apologizing and making...

EyeMart Express / Eyeglasses

ASouth on Mar 8, 2017
To get an actual pair of glasses that can be used, there are many extra charges. The cost of two pairs of glasses was more than expected after all the extra fees added. The pricing is not clear and not adequately communicated to the customer. For initial product received, the glare was so...

EyeMart Express / The 2 for $78.00 "deal"

Sstarkey on Jan 25, 2017
I went to the Wilmington NC location to get two pair of progressive glasses. I had my own prescription from my personal eye dr. These glasses were going to be backups for me as I have an expensive pair that I got last year. I picked out two frames from the $19.95 choices. I then waited two...

Eyemart Express Norman, Oklahoma / glasses/promotional advertisement 05495065982 nonsense

Betty Purcell on Nov 23, 2016
Promotion #05495065982 was not honored at the store. It was supposed to be any fram up to $129.00 for $49.00 No where did it state that it was limited to only one pair, so if you bought sunglasses also (Meaning two pair of glasses) it did not apply to either one. Plus, you pay for platinum...

EyeMart Express / Service

Mary_larson on Sep 5, 2016
Rudest manager ever! Went in to look at glasses and all the manager did the entire time I was there was yell at his associates. One girl was at the desk working with someone and everytime she opened her mouth he started shouting things across the room at her. "Don't forget pro plus. The...

EyeMart Express / Eyeglasses

Sandra Rowley on Sep 2, 2016
I purchased frames and ordered eyeglasses on December 26, 2015 at Eyemart Express in Kennewick, Wa. It took 2 weeks to have them delivered. The total cost was $524.90, certainly no bargain. I have returned several times for adjustments - this past week I complained because the left len...

EyeMart Express / The doctor is rude and full of contempt.

Shelley South on Aug 1, 2016
I questioned the office when I found out we were not informed you need a separate exam for contacts. Each staff member I talked to had different information. I asked to be contacted by a manager or doctor and was not. When I came in the store the staff yet again had new information. The...

EyeMart Express / Eye glasses - - lenses

Sheena43 on Mar 11, 2016
I purchased a pair of glasses from EyeMart Express and within second year, the lenses started cracking. I am a grandmother and I've been wearing glasses since I was 8 years old. I know how to take care of my glasses and I'm not hard on them. I have limited financial resources and was hoping...

EyeMart Express / Glasses/service

Reviewer78739 on Jan 20, 2016
Hello my name is Eric Harris and I came to eyemart express on November-10-2015 with my prescription for new glasses and on November-16-2015 i received a text that my glasses were ready for pickup. I live in pearl which is about 18 miles away and takes about 20-25 minutes to get here. Now...

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