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Visionworks of America - Claimed filed by visionworks on glasses never purchased

Visionworks accepted payment from my insurance for glasses never received. My insurance called to verify and a associate named joed claimed they were never returned. Upon further clarification...

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Visionworks of America - Neesha the so called manager

Neesha the dark skinned "manager" at store 482 in Snellville is a horrible sales representative. She lacks any type of communication with anyone. The only thing she does all day everyday is sit on...

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Visionworks of America - appointment cancelled when patient showed up

Location: Southland Shopping Center Pleasant Hills PA 15236
Date: Wed 10/20/21 @ 5:40 PM
Patient Name: Marlene O'Leary

Arrived to appoint 2 mins late, female MD checked me in, she stated I was late, I said 2 mins late? She asked for my information, which I provided. She asked if I had my forms filled out, I asked what forms, and said no. she then indicated she could not see me .
She then proceeded to say that the office had tried to contact me several times, but could not. When asked what number she gave an old number that has been disconnected for years. I asked why was I not contacted by mail, and the message on the phone clearly says number was disconnected. Why would you keep trying a disconnected number ? I offered to fill out the forms then to which point she declined. At the time she was waiting on 2 different clients, an older couple that was getting financed for eyeglasses and a little girl and her mother. She told me the appoint was cx and she could reschedule. I scheduled for 10/30/21 -10 days past this appointment date. Never once did the MD ask if I was experiencing any problems.
Please note : I called and spoke to person, who supposedly changed all the information in the system, when I informed the doctor of that, she said the computers were old- she then took my email down. I still don't have any paperwork to fill out for the rescheduled appointment.
I am extremely upset over this, I feel as though she could have provided me the forms to fill out while she took care of the 2 sets of people waiting. It looked like she was the only experienced staff working. Another worker was calling patients to remind of upcoming appointment. The phone was ringing and no one answered. This is poor care of patients in many areas.
I have gone to vision works for years and have bought several pairs of glasses.
I like to wear different frames to match my outfits.
At this point I will not return and will go elsewhere.
Just thought you needed to know. and I will let my company know what happen as well as family and friends.
I truly believe the MD did not want to see me because she was too busy, and wanted to end her day.
Plus not asking if I was having any problems with my eyes, if poor care in and of itself.
Extremely poor customer care on many many levels for myself and those other customers who waited while she took care of me. I am
VERY disappointed and upset. I cancelled patients of my own to attend this appointment.
Marlene O'Leary

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Visionworks of America - Customer Service from top management

On Aug.8, 2021, I visited Visionworks#431 in Colorado Springs Co . for a general eye exam and prescription lense update. I went in with my own preordered frames for the lenses to be fitted in. The representative drafted up the order and submitted to the lab . On Sept.21, 2021, I picked up my glasses and was very pleased with the results: However a couple of days later, I noticed the lense were shifting from the frame, so I immediately went back to the location to have someone assess. Once I got to the location, I was made to wait 10-15 mins. while the General Manager Marianne Bartlett, was assisting another customer with sales, giving 110 percent customer service, before she was able to assist me. Once she took a look at the glasses, she immediately began to chastise and ridicule me for getting a pair of frames that required such perfectly round lenses and asked me in a very derogatory tone if i had any old frames to use besides the new ones that i presented with? and asked "Did I see any of the displayed frames with such perfectly round frames that i purchased? she then shouted at me and her staff, gathering them around in front of other customers to not except these type frames from customers, stating she was giving them a teaching moment, in front of me the customer, and stated Visionworks can not fix lenses like these because they were just too round. The way she spoke to me was very rude and biased, demeaning and dismissive .Instead of helping me and resolving the issue, she just went on and on about how Visionworks did not have the capability of creating a fix for my glasses, and went on to tell me what your company could not do and your inability to fulfill. After she finished ranting, I asked her politely if she could at least send them back to the lab and have them to examine .She said she would and would contact me when they came back. On Oct.1, 2021 I just happened to go by to check on the status, and as I entered the store, General Manager Marianne Bartlett jumps up claiming she was about to call me to let me know, she talked with the lab guy and he was unable to fix the problem. I feel very strongly that she discouraged the lab tech in reporting the condition of the loose lenses, instead of sending them to the lab tech's who could have visually see the problem and perhaps troubleshoot and fix the problem. To no avail are my lenses fixed .I want to express how disappointed I am with the service that I recieved from someone in such a position as General Manager Marianne Bartlett, she was inconsiderate of my time, my money, as I should have been told at the beginning of my intial visit that the order could not be fulfilled.Marianne Bartlett needs much training in professionalism, shes very rude, and lacks empathy, the way she addressed me in the tone and manner that she did was not good practice of customer care.I will be letting my insurance company as well as other consumer outlets know of this terrible experience i had dealing with your business and your General Manager Marianne Bartlett location#431 Colorado Springs, Co .I'm sure they will not be pleased at how their vendor handled their client. I was refunded the 90 dollars that i was out of pocket, but thats not whats important to me. As a healthcare professional myself, I understand the importance of quality customer service and customer care, which I recieved neither. I did not recieve anything near what I read that resembled your business code of conduct.

Desired outcome: For the General Manager Marianne Bartlett needs to be addressed and held accountable for the despicable way that she treated me that day. And for Visionworks to fix my glasses


We strive to provide the highest level of customer service to our valued customers and are concerned when we do not. We would love the opportunity to look into this matter further. Please reach out to us by calling us at [protected] or you can email us about your experience at [email protected] so that we may address the issue.

Visionworks of America - Dr Phillip Schmidt is very mean and unprofessional

My husband and I both have seen Dr. Schmidt on three different occasions each time with both of us he was very ugly and mean slapping his hands aggravated before we even got to the back and he don't...

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Visionworks of America - Customer service

This happened on 8/18/2021. There were three people working, one male and two females. The females made us feel like us customers were a bother. One seemed to be in a hurry to get out of there and didn't put any updated information in my daughters file and the other, Christa, was very slow and had multiple personal phone calls. It seemed as though she cared more about the calls than doing her job. some things that stood out to me is when she rolled her eyes at us, seemed very tired, and like she had a hard time typing and I had to correct her on information being put into the computer. I don't know any of their situations but customers shouldn't be treated that way. The whole appointment took an hour and a half. We were still there past closing time and my other daughter needed to have her glasses fixed. That didn't happen. Maybe management needs to look into this, especially the customer service.

Desired outcome: Better customer service and trained employees.

Visionworks of America - Online admission forms done but in store they want manual paper submission

I made an online appointment at the VisionWorks location at Cumberland Mall (Atlanta GA 30339). That told me it would send an email to fill out online admission forms and did. Once I got the email I...

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Visionworks of America - Glasses that don't work and trying to re schedule an appointment because the store I'm dealing with does not answer them telephone, contact us by E M

I have prisms, 6 deg and was told not to get glasses with a middle line as it's hard to use the computer from where I sit. The teck who told me regular by focal would be better. The DR prescribed 8 deg of prism. when the glasses came I could not see. The teck that tried to fix them for me also thought that was to much of a change in prism, 2 deg. I was told to call for a appointment witch I tried today, they refer me to again the computer. I type in what they ask for and it does not confirm I have a appointment for the time the DR is their. I tried to get help from their chat line and the lady can't seam to help. I will stop payment and only approve the payment when the glasses I receive will help my vision.

Desired outcome: My time is just as valueable as theirs and were the testing and visit explained, it would be a good visit, but what was done, stinks.

Visionworks of America - Eyeglasses

I bought a pair of eyeglasses, at vision works, Harrisburg pa, the left lens had a spot on it, took back to store and a guy cleaned them and held them a foot from his face and said he don't see anything. The spot might be were there put numbers on lens or my eyes, I wear my old pair and have no problems with a spot or my eyes, just had a exam and doctor said my vision with glasses is 20:/20, eyeglasses should of been fixed by vision works, it's about 70 mile round trip! Bad customer service in harrisburg

Desired outcome: Repair eyeglasses

Visionworks of America - Service / harassment

To whom it may concern,
I just came for my appointment at the Camp Hill office in Pennsylvania. The service attendants were for the most part very polite except for constantly telling me and many others to pull up our mask to cover our nose. We were ALL complying and wearing a mask and they still continued to harass us to the point one man left the store because he didn't want to have to deal with it. And afterwards they would say it's company policy. I probably heard that about fifty times while inside your store. I don't blame the staff because they are doing their job but if your company policy is to continually harass customers who are wearing a mask until they comply then I will gladly take my business and my family's elsewhere.
You are infringing on our constitutional rights to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and in order to have life you need oxygen to breathe.
Your policy is wrong in making your employees constantly harass your customers and if it doesn't change we will gladly go elsewhere and tell everyone to do the same.

A very upset customer
Krista Sellars

Visionworks of America - Customer service from "manager" on site.

When checking out after my eye appointment the customer service rep informed me that I owed $40 for a fitting fee. I questioned because I have had my insurance for 8 years and have never paid that...

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Visionworks of America - replaced lenses/ lost frames

I purchased 2 pair of glasses from the Arundel mills store in Maryland about a year ago for around 800 dollars. I brought these glasses back in less than a year to find out why my tinting film was bubbling, I was told it happens from time to time. Not something you want to hear after spending that much money. I was told they would replace the lenses in one of the pairs. I would think they would make it right by replacing both but I digress. I finally agreed and gave them my favorite of the 2 frames to have the lenses replaced. I was told 10-14 days. About 2 weeks go by and I get a text that glasses were ready. I rushed to the store because as I mentioned they were my favorite frames, to my surprise they presented me with the wrong color frames. I explained these were not my frames. The lady explained those frames were under my name. At this point I can't believe what is happening. I was told to take that pair and the GM would call me the next day to try and sort it out. I waited 4 days with no phone call and finally called myself. I was told that she would contact the place my frames were sent to see what happened. Over a week later I reached out by email, online chat and fb. I get a call today from a spam risk number in Texas, it happened to be Visionworks and the message stated my glasses were at the store, so problem solved. " Really my frames have been missing for weeks and I get a message they are there" as I explained in my email I was given a pair that were not mine. I tried calling back the spam risk number shocker it doesn't take incoming calls. I called the store to see if by some miracle my frames I handed over now found there way back to the store. And of course I wait on hold for 58 min before being disconnected. So would someone from corporate PLEASE GET INVOLVED AND CONTACT ME AT [protected]... PAUL

Desired outcome: I want my frames I paid for

Visionworks of America - Contact Lens Prescription

I bought contacts on March 3, 2020 and I have been trying for 2 weeks to get a copy of the prescription to buy more. I have Davis Vision thru FedEx. The lady at my local VISIONWORKS in Acadiana Mall in Lafayette, LA has not been able to give it to me. She keeps wanting to give me the wrong one. I need this resolved ASAP because I'm on my last contacts. The prescription I want is associated with Shipping Invoice #[protected], Order # [protected], PO # W288311640008, shipping date is 3/3/2020. I do not understand why they cannot give me this. And the woman there has not been cooperating with me. I realize they are short handed but there's no excuse for being rude. My number is [protected], please call me for further discussion. Lisa Fuss

Desired outcome: My prescription ASAP

Visionworks of America - Service

After 1 month from my eye exam, finally they called me because my trial contact lenses has been arrived, I went to vw I found that half of the order only, so the doctor told me that we have to wait...

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Visionworks of America - Service

One week now from the complaint I did, and nothing, even the time was very critical for my daughter, and it was the main idea of my complaint, but nothing happen, I don't know who can I complaint vw to? This is my las dealing with this company and enough for the damage I had

Desired outcome: To get my prescription and to change my daughter’s glasses

Update by John Gamil
Dec 23, 2020

I went today and half of the trial contact lenses arrived and still the other half, so the doctor didn’t write the prescription for me and told me i have to wait, they will order another trial lenses, and i’m out of my stock and i need the prescription, it is more than one month from the time i made the eye exam (11/24/2020) but they made the order after 2 weeks (12/10/2020) then another 2 weeks until the order arrive, really i’m suffering, add to that what happen with my daughter which i mentioned before, so far she keep using the glasses which she didn’t choose it and the vision is not perfect for her, thx

Visionworks of America - Eye glasses

I picked up my daughter eye glasses yesterday, I went home give it to my daughter, then she told me it's not the frame she choose, measure is the same old measure, no difference, and frame is big on...

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Visionworks of America - Unable to communicate with local store

I am completely upset with how this establishment provides communication. My complaint is not with my local store, employees and/or physician. My complaint is with the company as a whole, as you...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Visionworks of America - Glasses

My compliant - I bought glasses without insurance - out of pocket and I scratched one lens. Vision works in Clifton park ny told me it is cheaper to buy a new pair of glasses than replace one len...

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Visionworks of America - Customer service

I have been calling Vision Works to get a prescription that was allegedly filled after an exam that they reschedule 3 weeks after my initial appointment. After three weeks and three phone calls to...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Visionworks of America - Service

Please be advised that I had a scheduled appointment for repair of my glasses and to look for new frames. Upon arriving I contacted the store that I was there, as I received this as a message via...

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