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Oct 22, 2020

Pearle Vision — The lady who checked me in had a very nasty attitude from the beginning to the end.

My name is Sabrina Hy and I have went to your pearl vision today in Homewood Il. The lady who checked me in...

Nov 07, 2019

Pearle Vision — service from ricky

This guy is extremely rude and argumentative. I was seen for a contact exam but couldnt be fitted due to a...

Oct 11, 2019

Pearle Vision — customer service

Worker name Kate at the Rockoway Nj is very disrespectful to the costumers Has no manners and is very rude...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Pearle Visionpearle vision in lynnwood, wa broke my new prada frames

Tues 9/04/19 - dropped off my new prada frames to (steph) optician to put in new lenses. These frames had the new sticker label intact, cosmetically and mechanically looked new and was inspected by the optician at the time.
Fri 9/13 - received a call from steph five days later stating my frames are defective??? Because as their lab was trying to unscrew to put in lenses, the metal wire broke. And mentioned they can't do anything about it and labeled it as defective frames.
Sat 9/14 - I filled out the "luxotticacustomercare.com/pearlevision' web form to fill out the complaint
Tues 9/17 five days later I finally get a call back from the store manager (samantha) who i've been requesting to talk to since the beginning calls back stating we can't do anything as your prada frames are defective.

Samantha mentioned that she is a licensed professional for 22 years and she was the one who unscrewed my prada frames during lens installation and said it broke and continue labeling it as defective. Basically the story changed from what the optician whom i've initially been working with from the start (steph) said that the frames and lenses came back from their lab and it was their lab were the ones who unscrewed the frame and broke. But now samantha the store manager is saying it was her, not the lab.

When I asked the store manager (samantha) on when can I come into the store to see my frames in person and further discuss this with her, she said don't bother to come in we've already shipping the frame back to you so you should be receiving it soon. And our working to refund me just for the lenses I paid for at their store. And continue to mention that I take it up with my ebay seller to file report on the defective frames in which they continue to label. When I asked can I get something in writing if I take this up with paypal to show proof on why, samantha said we can't offer anything in writing or providing you with any information for you to take back to paypal against seller.

So it seems the store is trying to get rid of me quickly as a customer and does not want to even face me in person.

In almost 30 years of me purchasing or buying stuff from retail, this is the first time i've had to deal with this kind of service.

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    Pearle Vision Manager called me back and took care of my concern.

    Sep 16, 2019

    Pearle Vision — service

    July 5th 2019 Thefirst 2 visits to order my new glasses and pick up was good. 3rd visit I thought the...


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    Aug 31, 2019

    Pearle Vision — purchasing/processing glasses

    I purchased a pair of glasses from Pearl Vision. My card was swiped for the complete eyeglass purchase. The...

    Pearle Visioncustomer service

    I went in to see if my glasses could be repaired Nick states no there is nothing that can be done. I left because his tone was very firm and unwelcoming. I called spoke with a helpful associate Jessica who states I have a protection plan and can get my glasses replaced. Nick was very unprofessional and never asked my name or if I even purchased my glasses there. He also stated there was no survey form that I could complete.

    Glendale, WI

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      Aug 05, 2019

      Pearle Vision — service

      I scheduled my appointment last week for today st 4pm . I called in this morning to reschedule it for 2pm...

      Jul 24, 2019

      Pearle Vision — glasses

      I have purchased glasses there for the past ten years. After a car accident six years ago I could no longer...

      Sherwood Park
      Jul 18, 2019

      Pearle Vision — pearle vision lenses

      I brought my own frames because I noticed Pearle's frames were costly. Therefore, I only ordered lenses for...

      Jul 07, 2019

      Pearle Vision — eyeglasses and pooooor management, what a scam

      I went in to get my eyes checked and ended up deciding to get glasses there also, I looked at frames an...

      Jul 05, 2019

      Pearle Vision — request for pd measurement

      I completed my order and they measured PD and I asked for the results and they refused because it is private...

      Pearle Visionlenses and frames

      Frames were sent to dallas from okc to be loaded with new lenses. Lenses were messed up in dallas and had to be redone.
      Glasses showed up after about a month and i had to take them back. They had to send them back to dallas again. 2.5 or 3 weeks later the glasses showed up and were STILL not right.
      Now, i have a new pair of ray ban glasses that i cant wear. I had them made for work, and i cant wear them there seeing as there is not a reading lens along with the distance in the glasses.
      Now the asm is giving me a run around after 5 phone calls in to the store where they tell you, " I'll have to get with my manager".

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        Pearle Visionprescription sunglasses

        I have been shopping at PVC for 10+ years. 1st in Va. (last name was Hairston) and then this year in NJ. (last name Tucker). I spend at least $800-$1000 over my insurance because I like really nice glasses/sunglasses. March of 2019-usual exam, glasses & contact script($900+). Pick up glasses & sunglasses about 3 weeks later. Sunglasses are not fitting correctly (maybe coach). The coach sgs I have currently, were bought 4 years ago. My prescription has changed slightly every year, but I cannot find any sgs, like these. I return the new Sgs that I bought March 19-today, and get the "rude around" 1st I'm told about the 30 day return policy and they try to compare buying jeans at the store next door, I ask what does that have to do with glasses? Then I was advised they could be taken back, just inspect for scratches. I advised you won't find any because I have only worn them a few times and went back to wearing my old ones. I told them that last year I went to Lens Crafters only because I did not know where the PVC was at the time, and bought new sunglasses (Tiffany). They took them back and refunded my money after 5 months, because they just did not fit. Glasses were fine. I was advised "that's them, not us". Then I was told I could pick another pair and would be given a credit on the books if they were less/ or pay extra if they were more. I advised, that since I had to order my contacts anyway, I would just use the credit to get them and be done with the store. I had just bought new glasses and sun glasses in March. Glasses are fine. I did not want to return to this store next year. Then I was told I could not get contacts but could get glasses, because contacts were different. I said I understand that they are different. But I have a script from them that I paid for and since I was coming back to the store to get my contacts anyway after trying the samples... the associate then interrupts me and says, Is that what you want some more samples to make it right? I say no, if I'm going to have a credit, I would order my contacts, pay an additional $40 and then come back to pick them up along with these new sunglasses that may or may not work. The associate gets up to again ask the other associate could I get contacts and she said no and also no credit. If the new sunglasses I choose are less than the cost of the ones I have, then too bad. I said, you just told her less than 5 min ago that I would have a credit on the books. What difference would it make if it were glasses or contacts? She advised, well she (the other associate) has only been here for a few months and does not know what she's talking about. I said really? You just told her what to tell me. Also, when I was there in March, I spent an hour in the store and knew this lady had 1. Been at the store for over a year, was divorced and moving! Mind you, there are only 5 people in the store. Myself, 2 sales associates and 2 other customers who are with the 1 doing all the talking...meaning you can here a pin drop in the store and I here everything she is telling her to tell me ( she was literally 20 feet away). Finally the associate says, well do you just want us to give you some contacts, would that make it right? I say no, if I'm going to have a $60+ credit, I would like to use it towards a contact lens order, pay you $40 and come back for it along with this 2nd pair of sunglasses that may or may not work. I was still advised no credit. I left with the sunglasses that I cannot use, the owners card and advised I would contact corporate.
        All I want now is a refund for the sunglasses that I bought in March.
        I noticed that the old Coach sunglasses I have have a metal bar going through the arms, maybe that is why they are so sturdy HC8049(L043 Alexa). They are trifocals, 3D, Blue and tourtise shell arms. have worn them for the past 4 years now. excercising, walking, trips, etc. they have been dropped a few times, never been adjusted, and the only thing wrong with them is that they have a tiny scratch in one of the lenses and the script is 4 years old. I would buy a new pair in a NY 2nd, if I could find them. Or just have the lenses changed.
        In the meantime time I again would like a refund for the sgs bought in March and never have to deal with this store in Moorestown NJ, again. 1st 2 pics are the old sunglasses, 2nd 2 pics are the new ones.
        Arlette Tucker-[protected]

        prescription sunglasses
        prescription sunglasses
        prescription sunglasses
        prescription sunglasses

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          May 16, 2019

          Pearle Vision — termination of employee without reason

          Working for this location is horrible. The management is lacking customer service and lacking communication...

          May 13, 2019

          Pearle Vision — sunglasses

          I bought a pair of ray ban sunglasses from the above-referenced office and paid $150.00 with gift cards and...

          Pearle Visionunethical behaviour

          5/5/2019 I called the Peale Vision in Henderson, NV at 1381 W Sunset Rd Ste 120 at 10:51am and spoke with Diego. I asked if there was a way that I could be seen as I was experiencing a vision problem. He stated that they were booked with appointments but that he could get me in between them. He then told me that I should come to the store between 1:30pm and 1:45pm as the doctor would be at lunch from 12:30pm until 2:00pm. I arrived at the store at 1:40pm and checked in. Diego did keep me informed that I would have to wait until the appointments were seen. I even offered to come back at the end of the day and he told me it was best if I waited. I was ok with this as I was aware that they were trying to get me in between the appointments and I was experiencing a vision problem and wanted to be seen that day. At 3:30pm, Diego then informed me that he had spoken with the doctor and that they were expecting a no show so that I could be seen, but everyone had shown up for their appointment. Therefore, there was no way that I could be seen and would have to come in another day. There was still a chance that the last appointment of the day would not show up so I was given the opportunity to leave and call back at 4:30pm to see if I could be seen. I was never told that there was a chance that I would not be seen that day if all of the appointments did show up. Who in their right mind would wait hours to be told that they may not be seen after sitting in a office? The behavior of Diego and the doctor was completely unethical in my opinion. As a medical professional, I have never seen this happen, being told to wait for hours and then not be seen! In reality, the doctor would have taken 5 minutes with me! If this is Pearle Vision's policy then you should be ashamed of your business. I hope to get a response to this situation [protected]@cox.net

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Pearle Visiondr. nick man vu

            On 5/8/19, my daughters and I had scheduled exams. Prior to this, I brought my eldest daughter in with a script to get glasses. We worked with Vicky, your store manager, and her associates and I found them to be professional and great to work with. Therefore, I scheduled exams for myself and other daughter. We were met by Dr. Vu who was extremely condescending and arrogant from the start. I tried giving him some background by telling him that we would need contact lenses and glasses for my youngest daughter. He said that he "doesn't like to double dip with insurance and will give me a deal." I wasn't sure what that meant so I inquired further. At first, I thought he meant he would give me a discount on either glasses or contacts knowing insurance would only pay for one. He then said it would cost an additional $75 for me to own my daughters prescription. I asked him what that meant because I was under the impression insurance covers the exam and any written prescriptions minus the copay. He then said to me: " I have been doing this for 19 years and own 3 stores so try to keep up with me." So I paused and said that's great but you are still not answering my question about this $75 script charge. He then said: "ok. let me try to explain this to you a third time." At that point, I crumbled up the information sheet I was filling out and told him we were done and no longer wanted the appointment. Vicky heard what happened and continued to apologize to me. Even she said he doesn't explain himself properly. You would think if this isn't the first time this has happened they would want to replace him. I am appalled at the way this Doctor- who represents your company treated us. The biggest problem I now have is my eldest daughters glasses aren't correct and now I have no recourse because he's the only doctor. So now I have to take her to another doctor and pay out of pocket. I would be happy to discuss this with you further and may be reached at [protected]. I really hope you care enough to seriously consider getting another doctor in to represent your clientele. Sadly, because of him, you have lost 3 clients.
            thank you for your time.
            Bernadette Knipe

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              Corporate is handling the complaint

              Pearle Visionemployee broke my glasses

              I was visiting a Pearle Vision today 4/15/2019 in the Ga Square Mall to inquire to get my glasses tightened up since I am a former customer over the years from buying Contacts and eye glasses. The employee broke my frames and proceeded to tell me she isn't responsible and there is nothing she can do and that I had to pay $135 for another pair of frames. This is wrong and very bad for business for Pearle Vision. The employee was rude and not helpful in telling me how to contact the owner of the franchise. I will be talking to an Attorney asap if this matter is not dealt with. Thank you, Jason Baxter [protected] or [protected]

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                Feb 23, 2019

                Pearle Vision — terrible customer service

                Went for eye appointment, was told there is NO appointment, then was told, "Wait 10 minutes. Dr can squeeze...

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