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CooperVision Complaints & Reviews

CooperVision / terrible, now believe it a scam

Jul 15, 2019

I just hope the info I submitted isn't used. Not doing it again. They want you to upload the receipt the exam documents and the end of boxes for right and left eye. Then you need to type in a the information. The most cumbersome process I have ever seen. All for a $30 gift card that i...

CooperVision / rebate promotions

Jun 04, 2019

I mailed my rebate on March 12, 19. I sent all forms and information. I never heard back from the rebate. I made a phone call and they said my rebate was lost in the mail. (Funny samething happened last year). Kim M was going to subumit all my information to the claim review board. Never...

CooperVision / rebate

May 16, 2019

This is insane. I have seen a half dozens complaints here already. Its obvious their rebate is a scam. I purchased their over priced daily lenses for my husband. Spent over $500. To get a $200 rebate. Sound too good to be true? Its is. You will never see the $200 folks! I filled everything...

CooperVision / contact lens rebate

Oct 16, 2018

This is an ongoing issue I am having with the rebate team (Oct 2018). At this point I am convinced that CooperVision Rebates are a fraud as they clearly have no intention of honoring the rebate. I provided the receipt within the 60 day window, proof of end panels as needed, proof of date...

CooperVision / rebate - fraudulent

Oct 01, 2018

Fraudulent transactions took place on my rebate card before I received the funds. It's unfortunate that the rebate process is cumbersome (but understandable), but now I cannot even get the funds because the digital wallet was hacked before I could recoup some of these high costs. I bought...

CooperVision / expression non prescription aqua contacts lens

Aug 13, 2018

While visiting your website, I was nor able to purchase the "Aqua" non prescriptions contact lens. In the past, their was no problem. At this point, I tried calling your customer service number (855) 526- 6737 which during the prompt, the phone cuts off several times. Please advise. Any...

CooperVision / contact purchase rebate

Jul 17, 2018

ref #UDKGVSDGSH I submitted a rebate online in March 2018. The rebate form and online requested the following information: 1. Original dated fitting fee exam receipt with date circled 2. Original dated sales receipt with eligible lens purchase(s) and date circled 3. Two product box end...

CooperVision / rebate "scam"?

Jul 08, 2018

working on my online rebate, constantly got this message: "OOPS! It appears your purchase may not qualify " the product name, number of boxes; all information were keyed in carefully and property. After a few try, I started to wonder if the rebate software is, by default, rejecting all...

CooperVision / year rebate of contact lenses

Jul 07, 2018

Hello, I purchased one years worth of contacts with the incentive of coopervision's rebate program. I submitted all necessary paperwork, and was told my receight was invalid, and eye exam copay with a description of why I was there was also invalid. The sales associates handed me both, and...

Cooper Vision / prepaid rebate visa debit card

Jun 26, 2018

When I tried to activate the card the automatic response was that my card had expired and that I have a zero balance. I never used the card and it clearly says that funds do not expire but fees apply. I have contacted the various email addresses and 800 numbers I can find but to no avail. I would...

Cooper Vision and For Eyes / rebate

Jun 06, 2018

I am extremely angry regarding a rebate that I anticipated receiving when I purchased my 4 boxes of Biofinity Toric contact lenses. All of the websites and businesses that sell these contacts advertise the $50 rebate. I had my eye exam at Marietta Eye Clinic on April 20. I then took my...

[Resolved] CooperVision / rebate credit card

May 23, 2018

Card does not work; card has to be validated; validation doesn't work; told to call number on back of card; no number on back of card; told to call numbers on complaint board; numbers go to hold and then announce office is closed. Received credit card rebate in january 2018 from october...

[Resolved] CooperVision / rebate scam

Apr 21, 2018

I have been trying since January to get my rebate. I uploaded everything that was required and they keep sending me emails saying that the "end panels are missing". Not only have they never been missing but I have re-sent them several times and every time I do I get another bs email...

[Resolved] CooperVision / coopervision rebates

Apr 09, 2018

After purchasing a years supply of contacts for my daughter and half a years equivalent (my wife only uses one contact) we submitted the information online for my daughter's contacts. This occurred within the first couple of days in January. In February I was relocated for business. My wife...

[Resolved] CooperVision / the rebate is a scam! such a shady liar!

Apr 08, 2018

I was convinced to buy their contact lens because the eyewear store told me about this rebate program. It sounded like legit. I submitted all the documents required and after a while, my rebate was simplify showed as " declined" with a generic reason "The rebate information you...

CooperVision / rebate

Jan 14, 2018

I have had 2 reward cards from Cooper Vision and can not use either one of them. I have tried calling, no help, logging into their website, no help again. I will not buy their product anymore. I have purchased year supply of contacts for 2 years now and this bogus rebate from Visa i...

CooperVision / I request a refund of my $49 reward card!!!

Nov 18, 2017

My reward card states on the front that "FUNDS DO NOT EXPIRE" I purchased 8 boxes last year, submitted my rebate and received my $49 reward VISA card. I went to use it today and found out that there was zero dollars and it expired????? I am just ripped off and come to think of it I had just...

CooperVision / rebate

Sep 28, 2017

This company is absolutely ridiculous! All for a $50 rebate I keep getting lied to and jerked around. I sent everything they requested, receipt with eye exam date circled as well as the receipt for my contact purchase and copies of the end panels of my contact lens boxes one for the right...

CooperVision / rebate scam - how to fight back

Jul 15, 2017

How to fight back - please read I too got scammed by coopervision rebates. By reports online, this has been happening for a while. Why does it continue? Because not enough people know about the scam until it is too late, so this is still a healthy business practice for the company's bottom...

Cooper Vision / cooper vision rebate

Apr 28, 2017

I see that I'm not alone in voicing a complaint against this bogus rebate. I filed last year and was denied because of a "timing issue", now this year, something else bogus is wrong so there will be no rebate. This is a TOTAL SCAM!!! People must stop buying their contacts, there are too...

CooperVision / rebate

Apr 17, 2017

Coopervision 's rebate program sucks! In my opinion it's a scam. They simply scam you into buying the contacts and they won't give you any rebate. I sent them all the information they needed. They told me to fax or mail them the receipt of the sale. Which I had already sent. I faxed and...

CooperVision / c.s. and rebate process is horrible

Mar 20, 2017

I purchased a full year supply of contacts and went through the online pre-submission to get a $100 rebate ($50 for the contacts and $50 for the fitting). I then submitted all my paperwork and made photocopies too. I checked online over the next few weeks and saw my rebate status go from...

CooperVision / rebate!

Jan 26, 2017

I would like to voice my displeasure with your company. I have used coopervision and been a customer for years and have never been treated so poorly and had to jump through hoops like this before. I submitted my rebate with all of the necessary paperwork and waited three weeks to receive...

CooperVision / rewards prepaid card

Aug 01, 2016

I am just trying to find out the balance on my pre-paid CooperVision card. I have tried calling the number on the back of the card, only to be put on hold for 30 minutes (twice!). I have tried the website suggested on the CooperVision recording ( and was not...

CooperVision Prepaid Reward Card / reward card for purchasing 4 boxes of contact lenses

Jul 31, 2016

I purchased 4 boxes of contact lenses with the incentive to use the CooperVision brand, a $50 rebate would be issued in the form of a Visa card. The Visa card was good for only 6 months. It was created on 10/8/2015 and mailed on 10/13/2015. It expired 4/16, $3.00 fees were added each month...

CooperVision / visa prepaid card

May 07, 2016

I got a rebate from purchasing 2 boxes of Biofinity contact lens. It was a Visa Prepaid card of $60. I tried to activate the card through phone following the instructions : key in the first 6 digits on the card and the tracking number. However I was told it did not match their record. I...

CooperVision / horrible customer service

Nov 15, 2014

I sent in my rebate information with all of the required documentation. I checked the status of my rebate about two weeks later and it says invalid with no reason stated. I contact customer service and they tell me that I already received a rebate in February of this year but they would...

Cooper Vision / terrible product

Feb 19, 2013

Okay, so my whole life I have used acuvue lenses, and got them from lens crafters. I moved to quincy a few years ago, and due to money issues, I wore glasses. When my bf offered to buy me a years worth for xmas, I was elated. I went to the local lens crafters and paid the 89 for the exam...

[Resolved] CooperVision / cooper vision rebate sucks

Nov 27, 2012

I had a eye exam at my eye doctor. I bought contacts from him. I sent all the things they wanted for the rebate. They said that I did not send the sales receipt not true that’s the first thing you must send. They told me to resend my receipt which I did it’s been 3 month I...

CooperVision Rebate Program / rebate scam

Jun 11, 2012

I sent in a claim #71934797 for a rebate for AquaClear contact lenses and an eye exam. They sent me a notice stating my rebate submission was invalid for " This rebate requires the original end panels from the product packaging." I sent all 4 end panels from my contact lens boxes with the...

Coopervision Rebate Company / stay away

Nov 10, 2011

This is the secod year in a row that CooperVision has denied my rebate for contacts claiming "Invalid Purchase Date". Last year after calling them I was issued a check, but this year I called and they were unwilling to do anything. The person I talked to said he was looking at my form...

Cooper Vision / terrible experience


I'd purchased a year supply of contact lens last May. And this box I'm using now is defected. 4 of them lasted 1 day or 2 lasted 2 days for my right eye. It's Frequency 55. For my left eye, I use Frequency Toric and the box right now is not much better than the right eye...