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Dental Services Complaints | Page 8

Aspen Dental Management / my children copies of their xrays was given to someone else.

Chloe Steele on Sep 11, 2018

Sept 11 2019, I called Aspen Dental in Warner Robins, ga to request a copy of my three children xrays. I was told they will make a copy and I can come pick them up. I came to get them about 2 hours after I called however when I arrived, I was told that someone had already picked them up...

Aspen Dental Management / dental service

Jennifer Champion on Sep 11, 2018

AWFUL!!! Im in fl visiting for family matters. My tooth started hurting as I knew it had to be extracted. After talking to the aspen dental customer line I was scheduled for a 1200 appt for extraction. I arrived at 1145 for my appt filled out new Patient paperwork. I asked if they wanted to...

Aspen Dental Management / bad dentist, pain and management

Mary minshen on Sep 11, 2018

Went for fillings. Had x rays. Insisted that I needed deep cleaning. Went back for measurements. Measurements showed I did not need deep cleaning. Dentest probe cavity with sharp object resulting in extreme nerve pain that went from tooth to temple. Had to see md to get pain pills. Was in...

Aspen Dental Management / service not provided

diane heard on Sep 10, 2018

Lee and I have asked for medical records so I could seek legal action. We asked for records in January, February, and again in May. I have a file of all the phone calls, contacts, date and times to validate what I have stated. We finally had records e-mailed to me July 31st.( not very...

Aspen Dental Management / malpractice

Betty Bowman-Simmons, RN on Sep 10, 2018

12455 W Capitol Dr, Brookfield, WI 53005, USA Jun 13 NOT RESOLVED 1.0 Details 1 comment spen Dental I'm so very happy that this legal pursuit of SHADY Aspen Dental Management is transpiring ; after having went through at least 4 years of treatment and many $$$$ spent out of pocket ( despite...

Perfect Smile Veneers / perfect smile veneers

Laura Mitchell on Sep 9, 2018

Perfect Smile VeneersI ordered this product about 2 months ago. I did receive it, about 2 weeks ago, and the product is nothing like I expected. They don't even come close to fitting in my mouth, there are no instructions with it. The worst part is when I tried to get hold of them through their Email, it said...

Aspen Dental Management / my fill ins

Sameerah Luqman on Sep 8, 2018

Late last year and early this year Iin January 2018. I had four or 5 fillings done and 2 of them came out. It's making my teeth worse. I want my money back or they do the procedure right instead of the doctors trying to just take my money without satisfactory work. I called and asked them...

Smile Direct / aligners

Venusvybz on Sep 7, 2018

So I had looked around for solutions to adjusting my smile because I noticed, that although disregarded by close friends, my smile could use some correcting. Specifically I started to develop an uncomfortable overbite. I went to Smile Direct in Boston, which is an hour drive for me, and...

Aspen Dental Management / fraudulent charges

Sherrywake on Sep 6, 2018

I was billed for treatment of 3 infected teeth. I was only treated for one in which I questioned because I had NO indication that I had an infection. I was also billed double for a service that only one was performed. When I questioned this with the office they the receptionists just...

Aspen Dental Frankfort KY / dental services

Sharptooth on Sep 6, 2018

Aspen Dental Frankfort KYI went to get a pretty smile but what I came out with was not a pretty smile but a mess of uneven teeth. One crown was done over but with the same result. Uneven. The rest of my teeth, I have no idea what was done but they are uneven . my teeth are horrible and I am ashamed to smile. Thi...

Aspen Dental Management / terrible drs manners

Oceanoflove on Sep 5, 2018

I went to Aspen Dental in Yulee Florida today. They knew I have a big fear about dentists. I had a bad experience and it's been 10 years since I went to the dentist because of it. Long story short I have a tooth that cracked and finally got the nerve to go. Being very afraid but all the...

Coast Dental Services / service/product - unprofessional employees and bad service for crown

Jada W/C on Sep 5, 2018

Coast Dental ServicesTo whom it may concern, I have many complaints and concerns 1. Lack of professionalism - the front desk didn't have anything together or recorded and were very rude. - the doctors working on my teeth were talking about my husband and myself in my face. They were talking about other coworker...

Apsen Dental Deland Florida / crooked bottom & top partial & they used to small of teeth

Josh617 on Sep 4, 2018

ever since i have got my temp partial for top and bottom fronts the teeth dont line up and are to small and dont fit right and are crocked i cant eat very well and am very embarrassed about people seeing my teeth i know other people that went to other places and they had good looking temp...

Aspen Dental Management / top denture

Brenda Mon on Sep 4, 2018

Went for top denture after adjustments still wasnt right told them I wanted a refund and the talked me into trying another pair...they didnt work either...but now they tell me the 90 days is over and no them trying a second pair ran the 90 days out so I am with teeth I cant...

Aspen Dental Management / bad shade match of crowns

joesoph on Sep 3, 2018

I had 5 crowns put on my lower front teeth. They are book-ended by two of my natural teeth. No effort was made by the dentist to even come close to the shade of my two natural teeth. The WHITE CROWNS stand out and my lower front teeth look terrible bracketed by the two yellowish ones. They...

Aspen Dental Management / billing for services not rendered

catgr1 on Sep 2, 2018

I obviously started with Aspen Dental because the handled my discount program from Careington 500. Nice discounts. No problem in 3 years until new female dentist and offive manager this year. That is when they started padding the bills. I had a simple extraction, xray, novacaine, pull...

Kool Smiles / dental services and customer service

Amo5670 on Sep 1, 2018

We called to set up an appointment for my son to get a cavity filled. We specifically said we needed this service, and we gave the insurance information at the time of booking the appointment. The day of the appointment arrived, and we were told that the insurance coverage couldn't be...

Aspen Dental Management / Illegal billing! Lies and unethical practices!

Anne61 on Aug 30, 2018

I have a bank statement(A LEGAL DOCUMENT) that shows that Aspen Dental in Ashland, Jy debited our account $399.00 on June 4, 2018. My husband was to have a root canal that day. They had him pay $399.00 prior to him going back for the procedure. The Dr was unable to perform the root canal. The...

Dental Works / crown

pissed off parks on Aug 29, 2018

Dental WorksOn June 21st 2018 I went to Dental works in Tinley Park Illinois to get a crown. I received a temporary Crown and was told I will get a call when my permanent crown arrive. After playing phone tag with them because they do not answer the phone I was able to get an appointment for July...

Aspen Dental Management / extreme unethical behavior

Nicole Mc on Aug 29, 2018

I went to Aspen Dental several years ago to get my four wisdom teeth removed. Before the procedure I spent time with the office manager discussing the payment options. I paid just over $400 that day, and was assured by the office manager that my insurance would cover the rest, and I wa...