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Antivirus Software Complaints

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Content Cleaner - Content / Content Cleaner

proudmotheroftwo on May 21, 2018

The Content Cleaner software runs amazing on Windows and functions as described. After trying similar software, Content Clean I was told they would be releasing an iPhone version and it is in development however the date got delayed. I am ready to buy it as there is no comparable iPhone...

Cleverbridge / Malwarebytes

The Bag Lady on May 18, 2018

ref 133638380 The Bag Ladynm tried to renew my subscription using my Lloyds Bank business account VISA debit card Your system asks for an issue number THERE IS NOT ONE . Message then states " this type ofcard is not supported " IT IS A NORMAL VISA BUSINESS DEBIT CARD, SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM ? I...

Arju / renewal cancellation of mcafee

Michael Bloomer on May 15, 2018

5/15/2018 contacted by Arju company claiming they are part of MacAffee. They were asking about renewal of my MacAffee coverage for $499.99. I asked to cancel. They said they would refund the $499.99. They then wanted to have my credit card number, the exp. date, the ccv # as well a...

Iobit Advanced System Care / iobit advanced system care

Stevens5000 on May 7, 2018

Here is the email I just sent the company. I purchased their so called Advanced System Care for $30 and got an activation key only to have it come up invalid: I have had it with you people. If I do not get a working licence key for Advanced System Repair Pro that I purchased today by 9 AM in...

Norton / unauthorised payments

Felv123 on May 3, 2018

Have not had a norton subscription for over 2 years. All of a sudden had a random debit from my account for £84.99. Phoned bank and claimed it as fraud. 2 days later my parents visited and bought with them a norton renewal card that had been delivered to their address. I have not lived at thi...

Avangate / antivirus renewal 5/22/18

J Arneson on Apr 29, 2018

I received an email ( telling me that my antivirus will automatically renew? I never gave anyone permission to put me on automatic renewal? I prefer to handle my own purchases and dealings on my own time and pay for them as I wish! Please take me off automatic renewal...

Hitman Pro Scam / support center scam

Terry Boothman on Apr 29, 2018

We experienced a serious scam attempt by the Hitman Pro support center--which appears to be in India. Since Hitman offers no way to contact them, it's unclear whether their support center is outsourced or is part of their organization. My wife unknowingly gave access to their version of...

Norton / norton 360

Michael Phillip KENNY on Apr 26, 2018

I am asking you to stop this product. I already asked you to stop: norton internet security. And you reimbursed me, 26th march 2018: 49.99£ on my paypal account. Could you do he same thing with the 64.99£ you just charged my paypal account. Could you do please the same thing with the...

Enigma Software / spyhunter

Nikolaus Kloiber on Apr 22, 2018

Product purchased April 8 2018. Not satisfied!! Uninstalled April 12 2018!!! Request immediate refubnd - otherwise legal avction pending. Quote: Thank you for your purchase of RegHunter! Your account information is as follows: Username: Password: nikollausklloiber If you do not already...

Avast Software / billed for software not ordered,

Steve Parscale on Apr 21, 2018

Avast Softwareinvoice # 47067325000 My PayPal account was charged $79 for this software which I've never ordered. What gives? Please refund my $79 right away. Your promptness will be appreciated. Thank You Steve Parscale ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apr 20, 2018 22:49:36...

Norton / McAfee Software @ DRI Trend Software / improper renewal

Drew Zimmerman on Apr 21, 2018

In the last two days my citibank acct was billed $85 for DRI * Trend software, a front for Norton and Macafee security software, which I did not approve or order. Please credit my citibank card for the unauthorized payment. In the event that your company won't process this legitimate...

AVG Technologies / issues related to 4/3/2018 upgrade

Judith W on Apr 20, 2018

AVG TechnologiesI have had issues with: 1. AVG Internet Security interfering with AVG PC Tune Up and had to uninstall PC Tune Up. 2. AVG Internet Security interfering with Microsoft Excel causing files to open as Read Only. This has been an ongoing issue and significantly interfered with my research work ever...

Avasti Antivirus Software / avasti professional (not free)

Marvin Conrad on Apr 13, 2018

I have been double billed for years for my purchase of avasti antivirus software. Whether it is because of their billing service or something else, I don't know or care — I purchased the product online using only the product name — if avasti cares about their reputation, they should help me...

Bitdefender / antivirus software

Ken McEnany on Apr 5, 2018

I purchased Bitdefender last year for what was then a very reasonable price. I somehow missed the "auto-renewal" fine print and had NO idea I would be billed $130 this year! I am retired, on a fixed income and cannot afford this sort of expense for computer software. I only have 1 home PC...

Norton / norton security deluxe

koomen on Apr 2, 2018

I have tried downloading your security system ( Order No.: N252914540 ) £29.99. So many times now and it will not work. I have chatted with Rakesh Soni (Case No. 34683226 ) I used to have Kaspersky and had no trouble so I am going back to them. I have tried your download over 5 times and I...

Norton / unexpected bill

Doghank01 on Mar 28, 2018

05 Mar Norton *Ap1250965007 2076165600 GBR on 03 Mar 79.99 I received the above bill on my credit card (£79.99) MasterCard Account No. **** **** **** 8556 I do not use Norton software and I do not recognise this bill. Could you please reimburse me for this amount and cancel me on your...

Norton / norton antivirus update does not allow me to connect to my cisco vpn.

mwj1 on Mar 27, 2018

I have had to go back one version of Norton to get my VPN (Cisco any connect) to work. Spent a great deal of time with the tech people at Norton and all they could suggest is that I go through the same nonsense with Cisco. Norton is garbage, and the tech people are worthless. Also, I wa...

Cleverbridge / cbi*malwarebytes

richard stenton on Mar 24, 2018

On my citi bank charge card I show a charge of $24.95 and it is said to be recurring. I never ordered this and when I called to cancel and get a card credit the number sent me to your organization. Please cancel this charge and issue a credit of the $24.95. I do not know how this charge...

AVG Technologies / driavg techno

rose cintron on Mar 21, 2018

AVG Technologies / unauthorized credit card charges Rose Cintron I received an e mail from AVG at 7.37 am this morning stating my account had been debited £46.99 and quoting a Renewal Order no.9529084089. This was not authorised by me. You did this last year but I didn't notice it in...

Norton Symantec / a2a payment

Eileen Davey on Mar 20, 2018

3/19/18 Debit 6516187 *AP1252553758 Mountain View CA 2018-03-19 08.28.02 $84.99 was taken from my account but I never ordered Norton Symantec. I was never sent an email informing me and I do not choose automatic renewal ever. I tried to make a purchase today but was rejected because $84.99...