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Antivirus Software Complaints


DRI AVG Technologies / unauthorized credit card charges

Elizabeth Laux on Dec 10, 2018

On Nov. 8 a transaction was made on my credit card and then posted on Nov. 9 for $119.99. This must be an automatic charge because I have paid it before but I do not know how to stop this and I do not use AVG on my computers. I do want the full amount refunded to my account and then...

Norton Standard 1 Device / norton standard 1 device

[email protected] on Dec 2, 2018

Hi i recently bought the above 1 yr subscription because i was notified that my original subscription was running out by Norton, when i tried to put in the product code i was initially told via email that this was successful after my original end date with my Norton subscription i was told...

DRI Kaspersky Lab Orderfind Com IE / unauthorized credit card charges

LindaGer on Oct 29, 2018

Refund the sum of $109. 99 Canadian dollars which was, unauthorized charged to my Credit Card refund the above amount back to my The Affirm Master Card the last four numbers are ... ... ... 1998 expiry date 09/20 This is Linda G Gerbrandt of Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada Phone [protected] I am not happy. Have this matter cleared up quickly, Thank you

Dri*Avast Software Shannon IRL / Avast software

Michael Seet on Sep 22, 2018

I have been charged S$111.10 for Avast Software which I have not renewed or subscribed on 30 AUG 2015 through my credit card. I have informed my credit card company about this matter and they advised that I lodge a complaint for fraudulent charges and to make arrangements for immediate...

Bernd Andraschko / unberechtigter geldeinzug von paypal.

Bernd Andraschko on Jul 24, 2018

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, von Ihrer Fa. wurden 16.6.18 unberechtigt 19, 99€ eingezogen worden, am 19.7.18 wurde von Ihnen 34, 99€ eingezogen und am 24.7.18 wurden wieder 29, 99€ eingezogen worden. Es wurde Geld bei PayPal eingezogen ohne Erlaubnis da ich nichts Bestellt oder von... Market Limited / fraudulent antivirus subscription

Insecure on Jul 15, 2018

On 1st July I received a message saying my antivirus software from McAfee Security was due for renewal and to press the button to continue protection which I duly did. The £35.40 was paid via PayPal. It was only afterwards I realised that my antivirus software renewed in January. I immediately...

Netlux Antivirus / antivirus

Amol123abc on Jun 11, 2018

Hello, The horror Complaint About Netlux Antivirus is I Experienced - One Night I sleep when I am working on Laptop and in Morning I see the Netlux antivirus is Automatically open/ work on ammy admin without my permission I mean it's very horror because ammy admin is not available in my...

Dri SpyHunterRegHunteq / unauthorized credit card charge

Tom1942 on Jun 9, 2018

Date of transaction 05/24 Reference number 2514061H11ZFWH7FF WALMART credit card I was charged for antivirus that I did not authorize I called dri told them that I did not authorize this transaction and was cut off. Their phone number obtained from Walmart is [protected] I did not...

Arju / renewal cancellation of mcafee

Michael Bloomer on May 15, 2018

5/15/2018 contacted by Arju company claiming they are part of MacAffee. They were asking about renewal of my MacAffee coverage for $499.99. I asked to cancel. They said they would refund the $499.99. They then wanted to have my credit card number, the exp. date, the ccv # as well a...

Hitman Pro Scam / support center scam

Terry Boothman on Apr 29, 2018

We experienced a serious scam attempt by the Hitman Pro support center--which appears to be in India. Since Hitman offers no way to contact them, it's unclear whether their support center is outsourced or is part of their organization. My wife unknowingly gave access to their version of...

Norton / McAfee Software @ DRI Trend Software / improper renewal

Drew Zimmerman on Apr 21, 2018

In the last two days my citibank acct was billed $85 for DRI * Trend software, a front for Norton and Macafee security software, which I did not approve or order. Please credit my citibank card for the unauthorized payment. In the event that your company won't process this legitimate...

Global Rep Repair Jill / deletion of my complaint

saviour321 on Jan 4, 2018

Spoke with a few companies claiming they can remove and delete false complaints and this is one that said they could and was unable to deliver on their promise. Did some research on Jill who it looks like is the owner of the global rep repair website. Wasn't really helpful and had quite...

Barry Edelstein / malwarebytes

Barry Edelstein on Sep 26, 2017

My name is Barry Edelstein, and I received an unauthorized charge on my American Express card of $79.90 from "CBI*CLEVERBRIDGE INC." for ( Malwrebytes ), Date 8/01/17. via Paypal. I didn't order anything from you, and to my knowledge have not updated any subscriptions The original charge for...

Patricia Seaborn / antivirus software

Patricia Seaborn on Sep 21, 2017

I have NOT applied for nor ordered any antivirus software nor have I given my permission to debit my acct. for any product over the web!!! Apparently my info. Has been hacked and I expect my acct. to be refunded for the full amount of $79.99!!! I am not releasing any other info. over the...

oooooooo / email problems

makagen on Sep 14, 2017

I need to chat to a live person, as it wont make sense otherwise. But here goes- im trying to shop on wish but cant, as wish has 3 different emails for me.(my own errors)sorry. i have tried to cancel / delete them, but it wont do it. my real email is there as well, but when i try that, it...

WireTransfer / avast endpoint protection suite

DiegoV on Sep 5, 2017

#918786 Paid license renewal for order via wire transfer but we did not include the reference number. The order has been cancelled and the funds have been transfered D Diego Velazquez reported 21 days ago * MSG Re URGENT ... (48 KB) MSG Avast - Paym... (29 KB) D Diego Velazquez said 20 day...

Dickinson Ready Mix Co / suspicious email

drm37 on Jul 14, 2017

Dear client. We've been trying to deliver the parcel to your address but nobody was not at home. Please download a postage provided documents to your PC and print this out. We would appreciate if you visit the closest Canada post facility by the end of the day and receive the...