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Patricia Seaborn / antivirus software

Patricia Seaborn on Sep 21, 2017
I have NOT applied for nor ordered any antivirus software nor have I given my permission to debit my acct. for any product over the web!!! Apparently my info. Has been hacked and I expect my acct. to be refunded for the full amount of $79.99!!! I am not releasing any other info. over the...

Norton / automatic renewal

SteveJack3 on Sep 20, 2017
I have tried to resolve my issue on chat, but the Supervisor left the conversation and I gave up (text of live chat below). Perhaps if you reviewed the chat below, it would give you sufficient information to suggest a solution to my issue? In summary, a very old account with dormant email...

Kaspersky / auto renewal on acct 12157571242

Carol Bourland on Sep 18, 2017
Have a charge on my checking account for auto renewal. I want this cancelled. It was not due to be renewed until October 4. So I called my bank I am requesting that this not be paid. My old email was bourland@eatel.net. I no longer have this equipment that it was installed on. Please do...

Cleverbridge / unauthorized bank charge

JBouse on Sep 17, 2017
Received an unauthorized charge on my debit card for $66.14, from a company called, "cbi*cleverbridge, inc." on 09/17/2017. I called the number on my bank statement [ (800) 799-9570] which was answered by a recording that explained they are a third-party billing company, and that thi...

oooooooo / email problems

makagen on Sep 14, 2017
I need to chat to a live person, as it wont make sense otherwise. But here goes- im trying to shop on wish but cant, as wish has 3 different emails for me.(my own errors)sorry. i have tried to cancel / delete them, but it wont do it. my real email is there as well, but when i try that, it...

Avast Software / renewal of software with an unauthorized credit card charge

richard taffuri on Sep 6, 2017
charge of $64.11 was charged 8/25/2017 # 24692167237100330292916 -transaction number refund the full amount of unauthorized charge and to discontinue and cancel any service you may be offering or providing. Your client, SOFTWARE S.R, through your service, has charged my credit card after I...

WireTransfer / avast endpoint protection suite

DiegoV on Sep 5, 2017
#918786 Paid license renewal for order via wire transfer but we did not include the reference number. The order has been cancelled and the funds have been transfered D Diego Velazquez reported 21 days ago * MSG Re URGENT ... (48 KB) MSG Avast - Paym... (29 KB) D Diego Velazquez said 20 day...

Dri-Trend Micro / subscription service

Debra Horn on Sep 4, 2017
A charge of $76.45 on September 2, 2017, was made on my discover card. When I called Dri-trend Micro, they acted like they couldn't find any thing under my name, phone no. or e-mail address. Then, they wanted my credit card #. I'm like NO! I need help getting them to STOP charging for thi...

McAfee / live safe

9wood on Sep 1, 2017
you do not treat your customers/users with any respect or courtesy get no help at all constant hang ups and disconnects seems you will find any excuse to hang up and avoid any type of help nothing is ever your fault will not even answer any valid question(s) do not even keep your...

Malwarebytes / malwarebytes 3.0 trial

Dorian Jenkins on Aug 29, 2017
Today I was using my windows 10 laptop when my windows defender alerted me of multiple threats on my PC, Trojan to be exact after checking that it was still there and windows defender did not quarantine it (not sure if it even does that) I started up malware bytes except for it to find in...

Norton / refund

TB0576 on Aug 25, 2017
Dear sir/ Madam, I am writing to you to request a refund of money to my account for the taking of payment, for services that i am no longer able to access due to not having any sort of internet as i have terminated my broadband service due to high running costs. payment was taking from my...

Avast Software / dri*avast software

Soto Mayra on Aug 21, 2017
On February 19, 2017 I purchased the above referenced software under Invoice ID 36841579800, Transaction ID 2EB85300A4546310K, for $49.99 USD. As of today August 21, 2017 I have not used this software due to a conflict created by the software with other software in my computer. I would...

Cleverbridge / malware invoice 115570168

Wanda Waddle on Aug 19, 2017
There is a charge on my Discover account in the amount of 24.95 for Invoice 11570168 dated August 17/ 2017. I did not authorize this charge and have no idea how it was authorized. I would appreciate your immediate attention in reversing this charge to my account and contacting me before you...

Geek Squad / geek squad yearly renewal plan

msCs on Aug 14, 2017
My name is Mary Sturgis phone nbr (310)675-9337 at 15111 Freeman Ave unit 26 Lawndale calif 90260. My problem started the end part of 2016 when I started getting messages from Geek Squad that my renewal was upcoming Nov 2016 and for me to renew it . I did not have sufficient credit on my...

AVG / Antivirus

Avg Sucks on Aug 12, 2017
Purchased a retail version of AVG antivirus that came with CD-ROM and product key. The CD just directs user to create a mandatory AVG online account to download and install the software. No info on the package indicated that an account would be required. The retail package was for...

Safecart / spyhunter and reghunter! trying to cancel account

RobBoyes on Aug 10, 2017
I have tried to contact SafeCart to cancel an order that went through the we have NEVER used. Receipt ID: ENSG-A1305170753-07ESZ I have tried to login but their website doesn't work. It fails to show you your purchases or to log you in. If you request for your lost password no email gets sent...

McAfee / mcafee *intel secur 866-622-3911

Jouni Rikkinen on Aug 9, 2017
Hello, I recently found out that you have been charging me for McAfee Intel security software(?). I've never used it and don't even remember ordering the soft. So can you let me know - what is this? -79, 95 MCAFEE *INTEL SECUR 866-622-3911 Viesti 492057******8834 OSTOPVM 170706 MF NRO...

Enigma Software / spyhunter ®hunter

Marinus on Aug 8, 2017
my spy hunter had expired and the profile keeps coming up on my screen telling me i have 1146 malware infections so i decided to renew Spy Hunter so i pressed renew and i was trying to pay whit PayPal and i could not find PayPal at the Pay Station and i closed the site and 2 days later i...

Kaspersky / kaspersky antivirus

Eliza_beth on Aug 7, 2017
Hi I am an indian. I have purchased kaspersky anti virus cd 1 device 3 yr lisesnce via amazon online site india. I tried installing it. But it is showing activation code is invalid for this region. Since this item is non returnable I am frustruated for wasting my money on this product...

Piriform / cc-cleaner

Rachel Cook on Aug 5, 2017
I cannot, and now will not, be utilizing this software. I am posting my experience of being hung up on THREE times in an effort to understand the install. I reached two separate representatives: the first hung up on me before I could ask for escalation to a supervisor. I genuinely could...
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