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Antivirus Software Complaints

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McAfee / taking money from my account a month before subscription expires

rvij on Feb 11, 2018
My subscription was due to expire in the middle of March. though money was taken from my account a month before that on the 9th of February. I have other standing orders and bills to pay and I think it would be professional to inform a customer before deducting my money. I was trying to...

Reimage / service expiration date

謝月桂 on Jan 29, 2018
I purchased current order on 3/11/2017 at the advice that my previous order will expire, however, i sent a return mail to uplict to tell the correct expiration date for the new order should be 5/13/2018, instead of 3/13/2018 when i received Puchase confirm letter, because my previous order...

Kaspersky Lab / antivirus and service

ww111 on Jan 29, 2018
I am filing a complaint against your account manager Elarnie in your billing department ( New Incident INC000008793710 ). She does not represent your company well. all she does is say sorry and double talks. When I asked to speak to manager (3 times) she did do anything. I mentioned I...

Systweak / Advanced System Protector

IanDWilliams on Jan 13, 2018
This company auto-renews every item of purchased software annually - meaning they will charge your card forever without your permission - even when the devices using the software have long gone, you will still be paying this unethical company. Two years of complaints have yielded no...

McAfee / mcafee has said my website is not valid. which is untrue and causing me unfair problems

Juleshipp on Jan 13, 2018
I have recently bought a simple but good website. kegofwisdom.com For some reason McAfee has said the site is not valid. The description says: URL entered is not valid or has no data    https://www.mcafee.com/threat-intelligence/site/error.aspx?url=kegofwisdom.com This is not true. It is a...

Global Rep Repair Jill / deletion of my complaint

saviour321 on Jan 4, 2018
Spoke with a few companies claiming they can remove and delete false complaints and this is one that said they could and was unable to deliver on their promise. Did some research on Jill who it looks like is the owner of the global rep repair website. Wasn't really helpful and had quite...

McAfee / antivirus package

lhstout on Jan 3, 2018
Apparently, opening a Service Request does not mean that the situation will be resolved as soon as possible. I currently have NO protection; however, I do repeatedly get boxes popping up requesting I pay for upgrade as it states that my current protection is free. IT IS NOT FREE I PAID FOR...

Omegle / I am receiving captcha whenever I am trying to chat.. please remove captcha from me

deepak123456deepak on Jan 2, 2018
i am receiving captcha everytime i am trying to chat .. i dont want this please remove captcha as soon as possible .. i am not using any vulgar language or any vulgar sign while talking over omegle .. please remove it I am facing this issue since a week .. i am unable to chat on the...

AVG Technologies / unethical behaviour

Anthony Hutchinson on Dec 30, 2017
My name is Anthony Hutchinson. My license number is IMDCW-WODTY-ABABO-ASOAU-RDVPV-R2063, and it expires in August, 2018. I received a message saying "unable to update" my AVG software. I contacted Charmaine Gay on 29/Dec/2017 in your support department who hooked into my computer but wa...

MacKeeper / Kromtech Alliance / damaged some files

chance12345 on Dec 28, 2017
I's the end of the year and I decided to treat my imac to a deep cleaning. I read up on MacKeeper and it looked good and safe. After running it, I got the message that my mac's condition was serious with 20 infections found. I ran the fix & clean and got the message that that my mac is now...

Avast Software / avast software charges to my amex

Goran Komarica on Dec 26, 2017
Dear Sir/Madam, on 11/28/17 my AMEX was charged 2 times for the amount of $53.43 under the "DRI*AVAST SOFTWARE" from "AVAST.COM/ORD" 1st. GC4322012330055343 and 2nd. GC4322732550055343. I do not recall ordering any software from you, was this charge in error ?? Please advise before I call...

Cleverbridge / hitmanpro renewal

Peter Gottwald on Dec 23, 2017
By renewing some days before the previous legal use ends, Cleverbridge starts the new periode not from the termination date, but from the date of renewal. Thus there will be a time periode for wich the client pays doubled This is the reason of the letters of comlpaint below. Hi! Hema...

McAfee / cashback on livesafe subscription

mjhughes on Dec 18, 2017
M.J.Hughes cs2174200931 I have just rang uk customer services about my £40 cashback on renewing my livesafe subscription to be told the 14 day offer was finished. I was not aware of this limit and to the best of my knowledge have not received any emails to point this out. Customer service...

Bitdefender / mac antivirus

sergey shushunov on Dec 14, 2017
I bought Mac antivirus from bitdefender online, paid with my credit card, received confirmation email and no download link. The instruction email I received prompted me to register with bitdefender. I did that and still was unable to find a download link. I contacted bitdefender several...

Yahoo! / false messages, saying,'your yahoo account is out of order,'

Gurdip Sara on Dec 14, 2017
The above message has started coming about 13 days back.Every time I start the computer, this message stats nagging me.Today, I saw an email saying, 'your account will be closed, positively within 24 hours, BECAUSE, I requested so.This is absolutely false. Please take immediate action to...

Norton Antivirus / scammed by geek technologies for $810.00

Eleanor Wither on Dec 6, 2017
My complaint is three pages long and I would gladly forward it to an email address as an attachment Briefly this started in March of 2016 when my laptop indicated it was not protected by Norton Anti-virus although I down loaded a Norton Anti-virus disc. I phoned the Norton number listed on...

Bitdefender Avantgate / awful stole my money

ImJeffreY on Nov 29, 2017
Awful company I paid them and then they took another £70.00 pounds from my account and it took me 15 emails and 5 phone calls to try to get the money back I still haven't received the money. And no apology!!! I'm going to contact Trust pilot the BBC, The Times and consumer watchdog. They...

Malwarebytes / service - tech scam

Deb Hock on Nov 20, 2017
I was talked into buying 2 years of 'protection' for my Mac and Smartphone for &70.99, (a "discount") Was told to go toGoogle Play to download for Android. Google Play won't open on my cell phone, and a warning that Malwarebytes had been hacked into came up. I called the support number for...

Shopify / ecommerce site not working

Kelly-Ann Pita on Nov 12, 2017
#132918 Our new B2B ECommerce site is not working. We are using Shopify and Payfort. Shopify says the issue is with Payfort, Payfort says the issue is with Shopify. Neither can tell us what the problem is which leads me to believe they don't really know what the issue is. We are desperate...

Norton / unauthorized credit card charges

wedfri on Nov 9, 2017
on 31/08/16 I've received email from Norton - automatic renewal notice. I've responded with the request to cancel my direct debit details and cancel the subscription (i have not signed up up to have services renewed). My request has been actioned, I wasn't charged for subscription in 2016...

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