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8:50 pm EST

EPAM Security staff Bath Road Slough.Berkshire.UK

The security person at Bath Road,Slough,Building no. 217 does not follow Uniform dress code.Does not have a visible identification plusdoes not wearing a tie or blazer and is constantly on their mobile on personal phone calls not work related.This is the second time I have viewed this office space for possible rental, however building itself does not look very secure as the basement car park doesn't have secured gate meaning anyone from outside could gain entry without being challenged for example I had spotted 2 homeless people sleeping down with a make shift bed so I do wonder if the security staff has noticed this or not.

Desired outcome: To replace the present security staff with another person who followed uniform standards security awareness.

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9:16 am EST

EPAM Leaking Issues on 2nd floor,Building 217 bath road,slough.SL1 4AA.UK

I recently visited Epam Building 217 Bath Road,Slough a couple of weeks ago as a potential customer for rental of offices.However on the 2nd floor I saw water on the floor coming from the ceiling. It looked like it was raining.I also noticed that the shutter blinds which had come off a window had just been left on the basement level.Furthermore I noticed that the security person sitting on the Reception desk was not wearing the correct security uniform,instead he was wearing a coat and a woolly cap and looked unshaven and unprofessional and was rude and abrupt and uncooperative.

Desired outcome: Please resolve these issues and replace the security person with someone more professional.Thank you.

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9:53 pm EDT

EPAM EPAM Building 217 Bath Road,Slough,Berkshire. Building Faults

I recently visited Epam Building 217, Bath Road,Slough as potential rental for office space,I was shown around the building by a manager named Terence and Richard,however I saw a lot of faults with the building.I was told that the owner had spent 10 million pounds constructing this office.First of all the canteen on the third floor has an outside sitting area to take break,but I saw a lot of bird poo on the chairs and tables.Secondly inside the canteen a therend second floor office space there was water leaking from the ceiling and wet floors signs were visible highlighting a problem.Thirdly there was no WiFi signal so using my laptop was impossible.In addition to this over pricing of office space to not reflect the qualityship of the building.

Desired outcome: Improvement of WiFi speed,fixing of leakage of spillage and closing off the outside section of the canteen as this is a health and safety hazard

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9:59 am EST

EPAM Security staff not wearing company uniform

On the 8th of December 2022 at Epam offices,building 217,Bath Road, slough.Berkshire at Approximately 1200 in the afternoon I noticed that the security Lady on the Reception desk was not in company uniform.When I asked her about this she turned a blind eye an ignored me avoiding the question.This does not leave a good impression with customers and clients.

Desired outcome: The removal off site of this security lady

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10:03 am EST

EPAM Unauthorised staff using building 217, bath road, slough Berkshire.UK

Last Thursday 1st of December at 1200 to 1500 a women dressed in traditional Islamic clothes was using building 217 Bath Road, slough,Berkshire.I believe she is not contracted to work in this building as the security person let her in. They were having breaks together.This I find is a breach of the security man job role.The intention of this unauthorised women in the building is unclear.

Desired outcome: The removal of the security man and the unauthorised women

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10:25 am EDT

EPAM Disgusting epam interview

Yesterday at 11.30 I had an interview with your company and had a very negative experience. My interviewer was He introduced himself as a team leader of one of the teams, which is at odds with his profile. The interviewer's questions were not always legible and understandable, he constantly distorted the terms and I had to ask him again or ask him to write it in text. The interview was scheduled for an hour and a half, but dragged on for two, and then after I reminded the interviewer about it several times, he continued to insist on solving the problem and answering his questions. This employee proved to be extremely unorganized, not polite and not competent, I also did not receive a detailed response about the refusal. I would like you to validate your interviewers more often and not allow such pseudo leads to candidates.

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1:27 am EDT

EPAM BGV concerns

Hi Team,

Myself T. Jasmine from Noida

I have really one big concern, many lot of talented people are not getting jobs even they have very good prior experience.

Note : In your company one of the person name called: UPENDRA LEBURI Emp. ID.: 563302 +[protected] he doesn't have but he put fake educational documents and fake experience he is getting lacks of salary from Epam. What he is doing he is giving half of his salary to the outsider and he is working on Epam systems and websites, this is a big compliance issue.

I don't know what basis you have done his bgv (like experience certificates) as I mentioned he does not have Btech qualification I don't think so he didn't even pass degree, and really I don't know really what is going on their, because of him lot of talented people are not getting jobs and their families are also suffering like anything

I request you to please conduct the BGV (Educational and Prior experience) again, if possible please ask him to show the id proofs and conduct small technical interview as well.

Please take the necessary action asap.

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1:37 am EST

EPAM Software Consulting

I would not trust EPAM! Stay FAR AWAY from this company! Their ethics are questionable at best. The tech company I work for spent several months helping a potential client create a plan to bring their technology to market - at no charge and in good faith, hoping the client would engage us. The potential client decided to bring EPAM into the mix after being snookered by their marketing, to check if our design and price was competitive. EPAM blew smoke up the client's ### and ultimately convinced them to sign on after EPAM used OUR company's design to create their proposal! Several months later the client contacted us begging for help. We refused to pick up where EPAM left off. EPAM is a nefarious company in my personal opinion. I would stay far away from them.

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Newton, US
Dec 25, 2022 2:10 pm EST

Unhuman and cruel company with low ethic and low culture. It should be avoided

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