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Slotomania - Minnesota, Keewatin / slotomania quest froze

LaVern Carroll Rice on Jul 22, 2017
Last game, of the last quest and it froze!!! I checked my phone and it is froze there too!!! I can play any other game in slot, just not the last one to finish the whole quest!!! LikeShow more reactionsComment Comments Andrew Jones Andrew Jones can you uninstalling the game login out of Facebook turning off and back on your device then log back in and reinstall the game LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 9 mins Remove LaVern Carroll Rice LaVern Carroll Rice I'll try that LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 7 mins Manage LaVern Carroll Rice LaVern Carroll Rice Nope didn't work & I'm in the bonus game Cash Grab. LikeShow more reactions · Reply · Just now

Slotomania / new and prettier slotomania reverted back to old platform

Dinah Anne on Jul 14, 2017
I was finally in and happily playing the new Slotomania with all games auto - a big plus. Then in mid-June, I believe, suddenly I am back to the platform that was around March, and with that annoying Lucy gift being upgraded message popping up constantly and all games that were not auto before the change are now back to not auto. The support people do not have a clue or so would seem and I have lots of answers from the support that clearly says they don't have a clue. Every reply is repetitive -clear your cache, make sure you have the latest and so on and so forth. I am wondering if the new...

Slotomania / Card album

Jeremy Verret on May 8, 2017
I, like so many others, have spent a crazy amount of money trying to finish this card album on Slotomania; for some reason, the company has decided to withhold the "Little Red" card from its players. I have done everything to try and finish this album but cannot get this card and now they are ending the release of cards leaving thousands of people without the ability to finish their album, needing this one card. I believe I have spent more than enough money to receive this card and I will be removing this game from all of my devices if they do not give me this card. This game stopped being fun when they decided to screw all of it's members except those who are fortunate enough to be on the admin staff.

Slotomania / compensation promised but not received

Chrisan Nienaber on May 3, 2017
I received an email from Dean Underwood after my Quest reset. It said that they would compensate me for the reset. It is now almost a week later and I have not received any feedback after the email that said the compensation would be in my in box. I have sent about 10 emails trying to get feedback from them and I have not received any feedback at all. This seems to be extremely bad customer service.

Slotomania / lotomania internet - my gaming still frozen since april 6

Dinah Anne on Apr 13, 2017
I did finally get through to Support and received this... Slotomania support ticket #INC1630041 - Thank you for contacting us ...nothing heard after that. The site lets me sign in and that is it, except with a 'flip of a page' once in a while which is frozen, no activity at all except if it flips to a page where I have coin due and if I tap on the coin place it stays frozen but when I try it again I discover my coin total has been changed. This is my second complaint I have played for years long before it was owned by who owns it now...I am 77 and I miss it, the entertainment of it. I will...

Slotomania / Booster purchase

Dartman70 on Mar 23, 2017
I purchased the Level Boom Booster during a promotion of 10th Level Blast. The booster was meant to give me a total of 40 times my level up bonus when reaching a level ending in zero. 3 hours after making the purchase, I reached level 1630, and was meant to receive 288 million coins. Instead, I received just the 10th level blast of 10 times the level up bonus, a total of 72 million coins. Added to that, Slotomania states that every purchase will also grant a pack of Sloto cards, as part of another promotion. I did not receive those cards either. I have now contacted the Service Centre for...

Slotomania / Pricing

Lucy Hernandez on Mar 3, 2017
Before reaching platinum status I used to only pay $5.99 to break my piggy bank, now that I just got promoted to platinum, it is a 19.99 to break my piggy bank. Is that the thank you you give to your players? I have spent far more money on coin packages than I should have, and to have you hike up the price that much is a slap in the face. If anything, you would think the price would go lower! What a rip off

Slotomania - Alabama, Monroeville / Slotomania.com

Brody 2 on Jan 11, 2017
Someone or the company is stealing millions and millions of my points. I will go to bed with 92, 000.000.00 and wake up all my points are gone. I have enjoyed playing with Slotomania for a couple of years now but I have reached the end. I refused to keep dealing with a company that steals my points. The last date tis happened was Jan. 11, 2017. It has happened o many times . I would assumed it was just a mistake but it continues to happen. You have to pay to purchase these games from this company.

Slotomania - California, Fullerton / Giving out my phone number

Reviewer87470 on Jan 12, 2016
I don't know if I am making a mistake, but it seems that someone from Slotomania is giving out my Phone number to disgruntled customers! Got 2 calls, (thank God I have their names and Phone numbers, ) in the last 12 hoursI A couple of others where I have only one Name to provide! I stopped playing their games about 3 months ago, due to their loose way of doing things, and I feel they are getting even with me! I cannot get through to anyone, and I don't even want to think about SLOTOMANIA anymore!! Others have to kn ow what is going on! Thanks..

Slotomania / Have not been receiving winnings

mamma jamma on Sep 2, 2015
Have not been receiving winnings from Bonus games such as Wild Pizzeria, where I was playing the Bonus game, won 550x2, @ 500, 000 bet and was kicked out before receiving winnings. Played this game several days ago. Am playing Allstar Christmas game right now, and every time I get a 4 bag Bonus, am kicked out. Therefore, it seems to me that when there's Bonuses involved, money to be paid out, it's not going to happen. However, in contrast, there's no problems alerting to buying coins. During the time of Meyer Lansky, NYC gangster, he ran straight games in his casino, finding it...

Slotomania / LOST points TWICE

Tom Atkielski on Jul 15, 2015
This happened twice in the short time I played SLOTOMANIA!! I went in to play the next day, finding that my Points total was reduced from the amount I left it at the previous night! The first time I left the total point at just around 2 Million! The next day it was at around 345, 000! I wrote in a complaint and was told that they couldn't find anything wrong with it! So I am supposed to LOSE about 1 and 1/2 million points! Ok, I felt it may just be a mistake, and played once more! I played all day, and came out with a point total of about 1 million points! The next day I entered the site...

Slotomania - Alabama, Arlington / Wont load full site options freezes up when i try to buy

Roienell Dringle on Jun 19, 2015
wont load friends/Wont Let me Buy COINS/ No gifts/Freezes up Wont let me take a photo, Load thru my facebook Roienell Dringle.

Slotomania / Takes all your money, never pays out

Marilyn Pelkey on Jun 7, 2015
I have foolishly spent thousands of dollars on this game. I was finally up to 9 billion points. Lost it all in less than 2 weeks. No fun playing a game that costs you money. And can't even pay you back in FAKE money. I will stop playing, feel foolish and stupid for falling for this scam game.

Slotomania / will not let me collecte my coins from my friends

kellyj0317 on Oct 26, 2014
It has been 3 months since I have been able to collect my gifts from my friends that send me ever day I have over 4, 100 friends that send me coins and I have sent many lethers to slotomania and I got one letter that said I should hear from someone by Oct 26 and never heard anything and still not fixed Kelly kbjjameson1@gmail.com. or kbjjameson1@ymail.com

Slotomania / level up

Darlene Viau on Oct 26, 2013
I was playing Slotomania and needed 10, 000 points to level up to level 700. I passed the amount that I needed and it ignored it and changed the amount needed to another 80, 000 points. I want my level up reinstated to show 700 and I want my 1, 300, 00 owing to me. Thank you.

Slotomania - Missouri, StLoius / Mega Bonus Collection

Connie Parish on Sep 7, 2013
I enjoy playing slotomania for about 2 years now. Recently I noticed my account is not highlighted "Like", so I pressed the button and nothing. For almost two weeks I press the "Like" button and when I collect my the mega bonus, I do not get 10% for having "like" the game. Does anyone know how to change this? For almost 2 years I had indicated "Like" then it just shuts off and won't allow me to press it again. Thank you, Connie

Slotomania / i been cheated

syed nawaz on Feb 25, 2013
i have been cheated from your bull ### game i purchased thrice a times of slotomania coins worth rupees 192.89 AED total 578.67 AED but still i didnt get a slotomania single coin whts this kinda cheat, am gonna file a complaint again ur game near my police station if the action will not gonna take as soon as possible i need a asnwer y this problem happened with me just reply me here syednawaz123@yahoo.com

Slotomania - California / 300 million missing coins

Lmacy1961 on Dec 28, 2012
I have been a player of the slotomania slot game for over a year. Last night I had 297+ million coins. This morning I increased my winnings to 333 million. When I logged back into my account this afternoon, my balance was 32 million...slotomania took bak the chips that were obtained by legal playing. I am not the only one this has hppened to...their facebook page has dozens of the same type of complaint today. There is no way to file a complaint with the company! I am very upset that they can be allowed to do this. The site will charge you $100 for a million chips so how can they justify taking 300million chips from me? If you could please look into this matter.

Slotomania - Minnesota / gaming on line

lkhanse on Dec 6, 2012
I'm not sure where Platika LTD is actually located as they have nothing on the web about contact names or phone numbers, only a web address: www.platika.com. I have an ipad and have been playing a game called Slotomania which is marketed by Platika LTD. I recently purchased $19.99 worth of points only to lose them all when the site asked me to click on something to collect a bonus. I lost all of the points I'd purchased plus the ones I had accumlated as well as all of the levels I had worked up to over the past six months or so. I'm very frustrated that there is no customer...

Slotomania / Support issues

Lyn B on Jul 29, 2012
1. Max bet with 4 or 5 in a row, chances are the bonus will freeze while playing OR when you complete bonus and 1st posting pops up, it freezes and gets a "Opps connection lost, please reconnect" posting over 1st winning post preventing you to click claim coins. 2. Screen shots attached to customer support showing issue and they compensate you under a million (700, 000.00) for a winning that IS 250, 000, 000 million in the Texas Oil Bonus round that is a rare 5 in a row bonus at max bet regardless of screen shot proof my Sloto game account. 2nd reconnect was while playing a 4 in a row bonu...
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