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Jul 29, 2019

If anyone has figured out the proper way to file a real complaint against this company please let me know. I read all the reviews about this company when we first had our loss due to water damage in the kitchen last July 2018. I knew it didn't matter which mortgage company you had but came down to this company. So I self funded all my repairs and held on to the check from my insurance company. When EVERYTHING was completed. I submitted a certification from the contractor that there were no liens and all work was completed. I scheduled my inspection and confirmed they acknowledged at... / class action lawsuit against insuranceclaimcheck

Jul 10, 2019

Getting to release funds is nearly impossible. They lose documents over and over again. Each time you call you get a different rep with a different document lost or one that gives the all clear, the funds are being drafted and will be there by Fedex in 3-5 days only to call back and hour or day later to be told NO, you need the same documents you submitted almost daily for 9 months. We have all suffered a loss and this third party company many mortgage companies use is an insult and causes more unneeded grief. Getting my money to rebuild I feel isn't ever going to happen... / obtaining insurance claim funds

May 22, 2019

This company and its employees are incompetent. They do not care about customer service. Every time you call in to talk about the status of your account you get a different person and each of them is just as dumb as the other ones. They told us to send in prepaid envelopes so they can send us our checks then later ask us why we sent in so many envelopes (we sent 4 because they are sending our claim money in different amounts to pay our contractors). They don't know the meaning of simple words such as "total" or "balance". They don't know how to work their own system where they can update the status of pending documents. All in all, this company is the worst to deal with. I will be writing to the bbb. / fire claim reimbursement

Jan 17, 2019

As many of the other have stated, the level of understanding with this company is horrible. They provide a small mountain of required forms that have to be filled out. They also require all transactions to be performed online or mailed. Unfortunately, their website only works about half of the time. I just checked and it is down right now. I actually retrieved quotes from a large number of contractors before and after the required forms were provided. In all cases, the amount of paperwork made the cost dramatically increase and in some cases double. Totally ridiculous. I am left with paying... - California, Fresno / claims process / insurance claim process

Oct 01, 2018

Let me just begin by saying that the level of incompetence and attention to detail within this company is well sub-par and that's being super generous. This company not only lost my check, but once they found it, they allocated the funds to someone else. I called, was told the funds would be available in ten days. The ten days passed; called for an update and was told that "the process was not began when I was told it began and that I would need to wait an additional week". This has now been going on for 2 months!!! Nothing but excuses and go-arounds with these incompetent fools. - Pennsylvania, Pittston / insurance claiming processing

Aug 02, 2018

The process is flawed and ridiculous. No one knows anything and when you question them about the process, they can not give you any reasoning behind it. My contractor has been waiting a month to be paid. My insurance company and home equity loan bank both approved the release of the check within two day...M and T took a month and everything had to be done online or over the phone. I have submitted and resubmitted paperwork but there was always something wrong or they needed more. They also called from an unknown number and leave vague messages to call back, you call back and no one has a clue as to why you're calling. / service

Jul 03, 2018

Have been working on house fire for 7 months now. Every time you call they need more information than he needed the previous call. Every person you call needs different information then the last. I'm not sure they have even done this before. Already spent more money on the house then the claim is worth. They want to inspect the house but won't release the funds. I can't put the house on a foundation until money is received from them.