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Greenbrier International Inc Complaints & Reviews

Greenbrier International Inc / The items were defective and the replacement as well

Nov 06, 2015

We bought supplies for our work from Greenbrier International Inc. We brought the order home and opened it, we found out that almost their item from the pack was defective. We took the order and returned it to the seller, who excused and promised to replace it. After 2 weeks we got the same order .No idea what to do, because we think that it was unavailing to replace it again.

Greenbrier International Inc / The order was in paint and impossible to clean it

Sep 27, 2015

I have purchased from the company Greenbrier International Inc. The order and the process of the delivery was fine and without any delays. However, the order was full in paint and I needed to clean it with water, but I have tried couple of times and nothing helped. Also, the company told me that it wasn’t the reason, so they refused to change the order. How can I clean it and is it ok that the company has refused to help?