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Duracell Batteries Complaints & Reviews

Duracell Batteries / duracell aaa batteries

Jul 16, 2019

Once again. Duracell have proven to be useless and dangerous. Boxes of batteries going to the tip and several electronic items going with them. Brand new batteries leaking everywhere. Keep away from these batteries. I thought it was all over when I threw previous units out, but the problem continues today. A simple torch stored in a travel bag. Not even used for months. Now useless and heading to the bin too.

Duracell Batteries / &AA'& &AAA& batteries

Nov 26, 2014

This is to inform you that the "Duracell Batteries" "AA" "AAA" "D" in the past three years has caused great damage to the devices that I installed the batteries into. This " BATTERY LEADAGE" I thought was just a temporary manufacture discrepancY. However, in purchasing the above mentioned batteries at different locations and at different dates through the last couple of years the situation did not improve. The above mentioned batteries were still causing damage to the devices I used them in. So of course I went to another name brand of batteries and haven't had any damages. I even used...

Duracell Batteries - Wisconsin, Upson / leaking/corroded batteries

Feb 16, 2012

February 16, 2012 We have used duracell batteries all our lives, my husband and I are 55 years old, we have 3 grown children and currently 4 grandchildren we are battery consumers trust me and we have always bought duracell. Over the last year we have had a 3 cell flashlight completely ruined from leaking battery acid, we couldn't even get the batteries out they were so badly corroded. Also we had the same thing in a regular flashlight and most recently just yesterday our thermostat went completely dead (not great in Northern Wisconsin in February) for our furnace and when we removed the...