Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Waverly, New York, United States

CVS Caremark Distribution / complaint about managment

Feb 17, 2012

I had made a complaint about the way management handles things at my job today along with a few other made complaints and we met with the head of HR about it later that day we were terminated cause we stood up for what's right we may not even get paid for the vacation time we've...

Aisling Rags Ragdolls / SICK KITTENS


WARNING! Jessica from Aisling sold me a kitten TRITRICHONOMAS FOETUS and GIARDIA in AUGUST 2010. Only 2 days after having him- he was way below the average weight for his age and having diarrhea. I took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with giardia. I called Jessica and asked if hi...

Aisling Rags / Aisling Rags Complaint


I have a complaint against Aisling Rags, a ragdoll cat breeder in Waverly, NY. Here is my story. I saw her website and emailed her to see if she had any available ragdolls. She emailed back that she had a young ragdoll cat she'd like to sell. I asked her why she wanted to sell the...

Elderwood at Tioga / Fired


Remember when I complained overtime. Well the same day the administrator came and talked to me and "requested" I "correct" what I wrote. Well quess what happens 2 weeks later I WAS FIRED. Reasoning- I missed documentation on what we call the MAR, this tells what meds we give and we initial...

Elderwood at Tioga / Overtime


I was informed recently that if we worked any overtime we needed to fill out an exception log to be paid this overtime. I have been working there since Feb. 2009 and just found this out. Nobody is told this when getting hired. I was not paid for the overtime I put in. I did a lot of 12...

vivetra [ sex pill ] / did not order. and do not want my credit card charged


vivetra , did not order these sex pills. and shipped them back to you. do not charge my credit card. call me at [protected] so we can take care of this matter. thank you cathy barry address 760 rt.17c Waverly,N.Y. 14892.