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ADVERTISIMENT reviews & complaints complaints 275 - Groupon in General

I bought a few groupons as gifts for family members and the next morning i couldn't access my account. I contacted customer service and was told i had somehow violated their terms and services agreement. Im not sure how though cause they won't tell me! I asked what i did and was threatened with legal action LOL for buying your products? Go for it! - Unauthorized account deletion

Groupon deleted my account. I had coupons that I had yet to redeem. Groupon seems to be eliminating customer service options. The only option I could find is email so I sent them a message about a week ago. I got no reply. I tried to send another email today - I got a form field but the button to send it would not function. I think this company is about to tank. Watch the execs get golden parachutes while their rank and file are told they're out of a job and all the customer money they're holding is lost. Where is our consumer protection bureau?

Desired outcome: money back and all my info scrubbed from Groupon servers

Dec 05, 2021 - My account doesn't exist anymore

I am trying to use my Groupon bucks for a refunded Groupon (because the business closed) that they wouldn't refund to my card but instead put back on my account as Groupon bucks. It's only $36 in Groupon bucks and my old emails say they never expire. My account no longer exists yet I haven't deleted it or done anything that breaks Groupons rules to have it closed. Please reinstate my Groupon account, I like to look back at my old Groupons and purchase new Groupons every year.

Desired outcome: Reinstate my original Groupon account and Groupon Bucks

N - Account deletion without permission with over usd 1000 worth of unused groupons.

I've been a Groupon customer for the past few weeks and have purchased/used a Groupon coupon for almost all days of the past 2 weeks. I yesterday made 4 high valued Groupons purchases and I got confirmation mails with order numbers till last afternoon. Then suddenly, in the night, I was unable to access my account. I had never experienced anything like this. It first said incorrect password and I carefully checked what I was typing... Nothing. I then tried to reset the password, but I got a message saying that there was no account linked to my email!

I have thousands of dollars of unused Groupon. My credit card information is still on the website, which I am unable to access.

I have tried contacting customer service via chat and emails and I keep being told to wait. They have also not been able to clarify what went wrong or to guarantee my personal and financial information is safe.

Same thing happened with me. Did you get your account back. - Stole my money!

They keep closing my account or taking my credits / groupon bucks.
Today, 2021.11.15 I tried to redeem my groupon bucks but they had already voided them from my account. They had done this previously in the spring.
Finally found how to contact live chat, but the CS said the bucks were taken by the computer as expired and there's nothing left to do!

I pointed out today was 11.15 so the credits that expired on 11/15 were still valid until midnight) No matter what I said or asked, CS gave me the same corporate answer: computer took them, this is done. Period.

Asked to speak to a supervisor, but they wouldn't pass me on. Asked for a phone number to call, they said the chat was all they do, no phone calls.
Then the CS person said "we're done" and ended chat.

Desired outcome: I WANT MY CREDITS or MONEY BACK!

R - Customer Service

I attempted to purchase a pair of tickets for a Christmas show. Because of a website malfunction, my purchase was multiplied several times. My $200 purchase turned into a 10 ticket, $1, 200 nightmare. I immediately contacted Groupon. Not able to call and speak to someone, I reached out through the chat window. I discussed the issue in detail over and over to several Agents and the lack of understanding and the inability to answer my questions made the already bad situation worse. None of the help Agents would help me correct the issue. After begging and pleading over and over again, a Supervisor called me and we spoke over the phone. He was very understanding and grasped the problem. He assured me he would cancel all of the extra ticket orders. A week later, I started getting emails from Groupon asking me if I still want these tickets in my cart? When I checked my Groupon account, I can see multiple windows regarding the multiple ticket orders. Some said purchase cancelled, some said purchase pending, one said purchased approved. Concerned about the orders that said PENDING, I started another chat with an Agent to look into it. After a long back and forth, the Agent assured me I was charged for only one set (2 tickets) and all other orders were cancelled. Another week goes buy and I receive two emails from Ticket Master saying my tickets are available for download. Following the link, I see there are 4 tickets purchased. I started another chat and the Agent could not grasp the problem. I repeatedly (3 times during the chat) asked for the conversation to be escalated to a Supervisor. The Agent finally said she would escalate it and ended the chat. No Supervisor ever reached out to me.

Desired outcome: Clarity on my purchase and the correct number of tickets purchased. - Hotel Booking NYX Hotel London Holborn tuesday 19/10/2021 - Friday 22/10/2021

Groupon Order number - [protected]
I wish to cancel this booking - it is within the time permitted for a full refund.
I have tried to cancel on the Groupon website but when I try to cancel it just directs me to an error 404 message.
I have been unable to contact Groupon via telephone - as Groupon don't seem to have one - one number picks up and then just cuts you off!

Desired outcome: I want a full refund in accordance with the terms of the booking - Charged a hotel stay for $338.55

On Friday, July 30, 2021 I book a hotel stay with Groupon for Microtel and Suite (which is under the Wyndham hotels). The hotel stay was for Friday night, Saturday night and leave at checkout on Sunday morning. We arrived to the hotel at about 10pm and the hotel had a sewage smell on the outside but I went in and checkin. Less than 10 minutes later after going up to the room I came back do because the smell was Unbearable not to mention the things this hotel said it had to offer it didn't have anything. They took these great pictures and this hotel looked nothing like what was provide. I feel tricked into booking and my money was taken and no one wanted to help . I ask the clerk at the front desk for a manger but he would not help. I could not stay there because I started feeling I'll because of the smell and start to get a migraine. I called Wyndham and they referred me to Groupon. Groupon referred me to Expedia but no one will be they bounce the blame back and forward. I have to book at a Day Inn for the night. And stay my last day at a different hotel. I spent most of my Saturday calling Wyndham to get a booking number that Expedia was requesting to pull up my information. I chatted with Groupon and they gave me a number but Expedia it was the number they use to pull up their booking information. Expedia used my name email address and every piece of information I knew of myself to give to them but they still could find my information for this booking. I ask for a manger at Groupon and because of Covid one wasn't available and I had to wait on a follow up email. I wanted a refund because I didn't stay at that hotel and couldn't stay at that hotel with my family. I spend $338.55 for a hotel that I could not stay in. I spent less than 30 minutes in that building and most of the time was requesting to speak with someone that could help. I just need a refund. All I originally wanted was to book somewhere else. But it not fair for me to have to pay for a room that I could not stay in.

Desired outcome: Refund of $338.55 - Cheating customer

Help Groupon has locked my account giving me the reason that due to Violation without explaining all of a sudden, they could not find the account. Groupon has a total of 5 vouchers + Groupon Buck...

Read full review - I did not receive Groupon in email after credit card was charged.

I signed up as a guest to order a Groupon on 08/28/2021. I gave my information and did not receive my Groupon in my email. My credit card was charged. I tried to contact customer service, from many sites and information, to find out what had happened. I do not have a Groupon number since I did not receive the Groupon for reference. The charge will need to be attached to an invoice to find out what happened. I will have to dispute the charge on my credit card now. I will not use this company again. As large as this company is they can not help a customer. I did want to use the Groupon.

Thank you,
Maria Boyle

K - 2x groupons for zoom teeth whitening for 1 hr at imperial smile beauty

I bought teo zoom led teeth whitening groupons for myself and my son. I researchec and read losds before deciding to go with imperial smile beauty. There teeth whitening is advertised on their website at £250 and lasts 1 hour with 3 15 min sessikns of led light with 3 separate bleaching/whitening put onto teeth. Also cleaning before, after and during. This did not happen, we only got 2 lots of bleaching/whitener with 3 x led light and no cleaning befote, in between or after. I had no noticeable differencd and asked if i was to do it agsin if it would notice bit was told it wouldnt. My sons lightened a bit but was patchy. We have since found a different place thst can gusrantee 10 shades whiter or monry back . Also told me it will work on me.

Desired outcome: Refund or partial refund

Aug 09, 2021 - Sunsport Olympia Luggage

I ordered a rolling duffel bag on Saturday Sept 7th. On Monday am, I emailed the merchant to check whether this could be overnighted (as I need this ASAP for a trip) stating that if if couldn't get to me soon, I would need to return it. I made no mention of dates, or indicated that I WOULD return it, just could this be expedited. I received an email reply stating that, no they couldn't overnight, so they took t upon themselves to cancel my order and issue a refund.
"Since there is no point is sending it to you and have you then send it back to us, I am going to cancel your order and you will receive a refund from Groupon shortly"
I did not authorize this at all- I am LIVID! I emailed immediately saying DO NOT CANCEL! I can make it work. TOO late. This customer service rep, took it completely upon himself to make a decision on my behalf.
he decided that the earliest it could arrive was several days from now etc. and his decision was to cancel my bag. I'm now without anything and scrambling to find something to accommodate my trip. I'm disgusted, and furious.

Desired outcome: None! - Refund

I reached out to Groupon about an issue with credit in my account disappearing. They asked for more info - credits numbers & expiration dates, etc., They responded with a very nasty threatening email stating "Upon review of your account, we have identified a violation of our Terms of Service. Because of this, we have closed your account and request that you discontinue use of our website and services immediately and note that we are preserving all rights to pursue further action—should it be necessary—to preserve the integrity of our program and the best interests of our company."

At this point, they have taken money for a product/service I never received. The threat with we are preserving all rights to pursue further action—should it be necessary" is not taken lightly by me.

I have reached out to them to request an actual reason they decided to just keep my money. No response at time of complaint.

Desired outcome: Refund & I promise to NEVER use your service again - Full synthetic oil change

Order # [protected].
Purchased 07/16/21 For Full synthetic oil change from 561 Repair.
I went to print the Groupon coupon the next day, 07/17/21, and the Groupon site said it was redeemed already. I never was present at the mechanic on 7/17/21. This is fraud. I called the business and spoke to Ray. He said don't worry about it. I made appointment for 7/20/21. I brought my car in on 7/20/21 and Ray said cancel your Groupon coupon and I will only charge you $55 dollars cash so you save money. I said you already redeemed my coupon. Ray then did the work and damaged my drain plug saying I may need a new drain pan. He charged me $80 for the damage. Now my car is leaking oil.

Desired outcome: Refund

G - Delivery time

I have ordered a drees from groupon with a delivery time of 7 working days it has now been 10 when I did manage to contact groupon they said that it was a problem with the supplier and I should email them witch I have already done when it was late the groupon rep did not want to help they just escalated it and it was nothing that groupon could do.
It was it had nothing to do with them buy it was ordered through there app and on there sight

Desired outcome: Refund

A - Groupon as a whole, and it's customer service

Groupon refuses to let me into my account and is asking me to provide information from October 2020 to access my account. I've explained over and over again that I cannot access this information since 1. I cannot get into my account, 2. I have 5 different cards, and 3. Most of my cards were recently updated with a new expiration date.

They refuse to let me into my account though I cannot possibly provide this information.

I've requested to delete my data completely from their system so I can be done with their company for good. Instead, I am receiving emails from the agent I chatted with links to make purchases, when she already knows I cannot purchase anything because the whole company, including the escalation team, refuse to let me into my account since I don't have information on file from October 2020. I sent them the digital receipt I received from October 2020, but it does not have the credit card details that they want. This is the worst customer service in the world.

Desired outcome: Let me into my account or permanently delete me from your systems and never contact me again, including your spam emails about groupon deal - Not fair treatment, and run around closed account after 12 years of membership.

Hi, Groupon has locked my account, for the last 3 months, the total from my 5 vouchers + Groupon Bucks is worth $500. In the month of May, everything was ok, but because of Covitt-19 some of the...

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T - Groupon closed my account and stole $180 in credits from a Groupon I purchased from a business that closed due to COVID

I contacted Groupon about the fact the business had closed per executive order by the Governor due to COVID. They extended the time to use the voucher, but I finally got a call back from the business that they had permanently closed. Groupon refunded my $180 and said that there was no time limit to use the credit. Fast forward to today I go to the app to make a purchase and it logged me out.? Now it won't let me log back in. So I use the "forgot password" and it says an account with my email doesn't exist. WTH? I had this account for YEARS and purchased MANY Groupons. I have the customer service emails confirming the situation with this Groupon, business and the refund of $180.

A den of thieves is what Groupon is. The customer service email is no longer valid. Can't get a new email without an account to log into . This is some seriously underhanded BS.

Desired outcome: I want my $180 back - Deactivated my account with over $400 credit still in my account

On June 24th, 2021, I tried to sign in to my Groupon account and couldn't. I thought I had forgotten the password and hit the forgot my password link. An email from Groupon arrived indicating that I do not have an account with this email. I started to get really worried because I purchased multiple groupons around April 2020 but because of Covid, I was not able to fly back to New York City to see my family. So I turned all the Groupons into credits.

I tried to contact Groupon via online chat but the guy was not very helpful and only said Groupon will get back to me as soon as possible without telling me when and or if I will get all my money back! I paid all in all $427 which wasn't used due to Covid. I haven't signed into the account since only August 2020 and less than a year later, the account was deactivated with $427 missing?
This is fraud!

Desired outcome: All the money fully refunded as I don't trust Groupon anymore

Jun 18, 2021 - Company steals from merchants

I asked Groupon to Remove my business out of their platform after 9 years working with those crooks and they refused to do what I asked. Very disappointingand frustrated situation. I'm in a month to...

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