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Chen Jian — falsches produkt geliefert

Ich habe einen Callaway Golfbag bestellt. 61 US-Dollar mit Kreditkarte bezahlt. Geliefert wurde ein billiges Imitationsprodukt, da ein Fake „Gucci-Schal", den ich nie bestellt habe. Klarer Fall von Betrug! Auf einer Webseite der deutschen Verbraucherschutzzentrale wird vor dieser Firma al...

Online Shopping  · Aug 30, 2019

Keshe Foundation EU Store — pain pen

Product was ordered and payment was received in April 2019, I received a couple of replies saying they had delays but they weren't to fast in replying to my questions. They said I should expect it at the end of July!!! Still no product received and now it's nearly September!!...

Online Shopping  · Aug 27, 2019 — rattan 12 pc patio set

Ordered a patio set over a month ago from Opapfjwe on Facebook advertising for 299.00. Checked order and it said 17 to 25 days for shipping. Received a small nail clippers set with the outside packaging coming from Chayeyuan Chengdu Shuangllu district. With the description of what I...

Online Shopping  · Aug 23, 2019

Leon.Shop — pranela blankets

Leon.ShopMy child playing my phone. He pressed so many coz its not aware of it. Late to realized that my wifi is on. He accidentally pressed the received icon, which means it is completed. I sent msg to the seller but no response. Im afraid if I still be able to get my items? Is there a way to...

Online Shopping  · Aug 21, 2019

Chen Jian GZSWL — I ordered a sun hat and received a "cartier" ring

Order placed 14th Jul 2019 to wedodeeds which I understood to be Canadian as I paid in dollars and this was at the bottom of the email confirming order. "this email is sent in accordance with the US CAN-SPAM Law in effect 01/01/2004. Removal requests can be sent to this address and will be...

Online Shopping  · Aug 21, 2019

Cross Ocean Electronic Co., Ltd — ridgid drill battery charger

I ordered the charger online - and I did not know they were in Hong Kong as well. I waited 10 days for the charger and when it came, it was a mess - I knew it was refurbished but this thing looked like it came out of a dumpster. Plugged it in and tried numerous batteries, including a brand...

Online Shopping  · Aug 16, 2019

SGJ-ExpEcs Technology No.3 — wrong item shipped, no reply for possibility of returning

I've ordered from shoes and got scarf. Not possible to contact them for return, refound. Other wrote

Online Shopping  · Aug 12, 2019

Xpost — unprofessional delivery man

To whom it may concern, I would like to file a complaint against the rider assigned to deliver my parcel. I received a text message on Aug. 7 informing me that my parcel will be delivered.I texted the directions to my address but no rider came to my house and my package was not delivered...

Online Shopping  · Aug 11, 2019

Flexsole — insets for shoes etc.

What is the charge 139.87 for I ordered some flexsole insets for shoes and there was no place to retract my order on the sales form I also ordered 3 pairs at $20.91 each and also there was no place to fix my order 60.91 was the listed price and the 139.87 was for 5 sets of shoes boots etc...

Online Shopping  · Aug 08, 2019

Lingjessy — seller is scold customer stupid

LingjessyI have drop a order to Lingjessy on august 5, but seller Lingjessy is private text me will be ship out On tomorrow mean August 6, but until August 6 night time i check the status still is pending on the tracking number without any update, then i decided to cancel order after verified thi...

Online Shopping  · Aug 06, 2019 — skechers

I ordered 2 pairs of skechers and I got a fake canada goose scarf instead. I have email them and had two replies about it was a mistake and they can't send me out anymore cos they are out of stock, so I asked for a refund and had no response since. And now I have found that the...

Online Shopping  · Aug 06, 2019

Nutrition Nerd — absolutely no reply from seller. they take your money and play dead

I placed an order on the aforementioned website on the 11/07/19. My credit card was charged immediately. I received a confirmation of payment by email, but not of the order. I filled the site's "Contact Us" form out several times, and never received any kind of answer from anyone. In the...

Online Shopping  · Aug 04, 2019

Gold Violin — shoes

I am a Camp Fire Survivor for the November 8th wildland fire that burned down the town of Paradise in Northern California that effected 25, 000 people. I had bought 2 pair of shoes online, to replace the clothes I lost in the fire. I bought 2 pairs of shoes, both same style, different...

Online Shopping  · Jul 30, 2019

DiaBo — article not received/unauthorised charges on credit card

I order a paid of shoes off what I thought was a New Zealand Website: I received an order confirmation and receipt for $202. The shoes that arrived were not the shoes I ordered, nor were they the right size. I have made several attempts to contact the seller, only to...

Online Shopping  · Jul 20, 2019

Gabriela Oprea — sex toys scam

We sell female sex toys, this customer Gabriela Oprea of Gabriela Oprea 65 Rydal Gardens Wembley London HA9 8SA United Kingdom email [protected] ordered on our website then opened a credit card charge back after a few weeks, her credit card company has issued him a full refund...

Online Shopping  · Jul 20, 2019 — satwave

I ordered three SatWave devices from Gotagher. After receiving them and installing on my TV, I was not able to get more than 10 channels. I have made several attempts to contact them the return the items for a refund, but the e-mails keep coming back. I went to the website and could not...

Online Shopping  · Jul 17, 2019

Brand Shop ( — unauthorized credit card charge, wrong item send, no answear the e-mails

Brand Shop (, I ordered a "2017 Automne Femme Sac cabas Grainy en cuir Karl Lagerfeld noir Sortie #WRW2DNO, 1, 47.83" (so a black leather bag( from the "" website on 24...

Online Shopping  · Jul 17, 2019

Novelty Goodies — calming dog bed

Novelty GoodiesCalming dog bed, based on description and pictures on their website I purchased a large TAN pet bed received PINK. I have a male dog. False advertising pictures of pet beds on site. It's flimsy, no support, no padding, no firm sides as shown and absolutely no cradling comfort at all! What...

2 comments Online Shopping  · Jul 13, 2019 — they are selling cheap and fake items

The worst service possible from this disgraceful company, they should have their trade license revoked because of this pathetic customer service. We ordered a self assembly wardrobe which was delivered a few days later, the contents were damaged, scratched and in a bad condition...

Online Shopping  · Jul 13, 2019

DaiBo — cooler pure air

On June 17, 2019 I ordered on line 2 Pure Air Coolers & paid with my Visa $ 223.98 for 2 with a 3 year warranty. The order number is WV [protected] & the tracking number is LL [protected] CN. Today July 12, 2019 I received only 1 from Canada Post at 12:36 pm, Guarantee code CPA 3. Would...

Online Shopping  · Jul 12, 2019 — pair of "cellulite reducing yoga pants"

cssignraveocean.comFirst of all the item they "advertise" is "nothing" like the item they send. These "cellulite reducing" YOGA pants were supposed to have "honeycomb shaped rubber lining" that's supposed to massage your legs while exercising, "that IS NOT what they sent me." First of all the size I ordered...

Online Shopping  · Jul 09, 2019 — stealing personal info/phishing/identity theft.

jlsnzjonline.comOn July 1st 2019 I purchased an Item from them. This website offer free shipping for all items purchased above $15.00 and guaranteed delivery in 24 hours (see screenshot attachment). All appeared legit as the site came back with payment verification info. My credit card was never actually...

Online Shopping  · Jul 09, 2019

ToyCheer — lego

I have ordered and paid for, got a receipt for 6 different types of lego creations. Instead I received a little die-cast metal car!!! Please see 2 emails below regarding this order. — The order details are as follows: — Order No.: 573 Seller website: Payment Date&Time...

Online Shopping  · Jul 07, 2019

SpyHunter — safecart enigma software spyhunter

Spyhunter Con Artists Payments taken after cancellation of subscription without authorisation. Thank you for using SafeCart Payments The total of your original order was: 31.19 GBP The total amount refunded for: 31.19 GBP Thank you for using SafeCart Payments! Provided below is a summary list...

Online Shopping  · Jul 04, 2019

Chen Jian — received incorrect item

Saw an advert for on Google for sale of Radley bags etc. Purchased 3 items - 2 handbags and one purse. Stupidly didn't take note of exact date or cost...was approx. £40 (over the amount to get free postage and packaging!!)... Received package on Friday 28th June and instead of the handbag...

Online Shopping  · Jul 04, 2019

The Blue Pearl — items not received. nearly 3 months later.

The Blue PearlI purchased two moroccan pouffes for $101 on 28.4.19 from The Blue Pearl Shop. It seemed like an authentic website. I received a confirmation of payment and still haven't received my items. I have called - the number says there is no one aviailable and emailed. How do i get my money back please? Thanks Bianca [protected]@thebluepearlchefchaouen.shopS

Online Shopping  · Jul 01, 2019

The Blue Pearl — moroccan pouf

Looks like i'm yet another person with the same story. I ordered a leather pouf april 2nd, and contacted them a month later as I didn't have any updates on processing or tracking my order. I was ensured it was taking time to make, and it would be shipped out as soon as possible. Then I...

Online Shopping  · Jun 28, 2019 — online shopping fraud horrible people are disguised as a footwear shop based in the UK. They advertise top-end shoes on the site I purchased a pair of Timberlands for $189.73AUS. I received a pair of black, plastic based sneakers with a smiley face on them. They made me do...

Online Shopping  · Jun 24, 2019 — no refund or no package bought a item from this company on April 25, 2019 It was a BT21 Christmas Pink Hoodie $49.94 All they tell me when i ask them about the item is it takes time for forign company to process and i asked them bunch of times and get the same answer I have asked them on website and email when...

1 comments Online Shopping  · Jun 23, 2019

Dame — them suing mta for refusing to run their ads on the subway cars, citing their right to freedom of speech.

DameUm... No. These ads were denied because you actually showed pics of the products and the words SEX TOYS. Couple these with the fact that CHILDREN ride mass transit nearly daily is what is holding you back. I agree the museum of sex ads are questionable as well, as well as the ED ads for...

Online Shopping  · Jun 22, 2019

Epic Deals — my product is no of 3 shirts l size but I have received different size

Epic DealsDear sir, 1- Date- [protected] 2- I have ordered 3nos L- Size shirt but it not received correct size . 3. request for refund & return the item. 1. I online order three shirt as per attached mail on dated 18.06.19 though Facebook account, we received three shirt on date 22.06.19 after we...

1 comments Online Shopping  · Jun 22, 2019

Komodo Gazebo — wrong item send

Komodo GazeboI have purchased komodo premium 3m by 3m pop up gazebo marquee tent but in return I received pop up bazebo not the tent I have send enless emails and photos to kogan having no luck resolving the matter saying it is the correct delivery and I should enjoy it not soo happy and wanting to...

Online Shopping  · Jun 19, 2019

CustomerCentreHone — powered suitcase that follows you

This item was featured in my Instagram account. Finding the product very innovative, I ordered it as the special offer showed 0.01$. When I made the payment, 9.91$ was debited from my account. I have been repeatedly sending mails on the delivery. It's more than 2 months and I have not...

Online Shopping  · Jun 18, 2019

HealiTHOP — outdoor transparency tent

On March22, 2019, I ordered the above product, Outdoor Transparency Tent, at a total cost to me of $126.68. I have been unable to contact this company to check on this order and have not received it as of today's date, June 14, 2019. The order Number is 2088. Just wanted to warn...

Online Shopping  · Jun 14, 2019

Wig Diary — failure to refund money/company sent wrong product

I ordered a wig. The company sent the wrong wig. I contact the company and sent them pictures to prove they sent the wrong wig. Now the company wants me to pay additional money to ship product back. I don't think I should have to pay additional money to return a product that I didn't...

Online Shopping  · Jun 13, 2019 — never received anything from them

Order summary Stila eyeshadow - glitter liquid eye shadow × 1 6 pack £5.99 Wireless bluetooth headphones noise cancelling & microphone 8 colours × 1 Rose gold £14.99 Buy 3 get 3 free reusable eyebrow shaper stencils template tools × 1 £3.79 Shipping £2.99 Total £27.76 gbp Ordered in...

Online Shopping  · Jun 12, 2019 — cigarettes websites that are a scam and Scam do not buy from websites that ask bitcoins or amazon gift cards or western union, buy with credit cards only!!! They took my money and I never saw a package!! all comments are paid by them saying that they are a good company! be aware and...

5 comments Online Shopping  · Jun 06, 2019

Lifestyle Vouchers — zeroing accounts

Saving some vouchers I got at work for my sons birthday, they cleared the account of £130 of unused credit. Legitimate in their small print, but felt totally mugged. I'd been given them as a reward from work, but by not using them all at once, my account expired, and they took the money and...

Online Shopping  · Jun 04, 2019

Metro — voucher of dermcare

Because of the conditions na hndi ko na meet na delay ung supposedly n pag gamit s voucher. So since pede nmn I extend pina eextend ko sya. Pero ang ending ginamit ko n daw. Sad. Hndi nakikipag coordinate ung derm care. Sept 2018 expiration. Nag email ako s knila januar19. Then ginamit ko...

Online Shopping  · Jun 03, 2019

Xpost Integrated — delivery

Kahit kailan mabagal ang delivery ng xpost integrated minsan no choice lang tlaga kasi sila ang courrier ng supplier if I had other choice I rather choose ninja van. May 25 forwarded to cavite till now may may 27 hindi pa din na dedeliver.. Mas mabilis pa ang order overseas.. Sana...

Online Shopping  · May 26, 2019