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Regservo / Regservo

Apr 15, 2016

They said their Program would fix error #0x80041321 Task Host corruption and a whole host of other problems, speed up my boot time, etc., etc., etc. & came w/satisfaction guarantee (money back warranty). Speaking w/online support chat personnel, whereas THEY wanted $170.00 more (plu...

City Best Appliance Atbp. Trading Corporation / Worst customer service

Mar 01, 2016

City Best Appliance Atbp. Trading CorporationHi we actually avail of a condura ref at city best appliances at salawag branch. When we were just getting the item it was really hassle free and very easy. Now thay we are already their clients we are now treated as if we can't pay our monthly obligation. We do understand that they...

Copper Mobile / The app was useless and this company was disorganized

Feb 26, 2016

We worked with Copper Mobile and it was awful project and work. We have signed the contract and the management was so disorganized and the owner cancelled all the meetings. We had the project, which was connected with the app, and the company provided the project manager, who disappeared... / They damaged my iPad mini

Feb 26, 2016

I sent my iPad mini to I got it back and the case was damaged and the screen had scratches. I emailed the customer services and informed about the damage. I thought that they must solve the problem, but the customer services decided not to help me and ignored my...

Emerald Integrations / Backup Camera

Feb 23, 2016

Emerald Integrations – Buyer Beware When I made my purchase from their website for a Tundra review camera integrated into the handle, it read OEM handle. Upon receiving the unit, it was in no way an OEM product. I first noticed that the camera was hand glued into the handle. Not a big deal...

Curry's UK / Poor installations

Feb 20, 2016

Curry's has sent out 3 different teams of "engineers" to install a very simple 60cm range hood by Logik. The first team, left my front door open, stood on my new hob, bent the chimney of the hood to try to force it into place, blew the electric in the house, requiring an electrician to... / The rep replied in very rude and disrespectful manner

Feb 19, 2016

I wanted to buy new Canon camera and decided to check the review before purchasing. I went to and I read a lot of reviews, so everything was mixed up in my head. I decided to reach the reps and asked them, because they knew a lot about the cameras and other photography...

One Touch Electronics / Faulty dstv installation

Feb 17, 2016

I have never had a problem with dstv up until One Touch Electronics in Benoni came to install dstv hd with the dual installation. The dual has not worked since they came last year November. First of all we will schedule an appointment for 1pm then they will stand in front of your gate at...

Controller Plus / Paid 238 and Never received controller

Feb 16, 2016

Never received controller. On their youtube channel there are many more people they have scammed out of money. This company has 0 employees, no phone number that works to speak with anyone. Anyone can put up a fake website and steal money. Read all the reviews, don't lose your money like we all did.

Petra Connect Boost Mobile / The phone was hardly used, but it started to hang up

Feb 12, 2016

We bought the phone for our daughter from Petra Connect Boost Mobile. She left it home and didn’t bring to school. However, when she wanted to call me, she said that the phone hanged up and she waited 10 minutes while he again started to work. I went home and checked the phone. It didn’t...

Senq Kuching CityOne Mega Mall / Water heater & amp; cooker hood

Jan 29, 2016

Bad experience I have with SenQ Kch. First the installer broke my shower tray and till now still haven't replace. Senq cityone try to push their responsiblity away with their manager not even follow up with this. Then i went to senq boulevard to buy cooker hood. have told the senq manager... / Scam website!

Jan 22, 2016

I have found the website from the google. WWW.AIPTNS.COM I have sent email and they replied me. The products prices are too low and they gave you free products also. I was talking with a 26 years old female with the name Bella Lin in skype only. I have sent the money, $260 via western...

Clinkink / Refusal to Refund

Jan 22, 2016

I bought three (3) Ink Cartridges from Clinkink in September 2015. The first Cartridge worked very well and later ran out of Ink. When I replaced the emptied Cartridge with one of the two Cartridges I had left, it failed to dispense ink properly. That is, the printing was very poor. I...

Shenzhen Litong Agel Ecommerce Ltd / Electronic Products

Jan 13, 2016

Shenzhen Litong Agel Ecommerce LtdI Have paid for products online and I have not recieved them yet. I had paid for electronic products and paid $503USD for the products and $233USD for customs. I have been sent falsified documents and false pictures of the parcel. I have constently asked and it has been 2 months now and I... / is a DROPSHIPPER not a real reseller

Dec 30, 2015

Be aware from IGOGO.ES! They mark some items with "Hong Kong home" sticker to inform the item is shipped from china or HK. So the items WITHOUT these stickers should be shipped from Euro area... Not at all! The ship EVERYTHING from China. In few words they are "dropshipper": only web site...

Inncg.Com / Consumer Electronics/Laptops bought for $1790-product never shipped

Dec 26, 2015

On 11-16-2015 I placed an order for 5 cell phones with INNCG.COM for the sum of $1195. I made payment through Western Union to recipient name Anhui Wang. Payment was picked up on 11-17 by Anhui Wang. Mr. Wang then states that he cannot ship the cell phones because they do not have enough...

Obie 1nder Promotions. / The manager wasn't careful with laptop and the sound didn't work

Dec 25, 2015

I brought my laptop to Obie 1nder Promotions. The manager said that he would repair the laptop and gave the quote of $70. When I came back to pick up the laptop, the manager wasn’t accurate and my laptop fell on the counter. The manager excused and said that it wouldn’t damage my laptop. He...

TV Center / False Advertising/Scamming

Dec 19, 2015

I was happy to have ordered a TV i was looking for, at a good price. I called the warehouse ([protected]) several hours after placing the order, to make sure everything was OK. I also wanted to find out if they were an authorized dealer of this LG TV, since this model is listed on...

Emerson 50 in. TV / TV suddenly stopped working after ONLY 8 months!

Dec 04, 2015

After only 8 1/2 months of use from a brand new tv, the unit just stopped working. (purchase date 03/11/2015-date of failure 12/03/2015).They will pay for parts but I have to pay $210.00 for labor to replace the circuit board, which is more than double the price of the part. I am...

Prestige Marketing Inc / No money and no filters

Dec 03, 2015

I purchased vacuum cleaner from Prestige Marketing Inc. I was shocked when I opened the box and there was cleaner, but no filters. I needed to purchase them separately, so I paid another fee to this company and waited for the filters. I waited 4 weeks and the company ignored my question...

CoinMarch CSC Serviceworks / this company doesn't fix customers' problems

Dec 03, 2015

Recently all the washers and dryer machine in our building broke. We called to CoinMarch CSC Serviceworks. We informed about the problems and the agent said that the team would arrive and fix the all problems. These guys never showed up and tried to ignore our phone calls. This company doesn’t...

Polaroid / No service

Dec 02, 2015

I bought the TV 4 or 5 months ago. The picture went black last week. I emailed the service department. Two times. I called today. They want me to send it back to California. I am in Lexington, ky. All most $ 200.00 with boxing and insurance. So I said just ship the part. It's a LED...

Inter Aisa Holdings LLC / I didn't get my order and seller lied to me a lot

Nov 27, 2015

I purchased two phones from the company Inter Aisa Holdings LLC. Run from this company, because they asked to pay the deposit for the orders. The seller said that after he would get money, he would ship the orders. However, it was lie. I have wired money and this man avoided me all the...

Max Marine Electronics / The speakers didn't work and the seller hasn't provided return address

Nov 21, 2015

I bought speakers from Max Marine Electronics. I got them and from the first second the speakers blown. I only tried them and after I tried to switch them on, nothing worked. I called to the seller, who agreed to change the speakers, but he didn’t provide the return address. When I called...

SHOBHA FERNANDEZ parcel / parcel box

Nov 19, 2015

i need to know there is parcel box from SHOBHA FERNANDEZ to me c p ambathanna, i m in sri lanka, diplomatic service asked me pay $950 for transport charge. could i know there is a office colombo ?, and i want to know how can i pay ? and need to know is there any parcel to me name c .p... / HCL tablet

Nov 17, 2015

My tablet had been submitted on 3rd September 2015 to HCL service centre.And today is 1st November 2015. HCL is not giving me my tablet.My tablet had two problems camera was not working & there are some dots on the lcd display.HCL had repaired camera but they are repairing lcd.When I... / Seller this shop not sent order,payment seller receive,item not sent to buyer

Nov 14, 2015➡➡🇼🇦🇳🇹🇪🇩⬅⬅ Seller from this shop👇 👉👈👉👈 👉👈👉👈 ☝This website and shop very very not goods from order item from seller bad!!buyer sent payment use money not papper!item not ship to buyer why??seller sent tracking number out system dhl.this seller...

Trade It Used Electronics Inc / The seller is artist and didn't want to take back his awful electronics

Nov 12, 2015

Guys, be very careful with the company Trade It Used Electronics Inc. I went to their shop and searched for laptops, but the seller offered me a big discount, it I bought 3 laptops. The price was affordable, so I agreed. When I brought these laptops home, I figured out that all of them...

Rasmus Auctions / Their electronic products were real rubbish

Nov 12, 2015

I have used different auctions and recently I found Rasmus Auctions. I have bought several electronic products from this auction, but the photos of these items were blurry. When I got the order, I was speechless. The items were rubbish and I needed to repair them or buy additional parts in...

Storymix Media LLC / Their camera and equipment was terrible quality

Nov 06, 2015

I have purchased camera and necessary equipment from Storymix Media LLC. They delivered the equipment before our wedding and I was relieved that they did it on time. But their camera and equipment wasn’t good at all. The camera died on the ceremony and all our friends took photos and video...

Sobe Electronics / The owner has changed prices and refused to provide the discount

Nov 06, 2015

Guys, be aware that the owner of Sobe Electronics is very dodgy and disreputable guy. He sold me the item and the price was $450. On the next day I checked the status of the order and noticed that the price decreased. I decided to check on the next day and the price suddenly increased...

Home Sure of America / They promised to cover the sum of the unrepairable refrigerator and now they decided to think about it

Nov 05, 2015

I bought a refrigerator and it started to leak, so I contacted the company Home Sure of America. Their repair man told that he couldn’t fix it, so he asked me to call to the company and speak with the manager. This manager told that they could cover $100, 000 and I could buy new refrigerator...

Shenzhen Nankuos Industry Co. / Home Electronics

Nov 05, 2015

Shenzhen Nankuos Industry Co.Start date email is 11 August 2015 i transfer the money 2 October 2015 I have placed an order to the company above mentioned for home use electronics goods but this company make a fraud to me, i pay 650US$ but they did not deliver the goods, please see here under and attachments the sale...

Unitec Servicing / My senior mother in-law couldn't use the vacuum and the company didn't solve her problem

Nov 01, 2015

My mother in-law bought a vacuum cleaner from Unitec Servicing. This company delivered it and looked amazing, but she couldn’t use it. It was difficult to switch it on and she has no strength to switch it on. She was so upset and called to this company, but they spoke in rude manner with my mother in-law and were completely disrespectful.

Urban Retech / They repaired my iPhone and it still hasn't been fixed

Nov 01, 2015

I brought my iPhone to Urban Retech and the technician told me that it would take a week to repair the phone. After 2 weeks I got the phone back, but after I switched it on I noticed that nothing was repaired. I returned to the technician and he told me that it was my problem now and he didn’t...

Zetronics Boston Mass / Hp 720p dashcam

Oct 25, 2015

Purchased the Dashcam Apr 2013. Worked fine until Apr 2014 when it literally fell apart. Made numerous attempts to contact this company to find out if cam can be repaired or replaced ( doubted it would be replaced since warranty expired a week earlier but was hoping. In the course of the...

CB Radio / Using foul language including profane language on channel 19

Oct 13, 2015

I was cussed by several cb radio operators in simcoe county (city of barrie) i was not happy and local cb radio operators within the barrie area were using foul language including profane language on channel 19 i have suspended them from the 11 meter cb band for using swearing thi...

Ubreakifix / They have waited for the detail and didn't return my phone

Oct 11, 2015

It was the first and the last time, when I used the services of Ubreakifix. 2 months ago I have sent my iPhone to this company for the repair. The rep confirmed that the phone was received and told me about the repair process. He provided the approximate price and I agreed to it. However... / Purchase of a printer

Oct 09, 2015

Cyberport.deNever buy any goods as foreigner from If the item arrives damaged they won't issue a return label for UPS to pick it back up. If it's a really heavy piece of equipment they ask you to inform about the shipping costs which for you as private person is almost the same...

Mediamarkt / Unethical behavior

Oct 05, 2015

I got an UHD TV from ( website in Turkey. After the TV was shipped, I called the technical service team to set the TV. As they opened the box, and plugged the TV, they realized that the TVs panel was broken. To find out the cause they looked for faults on the package and...