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CheapPrices24/7 / Electronics

Feb 15, 2017

CheapPrices24/7A total scammer has you pay through google wallet and says he can not access funds for some reason up to 2 times then switches you to venmo where there is no recourse to get your funds back any way. He offer lots of apple products through letgo and will not meet only says he ships. Take...

PSI Electronics / Posted obscenities and false statements on badbuyerlist.Org

Feb 13, 2017

PSI ElectronicsPlaced an order for a Del Latitude adapter on 1/01/17. I waited until 1/16/17 before I sent the seller a message through Paypal asking about the status of the item. She did not answer me but flew into a rage via resolution center: "We knew the second this buyer purchased the item she... / Order issue

Feb 10, 2017

We have purchased a phone from this website Pricebreak and after we paid we received a confirmation message and later they gave us a tracing number. When we decided to try to track our order we realized we were not able to do that. Tracking number they gave us was fake! I contacted Pricebreak...

DJI / Lies lies lies and pathetic service

Jan 30, 2017

I rarely complain to companies about service - in fact this is the first time I have ever felt I need to take action. I am utterly disappointed in the service I received from DJI Thailand. Here goes: This is a terrible place - gives DJI a horrible name. The DJI brand should seriously... / Waste of time

Jan 27, 2017

I wasted a lot of my precious time on FRBatterie and I'm not satisfied with their service. Ordered a battery from them and the one arrived was incorrect. I needed it as soon as possible so I decided to order from another place. I contacted FRBatterie, explained what happened, told them...

Neat / Scanner

Jan 25, 2017

I bought what was advertised as a free standing easy to use home scanner. At no time prior to purchase was ANY information about the need to buy an ongoing monthly subscription to the web based service in order to use the scanner at home mentioned or discussed so now after the... / Cable did not work

Jan 24, 2017

I bought a USB cable for Apple from store and what I received was a total junk. Cable did not work and was poorly made. It was obvious that it had nothing to do with Apple and that it was just a cheap made in China copy. When I contacted them they refused to refund my... / Product not sent. No response to email

Jan 18, 2017

I purchased a magnetic charger cable after seeing a facebook ad. It has been one month and no response. I sent an email to follow up. No response. I've seen other complaints. The company is in Malaysia. I subsequently have seen the same product for less on Amazon. From the other complaint...

Tracy Reddy / Apple iwatch

Jan 14, 2017

Ordered 19th Dec 16, due for delivery between 20th - 23rd Dec 16. Many calls and emails later on the 24th Dec with no response. To this date I still have not have the item or a refund. This so called company is nothing more than a bunch of common theives. According to emails coming out...

Zana / Poor delivery service

Jan 12, 2017

Consignment no:[protected] My parcel arrived at klang center on the 12/1 @8.30am. However until 13/1, I still havent received my parcel. Not only it took ages to get the parcel delivered, but they also took ages for the customer service to pick up the phone calls and many attempt have to be...

Marantz / Horrible service & defective marantz sr7011 receiver

Jan 10, 2017

I ordered a Marantz SR7011 receiver on January 3, 2017, which cost nearly $2000, and when I received it I found that it did not work properly. I called Marantz customer support and spoke to a very rude support agent named Shakima (not sure how to spell her name). During the call she wa...

Courts Mammoth Malaysia / Rude behavior

Jan 09, 2017

Courts Mammoth Malaysiai would like to share a very disappointment experience with courts mammoth m'sia. I bought some electrical devices and sign-on for a 2 years installment plan, this would be my last installment year as of 2017. I defaulted 4months payment due some financial difficulties and their collection...

Willian Ramirez / Haze v3

Jan 04, 2017

Willian RamirezMy haze v3 I just recently bought it for less then a week and my haze is wasting my product spill all over the chamber not even the door opens now I'm not happy about it I hear great stuff from it but now that I have is not even worth 200 dollars my order is 62807 my number is [protected]...

Boom Touch / Boom touch speakers

Dec 17, 2016

I have Been trying to get through the customer service to check on a order I made on the 15th of December and was on hold for a hour and then I get hung up on how in the heck do you get business if you don't answer the phone you guy's are a joke not only that I better not get charged cause...

ATA Electric Ltd. / Salary of employees

Dec 13, 2016

This is bhartendu. I joined this company on 11th july 2013. Before joining the company's so called hr promised me to provide me with all the supports for marketing. I was responsible for appointing dealers and distributors in the assigned territory. Just after 2 days of joining they...

Keylock LMT / Return of tablet

Dec 01, 2016

I sent in my Samsung tablet to get it fixed. That was two months ago. I keep calling and they assure me some one will notify me. They never call back. I have been on the phone for hours, they either hang up on me or say they will get back to me. Never happens! my ticket number i...

Belinda Davis / USB cable

Nov 29, 2016

Belinda DavisI received this package today from Exchain International Lumited 9676 but underneath there's a tag that says Ecommerce Fusion Pty and it had a strange looking USB cable that I did not order. I can't find out who they are or why I got it! Can someone help! I'm hoping this company doesn't...

ShenZhen Rui Xun Electronics / Fake cheap offer for samsung galaxy s7

Nov 28, 2016

Hansam Beware of this company offering various types of incredibly cheap electronics like Iphones, Samsung, Tablets, Scooters etc They just scam people to get money, chasing customers to buy products priced at $100 but never delivered their products. They claim to have office, will ship in...

Al Gonzalez / Not a complaint, but a question about many items not delivered.

Nov 27, 2016

Items not delivered: these are some of the items I had ordered from my first account. 4X6 inch zip locs, 2 lighted jewelers loops, 1 pk red rimmed black rose seeds, 3-cell phone clip on zoom lens, 3-cell phone hug stands, 1-SIM card, 6-light bulb shaped cards, 3-sets 18650 size batteries ...

NorvinMelanie AKA Melanie Temprosa / Return of substandard counterfeit nutribullet she sold

Nov 21, 2016

NorvinMelanie AKA Melanie TemprosaOn October 16, 2016 i send Php2, 000 to a certain Melanie Temprosa ( her number is [protected] to buy a nutribullet machine from Melanie's advertisement on Facebook. It was delivered the next day. After 3 days and 3 uses of the machine, the container wont come off the machine which i... / Terrible service!

Nov 21, 2016

Last week I was passing by one of The Chennai Mobiles showrooms and I decided to check what they had in stock. When I entered the showroom their employee said they were closed and asked me to leave the place. It was only 4 pm and there was no way they were closed that early. In fact there...

Cellular Country / Received bad product. Returned product. Expect complete refund of 21.98.

Nov 14, 2016

Ordered cell phone charger, it was bad when received, would not charge cell phone . I paid 9 dollars in product, I just want my 21.98 refunded . they told me their was 20% for restocking, I was told item was disgarded into trash, and they charged me restocking after checking item out... / I need my money back!

Nov 11, 2016

I have purchased a mobile phone from Myefox and they took my money very fast but they never delivered my phone!! It is now over three months and they still have my money and there is still no product! I was trying to get a refund but they simply ignored me and did not reply! The worst part...

Proscan flat screen 32 inch / Just trying to get an answer on "zooming out" from the picture, if possible.

Oct 25, 2016

None of the sites are showing any solution, if there is one, for my question. I may be able to get help from one, but it would cost me $9.00 to do so and I just bought this set and don't feel I need to pay for the answer to one simple question. Actually, make that 2. My direct TV remote...

PNY Technologies / 32 gig usb memory stick

Sep 28, 2016

Caveat Emptor The worse possible investment you can make is buying from this company. To anyone thinking of expanding their computer systems, using PNY products, I highly recommend DO NOT. In April 2016, I purchased for a PNY 32G USB Stick to use as an External Network Memory. In all...

Global eshopping / Smartphones, mobiles and other electronics items in cheap rates

Sep 24, 2016

Global eshoppingFriends. is fully and 100% scammer and fraud. The dont have their email ID with domain. The person who contacts shows her Mrs Ayaka Lin. She use to send email from winnie.[protected] and [protected] They send attractive offers or smartphone...

Sugarland Industries, Inc / Ink

Sep 14, 2016

These people are INSANE. They just called me again after over a year. This has been going on for almost 3 years. You get a deal on one printer cartridge that doesn't work, so you are already out. They then call your for YEARS saying you agreed to buy hundreds of dollars worth of ink...

CNA Jakaranda Centre / No customer service - no feedback on returned device

Sep 11, 2016

I bought a WD TB2 hard-drive 2 months ago from CNA Jakaranda centre. I had had it approximately a week and when I wanted to use it again, nothing happened. It didn't register on my laptop. On taking it back to CNA, I declared it faulty to the shop assistant. I still haven't...

Cbyrd / Dish TV

Sep 10, 2016

The wind blew and it sprinkled for about 5 Minutes so just like EVERYTIME it sprinkles and the wind blows a bit I have no signal ...a house FULL of people wanting to watch the game but no signal Just switched from Uverse Can't wait to switch back Thanks for nothing bozos

Saturday Sunday Media Internet Pvt Ltd / Fake product mobile chip

Aug 30, 2016

Saturday sunday media internet private limited who running a ecommerce website with name bookmyoffer is totally a 100% fake company who showing a bumper offer and attract consumer to buy. I have seen lots of deadly review about this fake company but not understand all the review the people...

Myrna Pineo / My handy key

Aug 24, 2016

I bought the dash camera (Buy one, get one free by my handy key) on july 22nd. I have yet to receive them. They received my money but I have no product. I would like a refund or the product. [protected] au. Reference number is 742537jaeq63lh. $69. 85. / Laptop Battery Life is out of business?

Aug 04, 2016

What happened with LaptopBatteryLife? I can't enter the site and I can't contact anyone from customer service! I have ordered two batteries from this website and never received my order! I want my money back, but I have no idea how to reach these guys. Some people say they are out of...

Handy Key / Handy charger for iphone

Aug 03, 2016

I placed my order on 6/18/16. I received an email stating that I would be notified when my order was shipped. It states in the email that it will take 15-20 days for your order to ship. By 7/15, which was the 20 day mark, my order was still showing as processing and not shipped. I reached...

Ralph / Roku Telephone Customer Service

Jul 29, 2016

I had a terrible experience with Roku's telephone customer service. I bought a Roku stick at a local electronics retailer. I followed the instructions for installation and setup, including establishment of a password. However, when I was asked for this password a few minutes later, Roku...

Fit-tronics / Don't buy

Jul 29, 2016

Do not buy anything from they are real scammers!! I never received my smart watch and have no idea how to reach these guy. I sent them at east 30 emails, tried their online contact form and called many times but there wasn't a single response! I was supposed to get my...

SpeedyChargers / scam artists

Jun 10, 2016

I have placed an order with SpeedyChargers and did not receive it. So I decided to cancel my order because I needed the battery as soon as possible. My old battery was completely dead and I needed my laptop for work. I emailed SpeedyChargers customer service and asked them to cancel my...

BestAccessoriesUK / defective headphones

Jun 07, 2016

I have purchased headphones from BestAccessoriesUK and the ones I received were broken! When I tried them quality of the sound was very poor and I could hardly hear a thing. Then they just stopped working and there was absolutely no sound. I emailed BestAccessoriesUK numerous times but...

Fire Wire Media / no order and no refund!

Jun 02, 2016

Wanted to cancel my order because it took them forever to deliver it! Ordered my item and waited for ages and since nothing arrived I emailed Fire Wire Media customer service and said that I want to get my money back. They said no over and over again and told that my order cannot be...

Courts Mammoth Rawang, Selangor / Rude services

May 21, 2016

21/05/2015 Nama saya Muhamad Zamir Zamri. Pada tarikh ini saya dan keluarga berurusan di Courth Mammoth Rawang bersebelahan dengan Tesco Rawang. Komplain yang ingin saya jelaskan ialah:- 1) Pekerja yang kurang ajar (NORLIDAH) 2) Tanda promosi yang lama tidak di tanggalkan dan mengelirukan...

OnePlus / I received a broken charger and they refused to exchange it

Apr 18, 2016

I have purchased a One Plus from this website about three months ago and it was working fine, but the charger was broken from the very beginning. I contacted customer service and explained that my charger was not working and that I need another one. They said that it was my fault and that...