Consumer Electronics Complaints | Page 6 / lack of feedback and non-delivery

Nov 11, 2017

As previously commented by another reviewer.. Do not order anything from this website. I ordered a phone usb charger and for three weeks I had one reply to my query as to when the item would be delivered. No response.. I called them but the phone was never answered. The money was taken...

GearBop / ios usb flash drive for iphone and ipad-32gb/red

Nov 09, 2017

Ordered the item on the 18th August 2017. Order #3338. Supplier GearBop confirmed order was on it's way on the same date. My credit card debited on 21st August 2017 with the correct amount. On the 13th September I enquired about when I could expect delivery and was told 14-35 days. After...

Ruizu 8Gb Mp3 Player Lossless Music Player / ruizu 8gb mp3 player lossless music player

Nov 06, 2017

Sir, I had ordered the following items from tomtop site and as on today these items are not supplied to me. Hence you may please inquire about the same and let me have the status of these items urgently. Order no: aa17i29h3934-psbvwa order date: [protected]:39:34 Order no...

Wireless OEM Shop / motorola whisper bluetooth

Nov 03, 2017

How nice my item was set for delivery Nov 3rd! I was told I would have it no later than Nov 1St! Than item arrives and is not a new in package item like I would assume I was ordering since nothing indicated anything else. Instead I receive either a used one or reconditioned one. I will be...

Apollo Worldwide LLC / apollo half time convection oven

Nov 03, 2017

A new oven I purchased had a defect, they sent me a part and promised me $125. for labor costs to repair the oven. It was repaired and they promised me a money order would be sent, it was not. Then they promised me payment via priority mail. What I received was a temporary bank check that...

Mr Golf / frsky xd9 plus

Oct 22, 2017

I purchased and paid the item 24/9/17. After two weeks I contacted them. They said it was going to be another 10 working days, plus shipping time. I asked for a refund!!! They have been avoiding e refund! I have sent 30+ emails and i'm having a nightmare!! Tried ringing them no pick up! Paypal...

Zenobia Smith / belladonna steam flat iron

Oct 21, 2017

I ordered this product in July and still have not received it. My order number is 5000, my email address is [protected] This is probably the tenth email I have sent with no response. With all the negative reviews, I would like my money back. Will be contacting my ank to reverse the...

Fusion5 Android Tablet / tracking purchased product

Oct 14, 2017

on October fourth i purchased a fusion5 10.1 inch android tablet from your website and for $161.91 CAD but did not receive a receipt or conformation email and when i try to log into your website to track my purchase it doesn't recognize my email address or password and when i log in...

Eletronic Express Spring Hill TN / customer service / management

Oct 13, 2017

I had went in to purchase all new appliances! And a new tv. I was greated and was asked if I needed any help. I told the guy what I came in for and he was helping me but constantly pulling his phone out as if he was looking into calaculating the taxes and crunching numbers for me so I...

Future Home Living / faulty wireless keyboard mk710 from logitech

Oct 10, 2017

This is my third faulty keyboard from Logitech, and they have replaced the previous two keyboards, i am now reporting a third fault ( same faulty, which means the product range MK710 is clearly defective ) and i am being told i have to do all these steps which i have, supply document...

Aphiwe / service

Oct 10, 2017

I am not happy about the poor service my son received when he was advised to fetch a parcel that was not at your offices. He called to confirm if the parcel was delivered and was advised to collect, because the shipment has arrived. yet when he got to your offices there was NO parcel.I...

Phonak India / vendor payment & relationship

Oct 09, 2017

A company led by arrogant and rude management; work for them at your own risk. After finishing the project they said, "we'll pay half the amount"! The Last Email sent directly to Mr. Rajnish! A job was assigned to us in the month June 2017 by Darshan & Sapna in a meeting conducted at...

Kalogiannis Vas. / refrigerator - freezer gbp20pzcfs

Oct 01, 2017

I bought the refrigerator GBP20PZCFS but the manual does not contains any information for elerctrical specifications. Which is the minimum and the maximum voltage supply? I have been search in many sites but i didn't find something except of ... images... I send an email in technical...

Radiancy Inc. / nono

Sep 29, 2017

I purchased a NoNo 3/23/13, and when this unit malfunctioned Radiancy (the NoNo seller) let me exchange it for a replacement unit (this was 6/9/14). At this time I purchased a 3 year extended warranty for the replacement unit (I had not bought a warranty with the original unit). I think by...

Apple/sprint / apple iphone 7 plus

Sep 29, 2017

I recently bought a phone from a guy and he said he deactivated his account but he has not and when I went to activate the phone sprint said they couldn't unless he calls and cancels and deactivated the phone... what are letgo policies on this kind of stuff? Can I get my money back? I...

Seicane / car stereo

Sep 28, 2017

I bought a stereo for my van as a birthday gift for myself. I paid almost $600.00 for it not including shipping, when I ordered it I was asked to send a picture and the information (model, year etc) with it to ensure that they sent the proper wires with it. When I received the stereo the...

SE Eletronic / smart watch not working/ warranty still valid

Sep 27, 2017

Order number: [protected] I purchased a Kw88 smart watch on Dec 2016..and received it January 2017. They said there is a one year warranty on the product so therefore the warranty is still valid. So I sent them the evidence because that what she requested in order to help me...then I followed...

Royalene Wilson / proscan tv remote #plded5069

Sep 25, 2017

I was a proud owner of my 4k TV until my remote stopped functioning and I tried to replace it. I purchased it from Walmart but the remotes must be ordered and mailed from a 3rd party. When it arrived and it did not work, I was told that they come reprogrammed and there is nothing more they...

Megan Store / microsoft surface pro 4 never delivered

Sep 25, 2017

I am here to report recent scam, which caused me to lose $4700. 1. Product Name – Microsoft Surface Pro 4. 2. Price – $750. 3. Why it’s a scam – I will describe it later. 4. Website URL – none. I found their contacts on our local advertising website... / emerald crystal bluetooth speaker computer audio box

Sep 16, 2017

Ggudx.comI have purchase the product from link on 25.8.17. The website display item was not of the same thing as show and item is not working at all. I was charged total of rm 299. I am only able to write to [protected] to relate about the product which is from China. I felt being...

Cash Generator Shawlands / ps4 + 2 expensive games

Sep 12, 2017

I had put in my ps4 too buy back, went past date however rang and was given more time of which charged me for... When went in top buy back the New male manager tried pull wool overt eyes by trying flog me a different ps4 not my one and when I questioned him on this he then said this one i...

Catherine cowan / Hair straighteners

Sep 07, 2017

I ordered hair straighteners a while ago and someone got back to me and said that they did not have them any more and she said that she would send me another pair that was similar to the ones I ordered I am still waiting I got back to yous and no won has got back to me I am getting a bit...

Magnify On / price of dyson hair dryer dropped drastically within 1 week

Sep 06, 2017

I shopped on lazada. Sg less than 1 week ago 30th aug 2017, bought a dyson hairdryer without brown box through vendor magnify on lazada. Sg and today 6th sept 2017 when I checked the hairdryer price online, the price dropped drastically from sgd$598 to sgd$499 through the same vendor...

Cash Crushaders Somerset West / parrot drone

Sep 03, 2017

Poor unprofessional and pathetic service received from both managers working at cash crushaders somerset west! They firstly made me wait 4days (I went to shop each day) for me to purchase a parrot drone, when they eventually found the parts they realised that the battery was missing, they...

Digital Bitbox / never received usb product for 50€ shipping price in eu

Aug 26, 2017

I ordered a product from digital bitbox. They charge premium shipping price 25€ for a usb shipping in europe. However they send the product only 3 days after the order. Is that premium shipping??? The product never arrived. Digital bitbox wants to charge 50€ for a product, which never arrived...

D-Link / customer service

Aug 25, 2017

Need Drama? buy dlink products. U B amazed Been buying dlink products for two decads. This June, I bought a defective DNS-327L, abd had to ge through the CEO to get a RMA. After tech guy and I exhusted and wasted hours of trobulshooting on phone, he send am email to call a number and get...

Electrical Warehouse מחסני חשמל / product delivery

Aug 16, 2017

This company has great prices but terrible delivery. I bought a portable air conditioner. They told me they would deliver it in one day. They apparently called me the first day, when my phone wasn't charged properly, but never called back. When I tried calling them, they took my number but...

Bajaj Electricals Ltd / OTG TM 2200

Aug 16, 2017

On 3rd March 2016 I had bought a Bajaj OtG TM 2200 from Vijay Sales, Goregaon west. I firat baked a cake in it in May 2016. I realised then that the temperature was too hot. The technician came and fidgeted with it. Thereafter, the temperature was too low. After another complaint, another...

Arnulfo David / eyeglass and watch video recorder

Aug 14, 2017

The eyeglass video recorder SKU S1185 Order No. BN17E26V0855-BEH5U5. order date [protected]:08:55 this item is not working and I want replacement. The watch recorder SKU S1403 Order No. BN17E29F4002-185JN7 order date [protected]:40:02 this item was sent back to your company by...

Gil McWilliams / gps gf-07 gps gsm gprs tracker sms global locator - black. order no. #[protected]

Aug 13, 2017

Hi, I could not find any way of talking to you re my order. Basically yes I have received it but the box itself appears to have been opened and there is no Sim phone card or mini memory card in the box. Can you please advise. Regards Gil McWilliams P.S. In the categories section below I...

Dickson / ER005009205MY

Aug 08, 2017

DicksonI want to complain the delivery guy. First afternoon he got call me but I hot working I can't answer the phone after that I finish work when I reach home that time I got sms him and I also got try to call him he say he at my Guard house and I sms him ask he take up to my house or I...

NiceRF / sv651 ttl interface 433mhz wireless data transmitter and receiver

Aug 07, 2017

NiceRFI have ordered 20 x sv651 433Mhz transceiver on 30th Aug 2017. As per the picture of the Product plus the link address the product i... / unethical payment request

Aug 04, 2017

Acard-technology10.mybigcommerce.comThis site advertises that it accepts PayPal on the home page. I selected an apple i-pad 4 mini advertised as new and reduced from $329.99 to $169.99 as part of a grand opening feature. After I put in my name, address, and email; it popped up an order number with instructions to pay via...

Esteban Vargas / xbox one bundle

Jul 31, 2017

Esteban VargasI bought an Xbox one "bundle" that was said to come with the console, controller, cables and 4 games, which I offered $145, I felt it was reasonable. He wanted $180 but lowered to $160. I felt it was still reasonable and paid the $160 because I was getting 4 games and the console. After...

Charles Hain / samsung super led tv set

Jul 26, 2017

I got this TV including all their accessories(3D player, Blue Ray Player, theater surround sound system and digital video player) and paid about Philippine pesos 500, 000 last 2011. Last Dec. 29, 2016 a Samson Technician came over to look at my TV after calling their Local Samson... DBA OF WIDH / debited my account without my knowledge

Jul 22, 2017 DBA OF WIDHGeek went into my account and took$46.55 I was curious do I check out my account only to discover that money was missing I called the bank and told me debited my account so I got back on the site they quickly added an item a singing microphone for pro I can't hum let alone...

Angel ricardo carreon / rebate denied and refund being delayed

Jul 14, 2017

The deal was to send any cellphone worthat least 20 dollars.send it and they foung a operating/software problem with my cell phone that was 3 years old and had been thru the normal use of calls, texts, and internet downloading app, stuff. The phone was working and being used and of course...

Kawalan Bumi Sdn Bhd / hplj1536 replace with hplj pro mfp m227fdw

Jul 13, 2017

We have your csrf my035304 reporting:- feeder scanner not functioning (Hplj1536) and hp had replace us with a hplj pro mfp m227fdw. The problem is we were not ask weather we had any spare cartridge to exchange on that time and was not recorded. We assume that the cartridge will be the...

Lloyd / electronics

Jul 12, 2017

Lloyd has carved a niche across India with its impeccable quality standards along with unmatched service and warranty. Throughout 60 years, we at Lloyd have always believed that each of our products is a bundle of joy delivering happiness to homes. This has helped us earn the confidence...

Ryno / tech

Jul 08, 2017

We had a Professional 600 Pro Mixer for about 15 years. It worked great for a long time. It walked off the counter and broke. I bought a new one in January of 2016. The power switch would intermittently fail to turn on, so I sent it back for a new one. The new one only worked for about 1...