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Bennoti Coffee / Horrible customer service


I had a horrible time getting ahold of anyone, i was sent something i didnt order and the price for the item was never discussed as there was no customer service just automated service it took me 2 months to finally talk to a person after calling and going online i was disgusted although...

Vivitar ViviCam 6330s / Defective battery!


I purchased a Vivitar ViviCam 6330s in 10/2006 from Office Depot. It was a wonderful little camera with a sharp screen and produced great prints. That's where the good news ends. I only got 30 pictures on a charge and I was having trouble putting the battery in and taking it out of...

Onida 29'' Ctv. / TV not in usable condition


We purchase the tv from ONIDA company on 25/11/05. Model no. -- CO29OXTUA. Our main problem is we couldn't get the clear picture from first day of purchasing the tv. We had given complaints 10 times to there ONIDA service station at chinchwad , but our problem is not solved till...

Prima LCD Televisions / Manufacturing problem


Since looking into having my tv fixed two months after my warranty expired, I was told by other tv technicians that Prima LCD televisions are unreliable and not worth fixing. Upon hearing this I called the retailer, as well as Prima and both were unable to answer my questions. I then...

Futureshop / Bestbuy / Poor company, bad service, bad warranty (PSP)


I have shopped at Futureshop (also known as and owned by the same operators as BESTBUY for those who do not know - SAME COMPANY) and they were rude, pushy, and dishonest when telling me about the products. I have recently found out that futureshop / bestbuy scams people into thinking...

Archos / Scam to build profit!


I was on deployment when I wanted a MP3 for the gym. I went online through the military store AAFES and found this 4G MINI mp3. I ordered 2 of them but only received one. Once I returned from Iraq the MP3 became non respondent to anything. Since it was still under warranty I returned the...

Audiovox FPE3000 HDTV / Audiovox has no responsibility for their products!


Purchased this product 23 months age at BJ's Wholesale club. The unit performed up to all expectations untill one day it was turned on and nothing but a black screen. Knowing that the TV was out of warranty( 1 Year) I called Audiovox and they informed me that the nearest authorized...

AEG / Intolerable service, no response!


Below are 2 emails sent firstly to AEG in Germany to which no reply was received, and then secondly the email to the AEG Head Office in Johannesburg, South Africa. I also faxed the correspondence to AEG South Africa to ensure that they received it. I have had no reply from either (Fax or...

COBY / Bought new DVD Recorder and sent it during warranty period but did not receive a replacement


I bought new COBY DVD Recorder off the Internet. The unit did not eject. I called COBY Electronics and the representative told me to send a certified check or a money order for $42. I put the money order in an envelope and taped it to the DVD Recorder Box and mailed it in in...

USA Photonation ( / A scam company!


Do not waste your time placing an order with this unethical company. I spoke to Vincent Gallo x210 then later Mike MacCormik. Both were extremely rude, essentially saying that I was an "idiot" and "needed to figure things out" because I wasn't taking their bait for the Upsell. In... / Bait and switch, rude, false advertising!


Placed order online for Sony DCR SR80 camcorder, was sent an email a few days later stating I needed to call back to confirm order... when I called I spoke to what sounded like a teenage kid... he was rude and attempted to hardsell extra batteries etc... I refused and then he stated the...

AMS usb mp3 player / Pathetic and fraud site for shopping!


Payment has been deducted from my credit card account but no details are there bcoz i am not able to contact the exporter with no reply and customer service they do not have any kind of update and i am requesting them to give my money back but they are not and these guys have no customer...

Market Mall HBC / Product was not delivered at time!


I bought a dishwasher at the Market Mall HBC on Jan.6th 2007. Delivery was to be Jan, 13th. I was called and that date was changed to Jan. 19th. Then the date was changed again to Jan.30th. This was confirmed by a phone call from them so I waited for the 4 hour delivery window and called... / Their customer service sucks!


I had ordered a camera on Nov. 26th 2006 online using a credit card. I called a week later to determine why my order had not been processed. Unknown to me there is a required confirmation call on the customers part. Finally the order was processed over the phone. My camera arrives on Dec...

Bestbuyonline / Online ordering problems


My family has always used Best Buy. We like it & give & get their gift cards as presents. We're always perusing their Sunday ads & one Sunday, they had a Kodak digital camera on sale that would be perfect to give to my Mother-In-Law since she can't find film for her Polaroid...

Big Bazar - Bangalore / Very bad experience with Big Bazar


This is to inform you that the customers are getting cheated so badly with Big Bazar. Today I had a very bad experience with biz bazaar, Old Madrass Board Bangalore, which has never happened in my life. I should say my bad luck I felt like buying a refrigerator from Big bazaar at 11 am...

GE Profile Range / Poor performance - GE products stinks!


I purchased a GE profile range in September 2006. The range has convection and regular bake with a lower drawer oven. My objective was to purchase an oven that performed extremely well for baking. According to Consumer reports this was a top performer in baking. I have already... / Dishonest business practices

On 1/25/07, I ordered two (2) Sony HVR-V1U camcorders from CCI Camera City Inc.’s internet web As this was the best price I had seen on this camcorder, I read over the item description very carefully and reviewed my order before making the purchase. The...

GE Advantium Oven / Faulty product!

I have a GE Advantium oven and the handle just snapped off the other day (happens all the time I'm told) this cheap plastic handle costs $80:00 to replace! I'm trying to fix it myself with hard plastic welder. The problem is that I can not get the bottom screw out (bad design, big surprise!) does anyone know how to get the door apart?

Bennoti Espresso Maker / Lack of customer service


I ordered a "free" espresso maker from Bennoti, but after the automated call, tried to call the customer service number that they stated in the recording. It was a non-working number and because I dialed the number for Bennoti from the TV ad, I didn't have the number to call them... / ThinkVacuums return policy screws a reasonable customer!


I ordered a central vacuum accessory (called a non-powered vacuum head, along with a 35-foot hose, and hose sock). I asked questions of the Thinkvacuum sales people when I originally placed the order if the non-powered head would work on berber carpet and shorter carpets. I was told by...

Reliance Web World Express - Lucknow / Nokia 3125r CDMA / Poor service & no support to customers


I purchased a new Nokia 3125R CDMA handset from a Reliance Web World Express In Lucknow. On this 20th January 2007, the handset 3125R stopped functioning for which I visited the nearest M/s BK & Co., Leela Mansion BH. Leela Cinema, N.K. Road, Hazratganj, Lucknow(ASC 109_434038) - the Nokia...

Bennoti Inc - Bennoti Coffee Machine / Scam! Don't buy into this!


As we all know we get sucked into something that seems like a good deal and end up with a big hairy beast. This is my first, not last, warning against the Bennoti Inc Bennoti Coffee Machine. On Dec 4. 2006 I bought into the order of 4 capsules of coffee for $107. with a free coffee...

Fones4All / Refuse to stop charging!

I ordered Fones 4 All service in 2006. I then cancelled their service the next two days before they billed me. I then tried to get life line which I always had before the state took over. Fones4 All says I am still their customer and refuse to stop charging ten dollars to put me on life... / I will NEVER do business with these crooks again!

I ordered a Sony digital voice recorder from Etronics last OCT through It did not ship for 3 days and after I finally received the package the recorder had been already cut open. They had made a half ### attempt to RE-wrap it with some packing tape. I emailed them the next day...

Sanyo TV / Problem with the horizontal parts

I have been a user of Sanyo tvs for a long time but now I find that there seems to be a problem with the horizontal parts of Sanyo tvs. I have had trouble with three Sanyo TVs, first a 27", next a 36" and now my 21". On all three the horizontal has gone bad. At this moment I have 4 Sanyo...

Flavor Wave Oven / Thane International / Junk that is being shipped out of China


In Sept 2005 I ordered a "Flavor Wave" oven after watching an infomercial on tv. The company that manufactures this item is "Thane International". I received my order in about 6 weeks and put it away to give to my wife for Christmas. On Christmas day she opened it and we were excited to... / Jerk around, sleazy and shady company

Aptly described by other reviewers as "we have your money, now go away", Zipzoomfly (aka GoogleGear) is the epitome of a sleazy, shady vendor. I wish I had checked their Better Business Bureau record before dealing with them. I had ordered a BenQ DW1650, which is a DVD burner, on 12/31/06... / Overcharging and lying to customers!

I ordered a Fuji F31 from them on December 22. The price when I ordered it was $309. The shipping was going to be $14. I didn't notice at the time, but when I printed out the invoice, nothing came up but the order number (172577) and all their return and replacement policy. On the...

Bennoti Coffee Machine / Never received the product, neither refund


I've never received this coffee machine I called they said that they would refund my money back, they never did then they said it was in the warehouse and i would get my refund before Dec. 25 2006 i have never received it. Amex is charging me 263.80 for nothing all i want is my refund... / It's a trap and causes you a lot of headache!


I ordered a LG chocolate cell phone ($279+S/H) from on 12/22/06 and paid $19.99 for 3-5 day shipping. Zoomcell sent a tracking number of usps but I wasn't sure if it's valid because nothing can be tracked. Until today, 1/4/07, at 7:00 PM, I still haven't got... / Scam site! Avoid at all costs!


Ordered a coffee maker from this site, which also appears to operate as Celebrity Appliance and My credit card was charged within a day. The coffee maker never arrived. Emails went unanswered and then bounced back as undeliverable, and there is no phone number for them...

Mirro Pressure Cooker / Poor & dangerous product & certainly no customer service!

Not quite 5 years ago I bought my wife a 12 Qt. Canner / Pressure Cooker with a 5 Yr. Warranty, that from the beginning never really worked well. When it would seal, it was very good at its' job. But it took forever to stop leaking at the handle lock mechanism & then even though the...

Camera City / Poor business practices and return policy

This company sold me a Nikon D50 camera and sent a Nikon D40. When I called for a refund and return authorization number, the SUPERVISOR I spoke to cursed at me, using the word "stupid" and "dumb*ss" when he couldn't talk me into keeping the camera I received. He also refused to... / I will never do business with Best Price Camera again!

I ordered a PT AX100U Projector online from Best Price Cameras on Dec. 13th, 2006 along with 3 day shipping. Within hours, I received an e-mail from Best price stating that the order would be shipped within 2 days. After waiting a week I called on 12/21 to check on the status of my order...

Japan Camera (Scarborough Town Center) / Lousy customer service and shady sales people!


Do not buy a camera from these people, EVER! On October 6, 2006 I purchased a digital camera from Japan Camera in Scarborough Town Centre. Three weeks later the camera did not work and I took it in to exchange it. When I produced the receipt I was surprised to find "All sales final, no... / Jokes sent to my cellphone via text message every day!


There are jokes sent to my cellphone via text message every day!!!! i called the company and every time i called they hung up on me...stupid!! ok and they charge me money for the jokes they send me and i don't want them...they're not even funny. so as you can see i am very upset...

Indiatimes & Wespro / Aiptek 8800 / Defective Digital Camera from fraud Indiatimes shoping site!


I had purchased one Digital Camera (Aipitek DV 8800) online from Indiatimes shopping site and the Seller of the Product is Wespro Corporation Mumbai and the cost of the product was rupees [protected]) with bill & warranty. I got the delivery of the product on 5th of October but after 10 -...

Peach Direct / Customer service is crap!


I was suckered into ordering from Peach Direct. I was excited that I finally had the digital camera I have always wanted. Well here it is 1 month later, and I still have not received my merchandise. When you call customer service, you get the same response. "Order is pending" My...

Ceiva Logic Inc. / Disappointing customer care service


On Dec. 4 I very excitedly ordered a Ceiva Digital Photo Receiver as a Christmas present for my mother, who lives several hours away. It's a great concept: My mother can just plug the "frame" into the wall, and each night the pictures update from a website where my siblings and I post...