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Onlingo - Spanish / Charged $69.95 for nothing


I was doing sureys on line, started w/Panda Research - forced to open PayPal acct. to get paid. No money but they had my checking acct #, I closed 1 checking acct a few wks ago, I closed another checking acct a few days ago, I canceled 1 credit card a few days ago. I got hit from all...

Creative - MuVo TX FM / Words can not express the disappointment

Creative - MuVo TX FM Words can not express the disappointment that felt as a result of my purchase of a Creative MuVo TX FM nor should I say, the amount of time that the product actually functioned since I ordered the player on July 15, 2005. Before I explain the present...

Ondia 29 KYT-4 model / No one turned up from Ondia customer care after my complaint


My TV Onida 29" KY Thunder-4 went out of order suddenly.I purchased the same 18.7.2003 and had EWC till 27.5.07. No problem arose till 27.5.07. Problem suddenly crept in during second week of Sept.2007.I made a complaint with Nungambakkam Branch. They did not send any technician. After...



Please don't buy any Philips product if you are not staying in Delhi/Central Zone. For if you face any problem then you need to make a STD call to Delhi for registering a complaint request with Philips Customer Care. According to Philips Customer Care procedure..... one needs to register...

Peach Direct / investigation underway


to inform the public that i have filed a lawsuit into peach direct corperate office for fraud and deception.I further contacted the producers of 20/20 ivestigative television to investiate who in fact these people scamed the wrong person this time my friends. ...

Fuji Digital Camera A570 / Poor/nonexistent warranty repair


This A570 was my 2nd Fuji. Stay far away from them. Absolutely no customer support and very rude nonresponsive customer service reps when you call the repair service in New Jersey. They've had my camera for over one month for warranty repair. It had a "zoom error" fault while I wa...

Next Electronics Shop / Pathetic customer support


I ordered a washing machine in an exhibition where the Next Electronics shop has put up a outlet. They promised me that they will deliver the goods within 2 days. They failed to do so. They took more than 7 days to do so. Also during this period, there was no proper response from anyone a...

Fry's Electronics / Toshiba Regza Tv / Payed for a 5 year warranty and can't get anyone to come out and look at the tv


I purchased 2 flat screen tvs from Frys around 2 months ago. I'm having problems with them making this crackling noise. I called Frys on the 15th of September and they said someone would get back to me. After a week a man called and asked what the problem was and I told him. He...

Golden Eye Color TV / LG / Poor service!


I have two LG golden eye color televisions. Since the last day of guarantee is expired both of them are troubling me at their best. I have spent lot of money in getting them repaired by the companies authorized showroom. They sent a person who was not capable of understanding the circuit...

AKAI / TV Model no. CT 2205 / Default tv set and irresponsible service center


Dear Sir on the 13th March 2007 I bought a Akai TV model no. CT 2205 from New Delhi and gifted it to my mother who resides in Guwahati but after 4 months the picture started to discolor in the right upper corner and on the 5th of September the TV became completely dead. We than complained...

Consolidated Theatres / Movie theater parking issue!

Consolidated Theatres Royale 14 6505 America Blvd Hyattsville, Ma 20782, US There is a fundamental relationship between consumer and business. Price is told upfront and the customer decides whether to conduct the business. That is the basis of my complaint. Thi...

Enzer / E-5310 / Bad service


Whenever i try to play any optical media on the player gives an error " No Disk".. So i talked to Hyper City Malad from where i purchased the item. They told me to go to Adonis Customer Relation Center at Borivali (w), Mumbai.. They took my DVD Player and given recepit no: 423424 dated...

Univercell Trichy / Mobile problem


I had Purchased the Samsung mobile from the Shop Univercell Trichy on 8th Aug-'2007. From the first day onwards I come to know that the mobile is not working properly(Can't hear the voice) [Receivers incapable to receive the voice]. I took the mobile to the shop where i asked...

Onida - One Ton Split A.c. / No service at all since purchase!


Purchased Onida One ton Split A.C from M/S Manipal Electronics, Mysore. There was absolutely no maintenance service at all. At the end on one year, on repeated requests to Manipal Electronics, some one came and serviced the machine. Now it is another year nearly and no one has come for...

Tata Walky / Given an old set on new connection!


I find my self highly cheated by Tata( walky team ), they had given me an old set on my new connection and that too this set is in really bad condition, when ever I called tata customer care, they never sent a service engineer to my home and in turn told me to visit the service center...

APC/UPS Battery / Effecting motherboard


I have bought ups of apc on 29 feb, 2006. After 1year and 6 months it has effected my motherboard. When i plug in the power switch then display is effected and i have to send the motherboard to its service center. When i bought a new mother board and plug in again then same problem arise. Now i have to run my computer without the ups.

Zenith XBR616 DVD Player / Skip buying this unit!


I bought the Zenith XBR616 DVD plus VCR player/recorder in November 2006. I promptly had to replace it under warranty a month later. In July 2007, the unit only played about half of the DVDs inserted into it. I called Zenith's customer relations and they told me that the parts would...

Pentax - Pentax Optio W20 / Worst ever customer service story


I can top your worst ever customer service story. I bought a Pentax Optio W20 from Navy Exchange. It looks beautiful! Its features include "Water proof" and "Shockproof." I live on an island, so waterproof is always good to have. In less than 4 months, the camera wouldn't turn on. I...

Precision Camera and Video Repair / Digital camera repair!


Sent Kodak camera in to them on three separate occasions under factory warranty. Each time, camera was logged in and logged out as "repaired" on the same day of receipt. Each time the problem was not corrected. Each time their repair statement said "adjusted to factory specifications"...

BFS (Broward) Home Warranty / Just don't buy it!


BFS (Broward) Home Warranty: JUST DON'T BUY IT!!! My air conditioner service request was logged with the company 15 days ago and it has still not been repaired. They JUST DON"T CARE.

Lite On DVD Recorder VCR Combo / This is an off-brand with truly off service or no service!


This unit broke within the first two week I had it. It took the company approximately two months to repair or replace it. They promised me an extended warranty of another year from the date I first purchased the unit because they had "lost" it somewhere in their repair system. The company did...

Futureguard for Futureshop Credit Cards / Unwarranted future guard charges!


I acquired a Futureshop credit card last June. When i received the credit card, it came with an OFFER for OPTIONAL Futureguard services: insurance for credit card balance. The letter came with a portion to be cut out and sent as a reply to confirm my enrollment into this Futureguard...

Mercury Ups / Not taking any action!


I have Purchased Mercury UPS FROM Authorized Dealer in Visakhapatnam. They advertise as that UPS has 2 Years ONSITE warranty with Battery. I Purchase the Ups. Works 1 Months Fine. From the 2 Nd month Malfunctioned & I report in TOLL FREE [protected] on 17th April,2007 and they...

Peach / Phones disconnected, no order shipped


On the 16th of June i placed an order for a monitor, a wireless keyboard set and a new CPU. The monitor and wireless set shipped within 3 days, but the computer has yet to have been shipped. I have been trying for a week and a half to call them on their 866 get peach phone number, but it... / Product never shipped


Product never shipped after bank account debited. Going on 5 months since I purchased a plasma TV from Plasma House 1845 Coney Is. Ave., Brooklyn, NY, (sales AT At first contact attempt sales rep. stated "shipping dept" put him on hold and was probably on...

Igo Dlite 21 Boom / Terrible customer service!


Re: Igo Dlite 21 Boom I had bought a TV set of your company on 15/8/2006 (Igo,chassis no.4006283,C121BLF 7b). But it hardly worked for two months. We are not getting the picture on the screen. I had complained to the costumer relation center at Kanjikuzhi, Kottayam Dist, Kerala. Once they...

Arthy Scan Center - Vadapalani, Chennai / Asked RS 300/- for writing the images to a CD


One of my friend has taken a chest CT scan from this center. It costs him RS 3000/-. After 3 weeks his doctor asked him to get a cd for the same scan. Just for writing the images into one cd receptionist in this scan center have asked RS 300/-. I really don't understand the concept...

Onida DVD / Zero customer service!


I bought a onida DVD last year with in six months the lens not functioning. I complained to onida customer care "Adonis customer relation Center" in nungambakkam. Then technician came and told that the lens is not functioning, so we will replace. For the past one month they told " we...

Civil Works Company / What is the proof for winning - lucky number!


Want to know how can i sure or know to know I'm lucky and winner is there documents to send to me to my P.O Box 9668 jeddah 21423 by my name to my mail box in saudi arabia.

Onida Poison Tv / TV not powering on since 15 days


I Bought Onida 29" Color TV through M/s Balajis No. 23/B 1st N Block Rajajinagar Bangalore - 10 on 19th April 2007 vide Bill No.8866. Right from the day one like picture quality contrast color etc., I was facing problem, these i tolerated. During 3rd week of may 2007 TV gets switched off...

Hampton Bay / Ceiling Fans / No way to contact company for lifetime warranty!


I bought my fan at home depot. I choose hampton bay for the lifetime warranty. Home depot has no contact info which i thought was wrong its not correct to sell a product with a lifetime warranty when there is NO WAY to contact the company on-line or via phone, letter etc. I am in menopause and the fan matters.

TruTech TV / TV has broke in 6 months!


I purchased a tru tech tv in October 2006. The tv has broke in 6 months. I am very upset with target and trutech. I will not shop at target anymore. I don't believe i can get my money back because of other complaints i have read. I just wanted to say this is very bad for business saying target is where all the rich folks go. Ha ha. / These people should be put out of business!


I placed an order on April 20, 2007, for 5 Ink Cartridges which was accepted via confirmation code the same day. The order was "Processing" As of May 23 the order still has not been received. No response back from the company after repeated, yes repeated attempts. They totally ignore... / / Rebate rip-offs!


The $50.00 is no longer the point; the point is that while numerous companies may benefit from the reality that many advertised rebates never reach the customer, few companies are as adept at insuring that customers never receive a rebate as and its sister company...

Carrier Aircon Limited / Problem in Air-conditioner since its purchase


To, The General Manager Carrier Aircon Limited HO: Kherki Daula Post Village Narsingpur Gurgaon (Haryana) Subject: Problem in Air-Conditioner since its Purchase (Product is still under Warranty) I would like to bring to your kind notice that, I have purchased an Optima IDRQR Carrier...

Mack Extended Warranty / Never buy their warranty!


Mack offers extended warranty for a variety of products. I happened to buy one for my laptop about 3 years ago. I had a keyboard problem with my laptop as soon as i bought it...but never had the time to visit the store to get it repaired... Finally when I got the time to visit the Mack...

Maruthi Electronics - Ritchie St, Chennai / Selling sub-standard / duplicate products


I purchased a electronic component from this company four months back and it failed the very next day of purchase. I had contacted the company over phone and through personal visits in vain. At one point the sales executive and the owner simply asked not to come to their office any more a...

iPod Sweepstakes / Low rewards


This site is similar to PhoneHog in that it allows a customer to earn points through completing offers and when subscribers get 1000 they are about to cash them in for a free iPod. Yet I have noticed that although I usually receive low rewards (5 point ones and such) I am never credited...

Viveks - Indiranagar, Bangalore / Delivery of used system


Bought a Sony GN999DS worth Rs30000 and was sent a display piece from the showroom at Vivek's, Indiranagar, Bangalore. Initially the staff were not willing to acknowledge the fact that they had cheated. They kept on saying that the piece was new but the way they got caught was that...

Bennoti Coffee / Horrible customer service


I had a horrible time getting ahold of anyone, i was sent something i didnt order and the price for the item was never discussed as there was no customer service just automated service it took me 2 months to finally talk to a person after calling and going online i was disgusted although...