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Shenzhen ZT Electronic Co LTD Ripped Off / Faulty Goods/Non Delivery


After Trading in Digital PhotoFrames with this company for over a year, they have now ripped me off with Non Delivery, i have tried all methods of contact to no avail. The manager says they have gone Bankrupt BUT THEY HAVE AN UPDATED WEBSITE!!! The problem started with faulty goods, and...

CEC Solutions / Not recieving Merchandise


I started making payments to CEC solutions the second week of Feb 08, after approx 6 to 7 months of continuois phone calls and many calls placed on hold for over 45 min to 90 mins at a time I recieved my computer, also I was told of the Dell corporation having layoffs witch had a impact on...

Shenzhen Zt Electronic Co Ltd SCAMMED / Faulty goods/non delivery


Do not use this company for Electronic Products, they are faulty offer no repair service and blame the Consumer every time. I have traded for a year and all was well, then sub standard frames started to turn up, and now they have took my money and run. The sales manager has said they have...

Shenzhen ZT Electronic Co Ltd / Ripped off/Faulty goods/Non Delivery


After trading with this company for over a year they have now decided to RIP ME OFF!! It all started when i compained about faulty DIGITAL PHOTO FRAMES, the answers i got was its the Consumers fault!! how can that be when a product is opened and found to be faulty!! The only thing i wa...

MIO Technologies / Awful experience

In 1/2008 purchased a MIO C230 GPS device.From day 1 it started throwing an error an rebooting itself. Contacted manufacturer's support, was told to do a hard reset, then to reinstall software and ultimately to send it to them to reflush it. Returned the device to me after the...

CEC Solutions LLC / misleading advertisement


I just like hundreds of other consumer's trusted CEC Solutions Advertisement of 5 payments and you computer ships. CEC has $1058.68 of my money. We all need to stop this company, Please help by: Writing a complaint To: Fairfax County Consumer Affairs 1200 Goverment Center Parkway Suite 433...

Info Net Products ( / False Advertisement


This is a total scam. The phone # is from Arizona and the "office" is a UPS store in Colorado. I got a cable box from 2004. (it's 2008)! 4 Years old and it's in Japanese!!! (SA Explorer 8200hdj)Hello!! I am in the US; not Japan. They DO NOT offer any technical support worth a... dba Cricut outlet / Non delievery of products

Er is a rip off and totally inept at keeping their word, delivery times, and can't even get thsir web page to work correctly (except the button that takes your money) Bewarned, I ordered from dba on September 6th, the confirmation said wait...

Sunshine Electronics - NIkon D90 / Delaye Shipping - Bogus Excuses


First of all, I wish I would?ve read the rip-off before the transaction was made with Sunshine Electronics. I?m a potential buyer and also an amateur ebayer. I had browsed around ebay looking for a mid-range professional camera. And noticed DSN had a nice bundle for a desent price. I asked...

Strauss Photo-Technical Service Inc. / Promised to repair, broke instead


Strauss Photo Technical Service (SPTS) took for repair my stereo system (AIWA CX-NDS8U) in the middle of June 2006. The output to speakers didn't work, but I could use my headphones and it sounded pretty good. So I paid for diagnostics and Strauss technician promised to get it repaired in...

JVC GZ-MG330R / Scam Fraud & Deception - Beware!


Beware! Although I read the complaints on this site, I decided to give a try for myself to make sure. I saw a JVC GZ-MG330R hard disk camcorder advertised on CameraAddict's site for $261. I then called them to verify that 1. It was a USA market camera 2. It came with all the factory...

SupportPlus / Terrible experience

I only had the SupportPlus Ellipse 1GB portable MP3 player for a week, and I couldn't get it to work so I took it back. The main problem seemed to be the completely useless instructions which gave no clue as to how to use the thing. I'm no technophobe, and quite happy to work...

MPIO / Bad experience

I bought my MPIO HD300 a little over two months ago and have had it replaced twice. It works brilliantly for the first couple of weeks then you start to get problems with it changing the repeat setting then eventually it freezes on the start up screen and you can do nothing with it apart...

Saeco / Terrible experience

I recently purchased a Saeco Royal Coffee Bar from Ira Wood & Sons, Inc. The first machine was broken from the moment I opened the box and I immediately contacted Ira Wood for a replacement. The replacement finally came and it kind of worked for 2 weeks and then broke completely. I...

Steam Buddy / Scam billing

I clicked on this offer through e-miles promotion and thought it seemed like a good deal. When I got to the end I realized that the shipping charges were exorbitant and found no place to cancel my order or remove items from the shopping cart. So, I closed the window. I realized today that...

Bush / No good points

I was looking for a combi 15" LCD TV with Freeview and DVD. There is limited choice with 'bottom end' manufacturers only in the market place. Argos appeared to have the best spec model with the Bush IDLCD15W16DHD at £229.99. Having purchased this model and set it up I wa... / Money stealing, customer cheating


Money stealing, customer cheating at website: ( return to: 1Saleaday 1650 Eastern Pkwy Suite 100 Brooklyn, NY 11233 ) I order Fusion 8GB Nano MP3-4 Video Music Voice Recorder Pictures Games & FM Radio Player Order Date: 10/1/2008 I got EMAIL From...

Dri* / Money taken from Credit Card without permission.


My BarclayCard Visa was debited on the 10. October. 08. by £.19.93 to Dri*, [protected] which means nothing to me... I require the money returned.557aa / access of my address book


I am in Vienna and was currently using the wireless connection provided by the hotel, I was on my yahoo messenger and someone hacked by address. Please stop this company to do it immediately

Refribushed Wiis / Never Received Product


I ordered a refurbished wii on 9/4/2008 from this website, they took my money. for about two weeks i followed the tracking online through the site, then the website was gone. i started calling and I left about 5 messages and no one ever returned my call. I never...

exquisite-mart/iPhone / Fraud


i made 2 Orders with this company first i did the first order I purchase 4X Apple iPhone from I send the money by WESTERN UNION .TOTAL OF $1800.00 we were in contact and they said they will ship with FedEx but finally they send me tracking number for a courier company...

Hot Buys Electronics / Scam and theft

This company has many complaints against them just google their name. Please do not buy from this site. They lie, mislead and cheat you for your money and are very rude to deal with. I ordered a cordless phone system and it was never received, they provided an empty tracking... And - Canon Powershot Sd 990 - Is / Lying to customers and inciting to buy unnecessary accessories


I ordered a camera that says "In Stock" from and they sent me an email to call them to confirm the order, which I did. When I reached them, they didn't confirm much except that they tried pressure selling pitches to sell me additional accesories that I don't...

Servis / Never buy from them

Grrr I'm so angry. I bought a Servis washer/drier six months ago. After one month it broke down. An engineer came round and and said he's have to order some parts. Two weeks later I called up and they told me that they had received one of them but were waiting on the...

Mio Gps Navigation System / Did not receive rebate


Reported to FTC. worldwide rebates claimed bar code not send in with with submission and of course it was. Lost $10 rebate. At least it was not more. Also submitting complaint to South Carolina BBB We have received your complaint. Thank you for contacting the FTC. Your complaint has been... / never received product paid for


Paid for a product was updated periodically on status of product then website disappeared and product was never received. This was for a refurbished nintendo wii for $19.95.

Officetronics / fraud and scam by Philip Kim


The company Officetronics treated me very nicely in the beginning of my ordering process. They were definetly glad to take my money on the Hewlett Packard printer I was interested in. After setting up the printer and using it 4 months the printer failed on us during a crucial timing. We...



this company has been taking money out of my visa for nearly 3 years i have had the bank im with look into it 3 times its still coming out every month and if i close my bank account down they can still charge me i dont know who they are and what they do, tried to send them an email just...

DRLCD / No product. No Response


After placing online order, they called to try and upsell another item to us. I checked on the validity of their reasoning, and decided to stay with my original order. It has been over 4 weeks, and now they do not answer the phone or emails. I am worried that they have my credit card information!!!

DiMaggio Electronics / never recieved order or refund


I ordered two mp3 players on August 13th. My order never arrived in the allotted time. I contacted them through email and was told that due to the Olympics my order was delayed. Two months now and I still have not received my order. After multiple times of calling and emailing and being...

Protron Digital Corporation / pltv-3250


My adapter for the televison no longer works. The television is less than two years old. I tried to contact the company. However, the [protected] does not work.

Wireless & Beyond / Fraud and scam

I bought a Motorola phone from them through boost mobile... it was $130 and 2 months later now when i open my phone all i have is a white screen. i call Motorola and they say i have to sent them my phone and wait 2 wks for it to come back, boost says go through Motorola and they both say...

Shopxtreme / Refuses refund even with proof of delivery


Ordered an equivalent Nikon Battery on Sept 6. The promptly charged my PayPal. Sent battery but it would not even charge. Returned the battery with a USPS Certificate of Delivery and was returned by USPS on September 26. This merchant will not answer the phone. Will not answer the email...

Emerging Power CRV3 / Defective Recahrgeable Batteries


9/21/2008-Bought 2 pcs. "non-precharged" Li ion Rechargeable CRV3 batteries(RADIO SHACK does not carry chargers for this batteries, hence no way to test its functionality). After my charger arrived(ordered from e-bay), I found out that only one was good. Retained the good one and RADIO... / internet scam


This is a scam website, they get their victims mostly from craigslist by listing iphone, nintendo, xbox, etc at outregeously low prices, when you contact the seller, he will refer you to the website, In this website you are required to pay $29.99 to register and once you do...

DigitalsignOrchard Pte Ltd / Cheated retail store on Orchard Street


To watch F1 Night Race in Singapore, we bought a binocular : NIKON 8x40 CF Action at SQD 500 from [protected]@Orchard retail shop on Orchard Street near Center Point. The seller said he gave us the very good price. At the airport, we found that NIKON 7x35 and 7x50 CF Action was sold only SQD...

Shenzhen OKFAN Electronics Co., Ltd / SCAM,FAKE PRODUCT


They are big scamers, my order was seized by the me i will provide with the trucking number you will find out by uoir self. My Contact in that company are jennifer, ouang willis. i lost my money and all they have to say is that they are sorry but they are not even willing to pay half of my loss

North Springs Dry Cleaners / Terrible experience

Do not ever go to the Dry Cleaner located on Roswel RDnext door from Chevron gas station in atlanta, Ga. I had clothes to pick up for a convention that i had to attend in Chicago but they Closed their doors and many customers were pissed because they needed their clothes. I will not pay...

Polaroid / Terrible experience

Purchased a Polaroid TDA-32011C TV + DVD on August 31, 2017. I installed it, it worked perfectly until September 2 where vertical lines of different colors appeared. Called the Polaroid call center, where I was given a case # and a promise to send a technician as soon as I faxed the store...

MAGELLAN / Maestro 4250


5 weeks ago I purchased a Magellan Maestro 4250 GPS. I assumed that as a new unit it would have current maps. Just to be certain I checked online for updates after purchasing it. After using it for several weeks I kept noticing how incredibly inaccurate the streets were so I went back...