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P C Richard and Son / Manager Joseph Botros Jr. needs to leave this company.

Aug 18, 2014

P C Richard and SonI bought a dryer and was told max 6 days I'll get it.I waited a week and got a call saying that I was going to get it the next day. Three hour later I got a call saying the warehouse will be closed so I'll get it 4-5 days. I don't know what kind of people work for thi... / Agent stopped to communicate with me

Aug 10, 2014

I bought digital camera lens and hard drive from the company I communicated with the agent and she told me that she sent all documents and confirmation about my purchase. I waited couple of minutes, but nothing. I spoke with the agent through Skype, and I sent 3...

Getdealonline / Online fraud website - getdealonline

Aug 09, 2014

I am a victim of fraud done by, I have purchased Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 for Rs. 14000/- from website and had numerous telecom with Mr. Ankush Sharma. I had transferred the money through AIrtel money in the following nos. [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected]...

GOING Tech / Faulty goods

Jul 30, 2014

August 29th 2013, I purchased a PTZ camera from this company through Aliexpress. Over a long period, almost 9 months perhaps, with breaks in between, I have had the help of a professional IT person as well as tech support from GOING Tech trying to get the camera working. Both support and myself...

T-Mart / Item defective - refuse to rma

Jul 29, 2014

I ordered a dome security camera. When the item arrived I immediately took it out of the box and began trying to set it up. After 2 hours I was finally able to get it to connect to the Internet Explorer web interface. All the characters were in Chinese. There was no discernable way to...

P. C. Richard & Son / To install a simple gas cooktop without causing a gas leak

Jul 22, 2014

Yesterday was the 4th visit from P C Richard and Son in Paramus NJ to install a simple gas cooktop without causing a gas leak.My super has also visited 3 times with HIS gas detector since the store installers DON'T have any, and National Grid also had to come. The last PC repairman...

That's Scrap Silver Bullet / Ripped off and terrible customer service

Jul 15, 2014

My family & I recently pitched in to purchase the Silver Bullet cutter for our ill mother. She LOVES to scrapbook and create. She was very excited and could not wait to receive her gift. Buyer beware, if you are willing to throw a thousand dollars into the trash can, then by all means go... / scam

Jul 13, 2014

I thought I vetted this website out pretty well, but still I got scammed. My fault, I should have known better than to do a Western Union money gram. No protection from scammer with Western Union. First Digital, or, is a complete scam. They run a good website but send you junk...

Waterfall Mall / Very bad service and attitude

Oct 11, 2017

I have purchased a Garmin GPS which was the latest out Nuvi 3500LT, a year later i sent it back in for repairs in which Games manager said that they will replace it as Garmin could not fix it. i did not want a cheaper brand and due to the now price difference they agreed to consider tyh...

Voltas, A.C / newly purchased a.c. not cooling properly & swinging flap problem

Jul 05, 2014

i have purchased one voltas ac of capacity 1 ton on 05.05.14 bearing model no. GZ/50 Gb/E1, from M/s Spectrum, Marwadipatti, Jorhat, Assam, & the same was giving trouble of noneffective cooling & no swing flap movement as well. After several complains vide no. [protected] on 17/06/14... / Scam website

Jul 03, 2014

This merchant accepted payment for merchandise order $18.87. Issued PayPal tracking number then never shipped the item. I filed claim with PayPal against merchant. Thankfully, they are investigating. Other complaints are filed against PTsupermarket. Buyers!! BEWARE!! of merchant. No...

Android tv box / Wrong item sent

Jul 02, 2014

1. I have bought an android Jelly Bean TV box by winning an auction in an EBAY site and paid 51 Dollar the item through Paypal and my credit card. The seller was located in China an me the buyer is from India. 2. The item reached to me from China and after some use it malfunctioned. 3. I... / Fake tracking number and better avoid these scammers

Jun 29, 2014

I ordered battery for my laptop from the website On the next day, I got phone call from the rep, and he told me that the order was unavailable. He advised me to buy another battery, which was similar, but the price was a little bit higher. I agreed and paid the...

Reg Servo / Bad or no service.

Jun 18, 2014

I bought Reg Servo service on July 12, 2013. Having trouble with a virus/malware/worm, called reg applet. This applet is preventing me from registering on a file folder, Javafibs2001. It also is preventing me from restoring my system to a previous restore point. I called Reg Servo for help... / scam

Jun 15, 2014

Hi I bought a package of dropshipland as they advertise on their website and claim they are best for eBay power seller .. 1st thing you have to buy registration in 15 pound (you cant see products prices unless you buy package ) 2nd when i bought the membership and trying to list some item...

Budget electronics PVE LTD / Salesperson sold me bad camera

Jun 14, 2014

I wanted to buy Canon camera from the company Budget electronics PVE LTD., but the salesperson offered me Fujifilm camera and told that it was better. He was too pushy and finally I bought Fujifilm camera. After 2 days I returned back to this shop and told that I wanted to speak with thi...

Premium Electronics Center NY / They sell damaged laptops

Jun 14, 2014

I bought laptop from the company Premium Electronics Center NY. I took it home and it turned out that the disk was damaged and the laptop wouldn’t work without it. I decided to return to the shop and asked the seller to repair it. They promised to check everything, but after 8 week...

DC Power Supplies / Goods not delivered

Jun 10, 2014

I have been corresponding with a guy called William from Shanghai DS Electronics for a while regarding the purchase of dc power supplies. In March this year we recieived an order from a client. I placed the order with this company. They sent us the proforma iinvoice and we made payment...

Xia Men Olympic Technology Co. Ltd. / Fraud

Jun 06, 2014

Xia Men Olympic Technology Co. Ltd.April and May 2014 Scam Alert Chinese SCAMMERS, FRAUD COMPANIES and BUSINESS with China Xia Men Olympic Technology Co. Ltd. I am a Canadian Buyer: I have recently paced an order for products from a dealer in China. It appears that he has defrauded me and my company. Jason Wan Cell... / don't send goods

Jun 05, 2014

see many other scam websites, these guys rip you off, they email and email and send pictures and license and have website then you pay western union and they even send a fake DHL --not sure why-- then nothing shows and for weeks never respond to your emails. This is more info i found on...

Delta Electronics / Scammer

May 31, 2014

Delta ElectronicsHi, I would just like to know if someone was also a victim of them. They were saying that they are supplier of electronics product from Egypt and giving good prices of electronics item. I tried to buy 1 iphone5s to check if its legit. I send the money through western union and he said...

airZero / Shop airlines america inc

May 21, 2014

Shop Airlines America Inc (eBay user flight2bru) purchased a rental and after a month opened a dispute saying the item is not as described. I was under the impression they paid for the deposit, but they did not. I sent them the rental. They said "why did you send us a rental without...

Top Digital RC / Asking for more money

May 21, 2014

Top Digital RCPurchased 3 RC cars, did a bank to bank transfer of money. Money cleared on 12 of May 2014. Then I was told orders were mixed up and they shipped me 10 units instead. They then told me the order was placed on hold at the shipping company and in order to release the order then needed me to... / Repair

May 10, 2014

OMG this guy has to be the worst of the worst. he comes at you with a bad attitude, then he tries to sell you a dog house, yes a dog house and if that wasn't enough, then he wants to sell you a security system. Now all i wanted is to get my tv fixed. he tells me it wont be muchand ill... / Seller stopped to communicate with me after he got my money

May 10, 2014

I bought iPhone and Samsung Galaxy from the website I communicated with the seller, but after he got my money, he started to ignore me. He didn’t reply to all my emails and requests. Also he told me to wait for 5 days to get my order, but nothing arrived. He...

Shenzhen Yamay Digital Electronics / Don't buy from them – no info and orders as well

May 10, 2014

I ordered memory card from the company Shenzhen Yamay Digital Electronics CoLtd. I sent the payment in amount of $200, but after that the seller stopped to reply to my emails. I have no idea what to do now, but I really want money back. Maybe someone has any idea how to track this seller...

Teka Dishwasher / Broken down after 13 months

May 07, 2014

We had a brand new kitchen fitted just over 13 months ago and we purchased a Teka Dishwasher as part of the new installation. The Dishwasher broke down 4 weeks ago and the level of service that we have received is well below what you would expect from a so called reputable company. My only...

Marquardt Inc. / Marquardt Inc located in Bochum, Germany are impostors!

May 04, 2014

Marquardt Inc.I have received an e-mail and this is what they said: Marquardt Inc To [protected] Apr 30 at 4:14 PM Dear Applicant sorry for late reply regarding your CV, we are again opening the new Data work year 2014, at Marquardt Inc, our post offer are open as "Customer Data Support-...

Edison Bright / Lost merchandise and won't respond

May 02, 2014

Purchased a flashlight from Edison Bright. Switch on light broke within warranty period. Company very difficult to contact. Flashlight manufacturer finally helped contact Edison Bright. Edison Bright requested I send them the broken flashlight. I sent the flashlight to them via UPS. Edison...

KINOWAY ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO / After seller got my money, he started to ignore me

May 02, 2014

I bought two laptops from the company SHENZHEN KINOWAY ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO Ltd. I paid through Western Union, but after my payment was sent, I never got anything from this seller. No reply, no confirmation email and tracking number. As well as I didn’t know the exact email...

Transnational Immediate Delivery / Job offer emails

Apr 23, 2014

Asked several times to give me information about there website phone # ect. looks like a scam Alex Kil <ak.[protected]> Apr 22 (1 day ago) to me Hello Adriane, Transnational Immediate Delivery head office is based in Polish city Warsaw. Our clients purchase, sell or exchange...

Product ID#12 / Longxiang Huang

Apr 22, 2014

Product ID#12I have made a payment into the beneficiary's account (name above) for an iPad to be despatched to me. It has been over one week now, payment has cleared from my account and my bank confirmed that they have made the payment into the account of Longxiang Huang since. The company is insisting...

Newstar Electronic & Trading Pte Ltd / Sells Faulty Products

Apr 22, 2014

This is a China man-run shop in Sim Lim Square Level 5 Unit 24. I happened to be at Singapore Expo for an IT Exhibition over the weekend and decided the buy a phone from these guys. What was conveyed to me : Phone is very good, no problems, supports 3G, 1 Year warranty. What I got after... / Item not described

Apr 21, 2014

Recently ordered a GPS with them through EBAY. Listing said NEW with free lifetime map updates. Got GPS and it had old map and no lifetime map updates. I contacted them and they sent me another with updated map, but still no lifetime map updates. This time it said it was only good for 90...

Modem TP-Link TL-WR741N / non-functional

Mar 21, 2014

Never buy from this website Focalprice Because when you buy if you get what you pay when you open it you will see that you sent something different and in most cases non-functional.When you complain as I ordered a modem when visiting modem arrived two and a half months I saw that the modem...

su-kam inverter / not charging

Mar 19, 2014

This is regarding the inverter problem. The battery is not at all charging. I am writing this email with very frustration with your dealer and customer support department. I have called to the dealer who was supplied the inverter on 14-Mar about it and he told me that he will send hi...

the flimflam shop / broken m.p.3 player

Mar 19, 2014

the flimflam shopI am a old man, I brought, and paid for a m.p3 player, cash on the 21/11/ 2013. The thing never worked.m.p.3 8g.b. I have sent many emails, flimflamshop wont take any notice.they wont tell me, their phone no, address, anything. Can you please help me.5months, that is a very long time. Thanking you. Mr Rosario john 19 clay St, Ingahm Qld 4850

Endicia / Scam

Mar 12, 2014

EndiciaI bought a Dymo printer to print postage through Endicia (Dymo and Endicia are Rubbermaid companies). I activated the account in 2009 and have been using it since then. Dymo/Endicia closed my postage account without warning and without my permission. I gave them the address they can send the...

Ipods / Scammer beware a,

Mar 10, 2014

This man is a scammer and has defrauded many people out of money offering bulk electronics. He has a FBI case pending against him. FBI case number 196D-WF-2539182. If you have been scammed please contact agent Jennifer Riker Special Agent Federal Bureau of Investigation Washington Field...

Mike Gee Kustoms / Not Trustworthy

Feb 25, 2014

Mike Gee KustomsI was looking around for a new guitar.. happened to come on an eBay page listings. It was a resell of one of Mike Gees guitars claiming Mike Gee makes wonderful guitars. Now that.. I cannot argue. I wanted to buy one of his guitars just because they look awesome and sound really great from...