Consumer Electronics Complaints | Page 11 / The seller took money and their website stopped to work

Apr 08, 2015

I ordered some electronics and 4 phones from the website The company is total rubbish, so avoid these jerks. I placed the order and transferred money through Western Union, but these ### haven’t provided any info about the order. As well as their website stopped to...

aidoins / congrats

Apr 07, 2015

the need to urgently contact can write in hotmail [protected] Yours Faithfully, Mr. George MATHEWSON. The Director International rEmiTTANCEs Dept. ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND PLC. Better Enjoy online banking with RBS !!! Weaning bingo the first I have to Royal Bank where to ask that we have lost touch with

Ghoststop / never received product

Apr 06, 2015

3/26 I placed $700+ order, including additional UPS 2nd-Day Air shipping 3/27-31 made REPEATED calls, left REPEATED messages to add an item, so as to avoid an additional shipping charge, but they NEVER answered their phone or returned messages. I then contacted PayPal and sent them an... / They told me that I was a cheater but these jerks provided broken phone

Apr 03, 2015

I bought phone from the company WhyMobile Telecommunications ( I got the phone, but it was broken and nothing worked. I called them, but these jerks refused to take and told me that I wanted to scam them. They told me that I was a cheater, and I heard a lot of unpleasant...

Yamay Manufacturer Resources / Miss Kelly is a scam not a real company

Mar 31, 2015

Yamay Manufacturer ResourcesI contacted the copmany via Alibaba in December looking for 16GB USB in a wooden book-shape design. "Miss Kelly" responded. When I began negotiating the actual purchase order it was in March and I used my business email to write direct, instead of through Ali baba. Fortunately, I reduced...

SnapTech Sale / They didn't deliver order on time

Mar 31, 2015

I ordered laptop from the company SnapTech Sale. The seller provided all required info such as receipt, confirmation email and date of the delivery. It was mentioned that they would deliver the order on February, 20. I waited 3 more weeks and heard some fake blah-blah, but these scammer...

Zyxel WRE2205 / Doesnt work

Mar 28, 2015

I purchased a Zyxel WRE2205, It stopped working after 2 days. As a tech savy guy I was able to figure out the specific problem and sent them a service request for a solution. I mustve accidentally sent a double request because I got back 2 automated responses confirming they ecieved my...

Healthmaster / It leaks

Mar 27, 2015

I purchased the health master model: YD-2088E with a life time warranty (paid $200.00) used it less than 20 times. I called the company I was told the bearings were gone because it was leaking from the bottom.I was transferred to someone else and was told this model had been discontinued...

Mega Modz Planet / Terrible Customer Service

Mar 26, 2015

Purchase Date: 3/23/15, Ship Data: 3/24/15, Problem Date: 3/26/15 @ 9:20am, Sales Rep: Natasha I paid $29.99 for rush shipping (total $179.97), my item was shipped on 3/24/15, USPS had a guaranteed delivery date of 3/25 by 3:00pm as posted on their website. My item didn't arrive so I...

house n home greenacres port elizabeth / bad customer service

Mar 25, 2015

Good day. I was at House n Home Greenacres on the 25th of March before noon. The service I received was very bad. I was standing in the DVD section being helped by a young sales person called A.K. I enquired about a Sony DVD player that showed the price on top of it. He confirmed that i...

www.IBESTY.COM / Our communication stopped after these jerks received my money

Mar 25, 2015

I bought hard drive from the company www.IBESTY.COM. I transferred money through Western Union, but these scammers stopped to communicate after they received money from me. I was angry and tried to contact them, but it was only waste of my time. I sent tons of emails, but no response from... / Waste of time, ‘coz I haven't received my order

Mar 23, 2015

I ordered headphones from the company I placed the order, and they charged me for it within several minutes. After that the seller kept silence. I was furious and started to send them emails and asked to return money back. But the seller simply ignored me and...

Comforts Water Heaters / Leakage in water heater

Mar 22, 2015

We have bought a water heater of comforts from vishal mega mart of 15 litrs on 15 / 01 / 2015 but on 20 of march 2015 we found a leakage at the bottom of water heater and till date the drop of water is dropping continiously without stopping as the water heater is under warranty of 2yrs so...

Electronic Goods / scam

Mar 21, 2015

Web Site: This site is used for selling goods that they don't have. They are trading as Shenzhen Hitech Electronics Limited. The two people I have spoke to there are called ChunYan Xie and Steven Yan. However I think Steven is in fact ChunYan Xie. They like all... / I haven't received the refund, but the seller promised to return it a long time ago

Mar 19, 2015

I searched for the laptop on the website I found one laptop and ordered it. After that I got the email from the seller, and it turned out that the laptop was unavailable. I asked to return money then, but I have waited for 3 weeks already and still got nothing from them. I...

Display / Paid for Goods Not Received

Mar 12, 2015

EKAA contacted me to manufacture a display The display was clearly defined, I was overjoyed when EKAA said they could make the product I paid $1290 USD (this is a lot of money) via internet banking into HSBC account in Hong Kong (1 Queens Road) Bank account Huary Limited, account...

Display / Did not receive product a scam

Mar 12, 2015

A company called EKAA contacted me to manufacture a display The display was clearly defined, I was overjoyed when EKAA said they could make the product I paid $1290 USD (this is a lot of money) via internet banking into HSBC account in Hong Kong (1 Queens Road) Bank account Huary...

The Xtreamer Company / Non-receipt of purchased Item

Mar 10, 2015

The Xtreamer CompanyMy name is Mohammad Al Qahtani from Saudi Arabia. I am a regular customer for The Xtreamer Company from 2009. Early October 2014 I paced an order to buy their product named Xtreamer wonder. I paid 99 Euro via my visa card for the product. In Nov 19/2014, I received a notice from Xtreamer... / Order not delivered or shipped

Mar 03, 2015

To whom it may concern, On February 9th 2015, I ordered 100 blue-tooth headphones from Vicky Wang through Address and contact information of business: Ms Vicky Wang Website: TEL$B!'(B0086-[protected] Skype: vicky.wang907 Address: Room 15F, BaoFu...

CyberPower PR1500LCDRTXL2U / Defective CyberPower PR1500LCDRTXL2U

Feb 19, 2015

CyberPower PR1500LCDRTXL2U . I bought this item and installed on Oct 1, 2010 for my home entertainment system. Cost about $600.00 with shipping {4 years and 4 months}. The items we had connected to the Critical outlet were the HD television, Dish Network receiver, and a Yamaha Receiver...

UKMobile Store / counterfeit fraudtsers

Feb 18, 2015

Warning: do not waste your money buying from these fraudsters! I purchased an apple iphone 5 charger from this company which was sold as a genuine apple product. It is not. The charger did not work at all so I contacted the company by email and attempted to call them after no response by... / Seller is scammers, who takes only money and that's all

Feb 16, 2015

I bought iPad and iPhone from the company The company was awful, ‘coz the seller simply misled me. He took order and provided the confirmation email. After that he told me that the order was sent, but it was the last what I heard from these jerks. No delivery as well... / Online Fraud

Feb 16, 2015

I have paid $ 150 for the purchase of 100 pieces of 8GB micro SD cards however, after payment the seller is not responding to my emails. The Seller is also not responding on the Skype. I have all the document of payment made and the communication done to the seller / They lied about price for the repair and still haven't returned camera

Feb 13, 2015

People, stay away from the website I contacted the rep and explained that my camera broke. They told me that such repair would cost $100. I agreed and sent the camera, but after 2 days they told me that I owed them $300. I refused to pay and they promised to... / My order hasn't been delivered

Feb 09, 2015

OMG. I made a big mistake ‘coz I ordered laptop and phone from the company I paid about $300 for the order and postage, but the seller provided only useless confirmation email, which didn’t contain anything helpful. I sent several emails, but no response...

The Mono-crystalline Photovoltaic Solar Panel Semi-flexible Model 50w Special / reliability

Feb 07, 2015

The Mono-crystalline Photovoltaic Solar Panel Semi-flexible Model 50w SpecialI bought two of these Panels The Mono-crystalline photovoltaic Solar Panel Semi-Flexible Model 50W from Itechworld on eBay. They are widely sold by various outlets, and probably manufactured by several factories in China. I mounted my two panels on a bicycle trailer to keep a spare battery...

Ipad3offerus / They promised IPad, but they wanted my personal info

Feb 02, 2015

I got the message from Ipad3offerus and it was mentioned that I could get the iPad for free. I needed to fill the survey and provide them my personal info. I decided that it was scam, ‘coz I haven’t taken parts in any lotteries or other stuff like this. I decided to ignore thi...

Leonizara Revox Symbol B Speaker Set / Internet fraud 2350 euros stolen from me by Andrzej Sulikowski from Kleve Germany

Jan 29, 2015

Leonizara Revox Symbol B Speaker SetA completely legitament internet scam! Seller kept my money and did not ship. He refused to refund but always said he would ship but never told me a date. Total of 3 month duration. Wire transfer went through and was confirmed by him, promises of shipping the set of speakers were all lie...

A Polaroid camara / A camera that I buy

Jan 27, 2015

I buy a Polaroid camara for my daughter for Christmas with I lot of sacrifice to save money I buy it in eBay but the camara doesn't work. They tell me that they can't do anything about it and I just request a new one I didn't request the money back. I didn't thing that...

x laser X-RGB706 / no assistance no warranty

Jan 27, 2015

Hello, I write from Italy, I bought two rgb laser in two different transactions. Transactions went smootly and mr. Frank did not hesitate to give assistance at that time...he had all the reasons, of course. After one year I bouth the same item for a friend of mine, and in the meanwhile...

Canada / Dash Cam

Jan 21, 2015

Not honouring warranty return shipping I ordered a “Nigh Hawk” dash cam and accessories from located in Calgary Alberta on Nov 27, 2014. On the website its stated the following: Why purchase from Canada • Value - We only...

morphy richards Dry Iron / Dont buy any produts from, they are cheat.

Jan 21, 2015

morphy richards Dry IronHi, I have purchase one product from ebay, bill no:- 26R1407048 The product is not working from day one. After sending them the several mail and complaining about it to their customer service, they send me mail claiming rejection from ebay. After calling their helpline they said you have go... / I haven't received any services, but they charged me only for the conversation

Jan 16, 2015

I ordered dish from the company The rep told me that there were a lot of trees around my house and I would get the signal. Ok, I asked to find another way, but they promised to contact me within couple of days. I have no idea why, but I checked my account... / review

Jan 13, 2015

PortableHookahs.comI recently ordered The Kind Pen vaporizer and this company is absolutely awesome. If any of you understand how vaporizer pens work, you often need to change the coil. Portable Hookahs is sending me a few coil every two months when I need it. I couldn't believe when it said "LIFETIME...

Electronics For Less / Buyer Beware!

Jan 12, 2015

Electronics For LessBEWARE! Purchased a 60" plasma TV on Dec 28th, 2014 for $915. Received email from the owner (?), some guy named Mason (no last name given) thanking me for my purchase and saying TV would be shipped with 48 hrs & I should wait for tracking info. Eight days later (Jan 5th, 2015) I had still...

Everpro Technology Co Ltd / I got fake phone instead of the laptop and camera

Jan 09, 2015

People, stay away from the company Everpro Technology Co Ltd. I communicated with the rep and bought camera and laptop from them. The rep told me that after they would get money, they would send the order straight away. I received the tracking number and after 4 weeks I got small package...

pdf / Costs

Jan 09, 2015

I have paid two amounts of $78.85 & $9.95 & I could only do a 14 day trial, they still want more money. I know can not view anything such as my work rosters or important documents until I spend more money on a !, 3 or 5 year licence. My name is Rhonda Newman, I have paid by credit card...

US Appliance, LG LDE3035ST LG 6.7 Cu. Ft. Capacity Electric Double Oven Range / Deceving Tactic To Entice Unsuspecting Buyers

Jan 08, 2015

During the December 2014 holiday season my wife and I decided to purchase a replacement electric range for our home. We search various stores like Home Depot, Best Buy, and Sears just to name a few. After a long drawn out search we found the product we wanted to purchase at the price point...

Aie Gaming / I twice got the damaged Xbox

Jan 06, 2015

I ordered Xbox from the company AIE Gaming. This company is horrible, ‘coz they delivered damaged item and after several weeks they finally changed it. But the second Xbox was also defective. The company is really not recommended and please share this info. The rep is really bad guy...

Polk Audio AM6510-A Hampden / Buyer, beware!!! Stay away from these speakers!

Jan 05, 2015

Polk Audio AM6510-A HampdenBuyer, beware!!! All positive reviews across the internet and Amazon specifically have been written either by Polk employees, or by people who have never heard a decent speakers. First of all, I would like to mention about my previous experience and kind of sound I prefer. For the last 3...