Burlington Coat Factory Direct Corporationdaron & heather

D Jul 24, 2019 Review updated:

Hi my name is Dorena I've been working at this location for no more than 2 months..I've been getting treated as if im'a child..I'm currently dealing with an death in my family..Daron is picking who he wants to work & which days he want them to work!..i barley see any shifts!! He comes to work smelling like alcohol Every Morning & sometimes he be drunk & late to let workers in..i had an issue with Being on my phone calling funeral homes & was told to get off my phone which i did but Daron & heather taking they job a lil overboard at burlington!! There's employees switching tags on prices or lowering prices on things they wanna buy when they leave, they take phones everyday like we not aloud to have them..some of the workers have kids, ME im'a manager at my other job & I'm always in group chats reguarding my job..Daron walks around the job telling people that i hate him which i don't i just feel they nit picking w me & i feel very much threaten..i love working there..haven't been on schedule for some days now..nobody has called reguarding my shift..the boh recieving barley see hours due to them giving them to the floor team..they take phone but DARON & Heather stay on they phone thru out the shift while ours get taken away..i feel that's not right at all...i feel intimidated like there's no purpose of working there!! Somebody please do something about this...things are not getting done properly there & i feel mistreated..


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